Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Figures Up for Order!

UPDATE 6/1/2017: The new Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming figures are officially back up for order through a variety of online retailers, including individual figures through Amazon!

ORIGINAL 4/21/2017: SURPRISE!!! Just when we thought it was going to be a little bit of a wait until it happened, we don’t have to wait any more: the next wave of Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures is now up for order online individually–the much-anticipated Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Wave! I’ll be adding thoughts and commentary on these figures to this article momentarily, but as these figures–especially Moon Knight–are going to sell out fast, I wanted to get the links out there to my dear readers as quickly as possible…

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Series Figures Packaged

Out of literally nowhere and with ZERO advance warning, the Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends series miraculously turned up as in-stock on Amazon this afternoon! This is a genuine shocker, as we haven’t even gotten hi-res packaged or official photos of this wave yet from Hasbro. I guess Amazon is looking to make up for the fact that they got their X-Men Legends 2017 figures after pretty much every other major retailer!

They’re working from the old list of code names and UPCs from the series, and they haven’t added photos yet for all of the figures, but here’s direct links to every figure in the series for your convenience:

Classic Beetle —

Tombstone —

Moon Knight —

Cosmic Spider-Man —

“Dead Meat” (Movie Vulture?) —

Homecoming Movie Spider-Man (Wrong Image Shown, but Homecoming Figure):

Homecoming Spider-Man Version 2 (Currently SOLD OUT):Β

The only caveat to this pre-order is that we’re not sure which of the two aforementioned Homecoming Spidey figures that are presently up for order are the Homemade Suit Version and the regular movie version. One of them is still up for grabs, while the other one isn’t presently available for order online.

My intuition says that the one that’s up for order still is the double-packed regular version of Spider-Man in his Homecoming costume, but with no photos or known UPCs to match to, it’s just as likely to be the Homemade Suit Spidey. Time to roll the dice!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Wave 2 6 Inch FiguresI’ll update with more discussion and analysis of these figures in just a little bit, but if you want these–go fast!! The individual figures from this wave are going to sell out quickly today!

UPDATE: The 6″ Moon Knight Marvel Legends figure is now sold out!

Which figures–if any–did you end up ordering individually while they were available, Marvel collectors? Are you aiming to collect all seven figures so that you can build the Vulture’s Wings Jet Pack, or are you planning to just pick and choose your favorites from this particular series of Spider-Man Legends?


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  1. Hey, I’m early for once! Grabbed 2 moon knights, I want a second the hang on my wall in packaging and don’t want the risk of trying to find another one later on

    • It may not have been. Amazon has a history of not listing the seventh figure from these series for a while after the others. I remember it took them several hours (or was it days?) to add Agent 13 Sharon Carter in 2016.

      • That’s right I remember. I do wonder if they got just straight up cases of single figures; case of moon knight, case of vulture, etc. and that’s why they don’t have that second Spider-man figure up yet.

  2. Shit missed it. Cannot order…. they tell me it is not available from this seller anymore.

  3. Heads up for everyone, Tombstone, Beetle, Dead Meat/Vulture, and Cosmic Spidey are all still up. Moon Knight’s not working and neither movie Spider-Man is up.

  4. Got all but the one Spider-Man who was never available.
    It’s going to be super annoying if it turns out to be hard to find, a d I’m stuck with a 1-winged Vulture.

  5. Glad I follow this site on Facebook or I wouldn’t have seen this article until just now. Managed to order the ones I wanted before I had to leave earlier this afternoon! πŸ™‚

  6. Ordered the one still available Spidey to ship to germany. I’ll never get one ML this fast and cheap again and I’m not quite interested in any other figures from that wave. I hope its the regular one cause I like those webpits. πŸ˜‰

  7. Does anybody have an idea on a restocking time-frame for ML preorders on Amazon just based on what you’ve seen before? The one time I don’t check this site, I miss out on Cosmic Spidey and Moon Knight, but this kind of stuff happens of course.

    • Could be days, could be months, unfortunately. Tough to say when Amazon got the first shipment on these before anyone else can even open orders. I’ll keep you posted, but be sure to watch our Facebook and Twitter Pages for the fastest updates! =D

      • Even set a daily all-caps reminder on my phone to “CHECK MARVEL TOY NEWS” at 8 a.m. every day — and thank you. =)

  8. I used the link for the first Spider-Man, the title is different and the image is too as said in the article. Already bought it, this my first time pre-ordering like this. So I ask to this community: Can I be 100% sure that I’m gonna get the Spider-Man Homecoming figure, not the one from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”?

    • I’ve seen some people who used same-day delivery today using that link and who reported receiving Homecoming Spidey already, so it would be VERY strange if you got a three year old figure that Amazon has been selling for $30 and up instead. πŸ˜‰

        • I agree. That would be impossible. There is another listing at like 17. No way it would even be 19.99. Those spideys are all over at walgreens. Also, when I bought the first amazing spiderman it was defective. The neck joint snapped. Anyone else have that issue with the GG BAF Spidey?

    • Bear in mind that all Spider-Man Marvel Legends figures from the last few years are part of the “Amazing Spider-Man 2” series, despite the fact that only two figures from that movie were ever released. I imagine that’s contributing to the image confusion on this listing.

  9. Which Spiderman figure is the one listed as Spiderman 2? Is it the homemade suit one

    • I believe Spider-Man 2 is the regular costume and Spider-Man 1 is Homemade. At least, that’s what I’ve seen reported so far from people who’ve received them.

      • So the one that’s sold out is regular version? And the one that’s just regular but takes you to link for the Spiderman 2 movie one is homemade?

        • That’s what the received shipments indicate. It’s not IMPOSSIBLE that Amazon is mixing both Spideys under the same listing, but I’ve yet to see one Web Wings Spidey reported.

    • I haven’t gotten mine yet, but I’ve heard from other collectors that ordered overnight and same-day shipping that it is in fact Vulture.

  10. I think the Moon Knight might be back in stock. finally got my amazon order to go through.

  11. I’m sorry and I know this is totally off homecoming but is there any indication of a Thor ragnor series? If so who would be figures and who would be the build a figure? Thanks

    • Yes, there’s a Thor Ragnarok series coming.
      The figures are supposed to be:
      – Thor Ragnarok movie Thor
      – Hela (unclear on if this is MCU or comicbook version)
      – Enchantress (unclear on if this is MCU or comicbook version)
      – Odinson
      – Jane Foster Thor (or Jane FosThor, as I call her)
      – Ares
      – Skurge The Executioner is the BAF

      SUPPOSEDLY there’s a 2nd entire wave of Thor Ragnarok figures, which seems like much shakier information, but that makes absolute sense to me.

      The fact that the 1st Thor Ragnarok wave DOESN’T include the Hulk automatically indicates to me that there MUST be an entire second wave.
      Especially since we’ve already seen part of the Hulk sculpt that surely goes with this movie.
      (If they skipped an opportunity to do a “Planet Hulk”-style gladiator Hulk….that’d be insane.)

      • We really don’t need another enchantress from the comic and the Movie Hela looks so cool so I hope it’s not the comic. But I’d buy because I missed the last one. πŸ™

      • I can’t help but think we’ll get a second wave of Thor figs, hopefully with a new mold for MCU gladiator Hulk, and a new Loki, both comic and movie, which I’ve wanted for a long time, never having gotten the Walmart/UK exclusive one.

        • Yea.
          We’re in desperate need of a new Hulk mold that doesn’t have completely obnoxious articulation.

          And we are in SUPER desperate need of a classic 616 Loki. The fact that they’ve never made a classic Loki is insane.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised. Hulk is a big guy and really should be a BAF. Then again, Mantis is the GOTG 2 BAF and she’s no bigger than Nebula or Gamora. I think the next wave should be Gladiator Hulk BAF, Normal Jane Foster (movie version), Loki (we need another movie version), Odin (movie version), sif (Movie Version), Thor in Blue Ultimate suit, Thor Girl, Asgardian, Frost Giant, Kurse (movie or Comic), and a movie Malekith. Thoughts on my wishlist?

      • Normal Jane Foster? first I don’t think that she’ll be in RAGNAROK, second, Why a normal when you already got MjΓΆlnir wielding? Third, I haven’t seen normal clothing characters in Marvel Legends recently aside from Jessica Jones (Because Jessica Jones) and Mary Jane (Of course because she’s Mary Jane).

      • I have a sort of normal Jane. I used the newer Valkyrie body, sawed off the neck ball. Took a round thumb tack, heated up the metal part and pushed it down into the neck creating a new neck ball that would accommodate the head from the Marvel Select Jane foster and.. yeah. Jane Foster. I don’t acknowledge anything since Disney took over as cannon. I wanted a regular Jane and that’s how I got one. She’s a taller figure, granted. But I rationalize this by imagining that she was somehow injured in Asgard, the Valkyrie took her to a healing bath that was designed to heal taller Asgardian women and now she’s taller. Whatever. I just can’t stand new Marvel and have no interest in She-Thor.

      • It NUTS that we haven’t gotten a Thor wave with a Frost Giant BAF.
        But then we basically never get Thor waves, so I guess it’s not that surprising…

        We need all SORTS of Thor waves to cover everything we need.

        MCU Loki
        616 Classic Loki
        Classic Thor
        Beta Ray Bill
        Ultimate Thor
        616 Malekith
        MCU Malekith
        Skurge The Executioner
        MCU Warriors Three
        MCU Sif
        616 Warriors Three
        616 Sif
        Classic 616 Valkyrie
        Modern 616 Valkyrie with her big fur boots
        Thor Girl
        Surtur BAF
        Frost Giant BAF
        Destroyer BAF
        Jane FosThor
        The Serpent/Cul Borson
        Asgardian (he’d be part of a Young Avengers wave though)
        Hercules (Greek gods go here unless they start doing Hercules waves)
        Rune King Thor
        Gladiator Hulk

        That’s like 4 solid waves of Thor stuff. At LEAST.

  12. I missed the ones I really wanted. Got vulture, EH. Prototype suit spider-man, and beetle.

    Man, I need the rest, especially that cosmic. That tombstone is looking better and better to me. That double-packed spider-man shouldn’t be too hard to find within the next couple months. Finding Moon Knight in the wild is looking more and more unlikely; he’s going for a pretty penny right now on eBay.

  13. I hear X-men 2017 has started showing up in Bellingham Walgreens. Unfortunately they only had Polaris (not a fan of this costume/hair). Has anyone else had any luck?

  14. I’m finally finishing setting up all my Marvel Legends across the tops of 3 bookcases in my new house.

    The Spider-Man stuff is the only stuff left…….and I’m SEVERELY running out of space. There are SOOOOOOO many large villains, flying villains, and an insane number of Spider-Characters and symbiotes.
    Vulture is going to take up ALL OF THE SPACE.
    Just in general, Spider-Man stuff massively outnumbers EVERYTHING else.

    So NATURALLY I get this whole wave (aside from web-wing Spidey) in the mail yesterday, and now i’ve got even MORE figures to cram in there… XD

    I dunno how I’m gonna get ’em all in there. >_>

  15. Is it just me or did they change the Spider-Man’s shoulders in the regular suit compared to the fist promotional images. It is something that I recently noticed, maybe they dads in order to make it look less bulky, even though I think that it would had made it more universal as a Spidey figure, not just Homecoming. Something funny about it is the fact that in the box and on Toy Fair, the regular figure can only be seen with its arms extended. I still haven’t received but it doesn’t look bad with its arms down. Judge for yourselves:

  16. Any one read anything that said when they might be hitting shelves at stores ?

    • Nothing official has been said about that. Unofficially, next week sounds good, doesn’t it?

      • Sweet, can’t wait for the moon knight hopefully they aren’t all super flimsy

  17. I wonder if Amazon released those figures prematurely because all the links to the figures just says this page is not available. Even when they were sold out the page still identified as an Amazon page.

    • For me it looks like they had to stop the selling. Maybe Hasbro told them or something like that… I still see them in my list on amazon, but cant click them.

  18. I had Moon Knight on my “Save for Later” part of the cart and it said it was in stock even though clicking on the link got the “page is not available’. Moved it to the cart and the transaction went through. Let’s see if it arrives.

      • It did! Lesson here is add these figures to your “save for later” cart portion to monitor their availability and move them into your cart whenever they say they are available. happy hunting to everyone else!

        • Any way you can reorder? I dont know how to find the product for moon knight but ive been able to get spiderman twice using the same metthod of Buy It Again. Ughhh.

  19. moon knight is all i need, everything moon knight, sad it’s not the original outfit, but anythine moon knight is a necessity in my collection , i cannot be more pleased

  20. I just bought all 7 of them at a Walmart in Northern New Hampshire.Vulture is pretty impressive.