Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Web Wings Review

They say that there’s a first time for everything, and with that in mind, I think we may have our first-ever sole heavy-packed Marvel Legends 6″ figure being the hardest-to-find figure from a series! When the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming series leaked out in April, only the two-per-case Web Wings Spider-Man was nowhere to be found, leaving many Vulture Build-A-Figures incomplete. But Web Wings Spidey has finally flown in and is available online and in some Walmart stores already! Was he worth the wait?

Marvel Legends Web Wings Spider-Man ReviewThe Right:

When the first Hasbro Marvel Legends MCU Spider-Man movie figure was released in the Civil War 3-Pack last year, many collectors said they planned to pass on that box set and just pick up the same Spider-Man individually this year from the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming wave. The expectation was clearly that Hasbro would just be repacking the same figure this year.

They didn’t–Hasbro took the difficult and expensive road instead, giving us an almost 100% new unique-molded Homecoming Spider-Man 6″ figure that is basically superior to the Civil War Spider-Man figure.

Comparison of Marvel Legends Homecoming Spider-Man and Civil War Spider-Man FiguresWhile I liked–and still like–the Marvel Legends Civil War Spidey figure, you can see he’s clearly a rushed job when compared with the new Web Wings Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure.

Marvel Legends Civil War Spidey vs. Homecoming Spider-Man ComparisonThe Civil War Spider-Man ML figure’s costume has zero texture on it, and a head that doesn’t look quite right. Thankfully, the only parts from that figure that I believe Hasbro has reused for the new MCU Spidey are the forearms (and possibly the hands), which lack the fabric texture seen on the rest of the figure.

Back of Hasbro Marvel Legends Web Wings Spider-Man Figure

The back of the new Wed Winged Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure is really different from the Civil War Spidey, as the spider symbol is a totally different size and shape and you can see the new blue lining detailing on the costume really clearly.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Web Wings Figure ReviewAlmost every centimeter of this new Web Wings Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure is covered with tiny dots (like a basketball) that give the sculpting detail a depth that blows the Civil War version out of the water. The closer you get to the figure, the better it looks.

Hasbro Web Wings Spider-Man Figure FlyingThe textures aren’t the only thing Hasbro has added, though–this new Tech Suit Spider-Man comes with the much-hyped “web wings” that are the most interest new aspect of the costume.

Web Wings Spider-Man Marvel Legends Figure with Wings RemovedThe removable wings are cast in translucent plastic and easily can be snapped into and out of place on Spidey’s biceps. They’re also tight enough that they don’t fall out every two seconds (hallelujah!).

Close-Up of Marvel Legends Web Winged Spider-Man HeadThere’s also a feature I don’t believe we’ve ever seen from a Marvel Legends Spider-Man figure before: a second masked Spidey head is included! We get both wide, neutral-eyed and bold, “angry-eyed” heads with this figure.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Angry Eyes HeadI think both heads are more on-model than the Civil War head, although I’m partial to the expressive moody-eyed Spidey head.

Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends Web Wings Spider-Man ArticulationArticulation-wise, this is another winner from Hasbro. His hips could stand to have a slightly larger range of motion (they don’t quite reach 90 degrees when opened), and I would have liked swivel calves, but otherwise I’m very pleased with this figure’s flexibility.

Marvel Legends 2017 Homecoming Spider-Man Figure ArticulationThe complete articulation scheme includes a ball-hinge head; upper torso ab crunch; swivel waist/biceps/thighs; ball-hinge shoulders with butterfly joint; double-hinged elbows and knees; swivel-hinge wrists and hinged ankles with rockers.

Web Wings Spider-Man Marvel Legends 6" Figure and AccessoriesYou also get one extra pair of interchangeable hands with this figure (so you have both web-shooting hands and fists), as well as the last piece of the Build-A-Figure Vulture Flight Gear Pack.

Marvel Legends Vulture Build-A-Figure Wing from Web Wings Spider-ManI’m especially excited to finally get the last piece of the Vulture Build-A-Figure wings, as I’ve had the rest of the incomplete flight gear sitting on my kitchen table for almost two months now (much to my wife’s delight).

Spider-Man Homecoming Web Wings Spider-Man Review & PhotosThe Wrong:

Hasbro comes ever-so-close to straight-up nailing a perfect Spider-Man Homecoming Tech Suit Spider-Man figure, but I’ve got a minor quibble that holds me back from awarding him perfect marks: the only genuine thing about this figure that bugs me (no insect pun intended) is that this figure is another victim of having some parts cast in cheap, rubbery plastic.

While most of the Homecoming Spidey figure feels rock solid, I can already feel the arm joints starting to get a little “gummy” to the point where I’m afraid to turn one of his biceps for fear of another one-armed Moon Knight incident, and I can’t straighten his elbow at all because the joint is stuck even after boiling and will definitely snap if I force it.

Back of Box Web Wings Spider-Man Tech Suit Marvel Legends FigureThe rest of the Marvel Legends Web Wings Spider-Man is feeling pretty safe to pose and move to my desire, although his upper torso ab crunch is also crazy loose. As in, “bobble-head” loose where it rocks back and forth like mad whenever I move him the slightest bit.

IMG_8065Overall: The first single-carded 6″ MCU Spider-Man Legends figure has arrived, and Hasbro has come out swinging with a figure that’s wonderfully textured and sculpted, on-model to the movie, comes with thoughtful accessories, and is loaded with almost all the articulation one could ask for.

The plastic quality on some of the joints is questionable, and I would have liked a tad more lower-body articulation, but even if he’s not quite perfect, Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Web Wings Spider-Man is a definite winner.



Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Web Wings Review — 14 Comments

  1. Yeah, they are on Amazon and at more than twice the retail price. Just scalpers taking advantage of people.

  2. I had the same issue with one elbow joint on each arm being locked up. It was hard to tell, but I think there’s like a little tab that acts as a stopper for moving the forearms past a straight arms pose. However, it’s as if this tab got pushed forward and now the joint doesn’t have room to move. I let mine sit in Hot water for a while, but trying to free them wouldn’t come easy. I too was afraid of forcing them and breaking the figure, but I winced and continued and they finally came free.

    Good as new! Only flaw on mine is the wings are totally opposite of yours. If I try to move his arms the wings fall right out but I don’t want to glue them either. Just gotta be careful I don’t lose them in the carpet…small clear parts would certainly end up in the vacuum lol

  3. Did you ever replaced your Moon Knight? If so, are there still issues with the bicep? I’m hesitant to replace my Toy Biz Moon Knight after reading that in your review and hearing about similar issues from other collectors.

  4. I was able to buy all seven figures on June 1st at a Walmart in Littleton, NH. I had two Web Wing Spider-man figures to choose from in the store. The one I ended up choosing is missing paint on the right web shooter, which I couldn’t see from the package. The other had fingers that look fractured on both I-Love-You web shooter hands, so there’s some factory QA/QI mistakes.
    One other thing, I’ve been coming to this sight for over a year now and I was wondering if you or one of the other followers could post instructions (or a link to instructions) on boiling a figure to loosen the joints. I can only afford one of each and don’t want to make a mistake or boil off the paint.

    • The location of the joint will alter your tactics some from one tactic to another, but you should never use actually boiling water. A teacup in the microwave until you see a whisp of steam is just fine. Remember, a longer time in lower heat does the same thing as a shorter time at higher heat. The first is easy to control and takes a while, the second can go wrong fast. If you wouldn’t put your finger in it, don’t put your toy in it. Do one appendage/joint at a time to avoid over-loosening. You’ll find its super simple after following some common sense. Some people swear this that or the other thing works: hair dryer, heating pad, a locked car in summer… its all just heat over time and you should use whatever is convenient and safe. Boiling water and open flames are too hot for plastic and flesh alike and should be avoided. Also, google can probably help if you don’t like my input 😛

    • I literally just use the hot water that comes out of the faucet.
      Just plug the sink and fill it with hot water.
      Let the figure sit in it for a little bit and the parts will loosen up.
      For super tight parts, just gently work them back and forth until they loosen up.

      If a part was bent out of shape, heat it up til it’s softer, bend it back into shape, and then run cold water over it to harden it back up and freeze it into the new shape.

  5. Looks like a huge improvement over the original release. The web wings are too small. It would have been cool to have a Peter Parker head or some accessories (headphones, cell phone, spider logo recon drone) as well.

  6. What are those black things on Spidey’s wrist that are shown on the back of the package but seem to be missing from the actual figure?

  7. I am a new collector of marvel legends and live in Missoula Montana. We have two walmarts and two Walgreens. I have yet to see any homecoming or guardians figures or invisible women, black panther figures on the shelves. Does anyone know when they should get here?

    • Invisible Woman should be on shelves at most Walgreens by now. Walmart distribution hasn’t sent out their Black Panthers yet as far as I’ve heard.

  8. This figure looks really great and I say that as someone who’s not a huge fan of the changes made to the costume for the movie.

    It’s really unfortunate Hasbro has continued to use that gummy plastic. Working with a limited budget and limited display space, those gummy joints were a big contribution to shrinking down my Legends collection and buying far fewer new ones. It’s a shame because I really feel like they have upped their game in the last year or so sculpt wise. But it seems like every time there’s a new figure released I’m interested in, I come read the review here and find the joints are all gummy, stuck or loose right out of the box. Bummer.

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