Toy Fair 2017: Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo Figure Revealed!

Well, the news that we expected to be coming out tomorrow just keeps on coming out today! First the Marvel Legends Star-Lord Helmet and Mjolnir Hammer Prop Replicas went up for order a day earlier than announced, and now we’re getting our first New York Toy Fair 2017 Marvel Legends figure reveal a night before the 2017 Toy Fair even begins! Some Marvel fans who haven’t read comics may need to bust out their “Google Fu” skills, because the first Hasbro reveal of the show is the 6″ Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo figure from Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2!

Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo Figure Revealed New York Toy Fair 2017

A leaked UPC list of 2017 Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 figures circulating for a few weeks now, but I don’t like to report on those types of things because the UPCs are often changed from what’s originally designated (otherwise we’d have those Tigra, Crossbones and King Cobra figures that there were UPCs for last summer right now).

But of all the names on the leaked GOTG Wave 2 list, there was one name that stood out as more outlandish and unlikely than any of the others, giving credence to the belief that if any character would be scrapped from the wave, it would be this one.

That character was Ex Nihilo from Jonathan Hickman’s famed run on the “Avengers” comics–and believe it or not, Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo is now confirmed by Marvel!

Marvel Comics Ex Nihilo ArtworkEx Nihilo (who uses the Colossus body mold) seems like a rather oddball choice, since I’m not sure he ever appeared in a Guardians of the Galaxy comic book at all, but hey–I’m not going to turn my nose up at a quasi-obscure comic book character I never expected to see a figure produced of! I sort of doubt we’ll be seeing Ex Nihilo’s sister, Abyss, anytime soon–but if we can actually get an action figure of Ex Nihilo, I suppose the sky’s the limit!

With that said, I think we can now reasonably surmise that the rest of the leaked list of figures is probably legit enough to share before the figures are unveiled at New York Toy Fair 2017 tomorrow. If they’re not correct, well–we’ll know for sure in less than 24 four hours and can make corrections to the list then, can’t we?

Toy Fair 2017 Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo FigureThe rumored Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Wave 2 set is as follows:

Rocket Raccoon (GOTG 2 Movie)
Gamora (GOTG 2 Movie)
Nebula (GOTG 2 Movie)
Star-Lord (Comics-Based)
Adam Warlock
Death’s Head II
Ex Nihilo
Build-A-Figure: Mantis

I’ll be reporting in with in-person photos and impressions of all the 2017 Toy Fair Marvel Legends revealed tomorrow at the show–as well as every other major Marvel toy and collectible shown off at the event–so be sure to check the site and the Marvel Toy News Facebook Page and Twitter Feed for the latest news.

What do you think of the Ex Nihilo Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy figure? Was he a good choice for this second wave of figures, and are you hoping that Hasbro still might be holding out on us with a third wave of six inch GOTG action figures for later in 2017?


Toy Fair 2017: Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo Figure Revealed! — 20 Comments

  1. he certainly uses the colossus/deaths head mold. you can tell because the shoulder joints are way different and the chest doesn’t protrude

  2. Build A Figure…..Mantis?
    You HAVE TO be kidding…..
    That doesn’t make ANY sense.

    Honestly, that doesn’t sound like a very good wave.

    I’ll take Adam Warlock, Ex Nihilo, and potentially the Comics Star-Lord (depending on which version.
    The rest….. eh.

  3. Ex-Nihilo has got to be the BAF. Mantis, if for real at all, gotta be a regular fig. Nonetheless, I will be waiting to see the prototypes. Thou I’m most excited for Mantis and Ex Nihilo, really.

    • I don’t think he can be a Build-A-Figure… that body mold isn’t designed to break into pieces that way.

    • No, Dabid’s right, Mantis IS the BAF…….for some reason.
      Hasbro just confirmed it on a Facebook livestream presentation of all their Marvel stuff.

      The wave is:
      MCU Rocket (totally new, loads of articulation)
      MCU Gamora
      MCU Nebula
      MCU Star-Lord with a long coat (not sure if it’s a reuse of the original or a new long coat figure)
      616 Ex Nihilo
      616 Adam Warlock/Magus
      616 Death’s Head II
      MCU Mantis BAF

      The fact that the BAF isn’t Ex Nihilo or Death’s Head II is…..BAFFLING.

      And then alongside the Guardians wave 2 is the Star-Lord and Ego The Living…guy…2-Pack.
      The Star-Lord in the 2-pack appears to be the same as the Guardians Wave 1 Star Lord that’s about to come out.

  4. are we sure it’s not the Spider-Uk mold? the chest is not square enough to be the Hyperion mold.