Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Set!

Remember that one crazy time (okay, it was last week) when the Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix & Cyclops figures two-pack arrived in Australia before anywhere else in the world…? Well, it’s happening again–this time, with a full team five-pack! But while the Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy box set that’s arrived on ebay may be bigger and more expensive than the Dark Phoenix pack, it’s not necessarily better, that’s for sure…

Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Figures 5-Pack

When I first heard the announcement of an exclusive Toys R Us Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends pack of comic-based figures at Hasbro’s press event at New York Toy Fair 2017, my face lit up… for about three seconds.

Then I realized that the figures shown on the slide in front of me weren’t 6″ figures, but actually the Marvel Universe 3.75″ scale. Which isn’t bad in itself, except that every figure in the set is a repack–most of which from over half a decade ago…

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Toys R Us Star-Lord Drax Groot FiguresThere’s only one newly-molded piece in the entire set, as far as I can tell: a new unmasked Star-Lord Peter Quill head. There isn’t (and shouldn’t be) any Chris Pratt likeness, but as far as heads go, this Star-Lord unmasked head is pretty generic.

The same Marvel Universe Drax and Rocket Raccoon figures that came in that Marvel Universe team pack from half a decade ago will also be returning. This is the fourth release of this mold for Rocket and the third release for Drax, so I’m not overly enthusiastic about these figures at the moment (although I loved them years ago).

Marvel Legends Universe Gamora Rocket Raccoon Toys R Us Exclusives

Rounding out the set are Marvel Legends Gamora and Groot 3.75″ scale figures. This Annihilation era Groot figure was actually released in a comic pack with Rocket late in 2016 (with white lining instead of red), but I’ve never seen that two-pack in a store ever, so I don’t mind an encore for Groot.

This exact Gamora, on the other hand, is getting its third release in just the past year in this set. I love Gamora and this is a really nice mold and all, but ouch. Thankfully I didn’t purchase the Gamora/Star-Lord comic pack in the winter, but even so, this will still be my second time buying this figure after the individual release last summer.

Box Back Marvel Legends 3.75 Inch Guardians of the Galaxy Box Set Toys R UsYou can see the TRU Exclusive Marvel Legends 3.75″ Guardians of the Galaxy set on eBay now, although I don’t recommend anyone paying to import this box set off the aftermarket. There should be plenty of this pack to go around once it reaches Toys R Us stores in the United States this summer (where it will very likely sit and collect dust for months and months). And big thanks to Shan Bowie for directing me to the auction with the first in-hand photos of this set!

What do you think of the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Universe/Legends complete team set, Marvel collectors? Is anyone psyched for the chance to get all five members of the team in one go, or are you as sick of these recycled molds as I am?


Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Set! — 19 Comments

  1. Wasn’t going to get this at first glance, because I have the standard releases of the figures, but- I love Rocket’s new head sculpt and that unmasked Star Lord, and I DO want a red-trimmed Groot…

    hmm…maybe I’ll pick it up if I see it.

    • But the figures are actually different from their individual releases, except Gamora. Drax has a new lower body and Rocket has a new head. Like you said, Groot has a red trim and Star Lord is unmasked

  2. Want that Groot in 6″ scale, and just to nitpick a bit, Star-Lord needs to have brown hair here, and that looks like blonde in the shots of the actual figure. Annihilation era Star-Lord had brown hair.

  3. Sorry to go off topic but has any one found the new Spider-Man wave of legends I’m still lookin every where can’t find them anywhere. I need that moon knight.

    • Walmart is the only chain that I’ve heard of with the wave so far in a physical store. Look for a display rack full of the wave.

  4. Maybe when it goes on clearance and even then. As the reviewer said, this set offers very little new stuff.

  5. I feel like they do this all the time with the 3.75″ line: Drax new boots, third release new Gamora with still no classic Gams, Groot repaint, Rocket reissue still no orange suit, and Star Lord same body with a head that you could just make with a Steve Rogers head swap. 6″ get the attention to detail, 4″ get the fruitcake whatever’s leftover laying around the factory thrown in a shinier box. Is it that hard to pick up a current comic and just see what they’re all wearing and do a five piece of that? Or head swap on a repaint Gamora and give us Mantis? Basically to sum up I’m saying Rocket isn’t orange jumpsuit enough.

  6. Speaking of Marvel Universe 3.75″ figures at Toys R Us: has anyone else noticed that the last wave of 2017 3.75″ Marvel Universe figures (with the UK Spidey, Lady Deadpool, Moon Knight, etc) haven’t shown up? They were at Target a couple of months ago, but never showed up at Walmart or Toys R Us. Is Toys R Us just not carrying them anymore??

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