Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars Review & Unboxing!

After realizing that 95% of the stuff that came in each month’s Loot Crate was just that I ended up throwing into a Goodwill box, I quickly fell out of love with Loot Crate and cancelled my subscription. Luckily, Funko launched the Marvel Collector Corps to fill the mystery box void in my heart. And after two decent first boxes, Funko really struck gold with their August 2015 Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars box, which is easily the best mystery box I’ve ever gotten…

Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars Unboxing Review

Everyone in the world seemed to get their August Marvel Collector Corp box before I did, so I already had had the contents of the box spoiled for me long, long before I had the opportunity to unbox the Secret Wars box myself.

Ordinarily having seen all of the spoilers might have dampened my excitement for my own shipment, but in this case it was the opposite: I already knew that the contents of this box were awesome.

I’ll be discussing all of the included items in this box in-depth past this point, so if for some reason you’re reading this review/unboxing and don’t want to be spoiled, well… now’s the time to click the “Back” button.

August 2015 Marvel Collector Corps Pin Patch Falcon Iron ManUpon opening the box, collectors are greeted to a Superior Iron Man pin and a Falcon Captain America patch.

I’m not sure what either of these characters have to do with Secret Wars (their involvement is minimal at best), but it’s always nice to see some modern era Marvel comics characters getting some of their first merch.

Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars Thor Spider-Man POP Vinyl ExclusivesThe big prize this time out is two-fold, however, and it comes in the form of two exclusive Funko POP Vinyls of unique characters: the Jane Foster Thor POP! Vinyl and Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales POP! Vinyl.

Funko POP Vinyls Thor Secret Wars Exclusive FigureBoth the Miles Spider-Man and Lady Thor characters are getting a huge push by Disney, so I’m surprised to see two prominent characters like these being released solely as limited exclusives.

Either of these characters would have sold like gangbusters at retail, and it’s fantastic to see Funko treating subscribers right with such desirable exclusives! Way to go, Funko!

Secret Wars #1 Variant Cover Funko Marvel Collector Corps Lady ThorWith this being a “Marvel” mystery box, the obligatory variant cover comic book has also been included. It’s a copy of Secret Wars #1 with Funko Lady Thor on the cover.

This is likely the most accessible issue of a Secret Wars comic book that Funko could have included (which is not saying much), so it was a good choice for inclusion. The windswept hair Jane Foster Thor has on the cover looks quite nice, even if her role in this issue is a minor one.

Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars Shirt

I wasn’t super-thrilled with either of the first two Marvel Collector Corps shirts. The Avengers Age of Ultron shirt was fun, but looked very busy/bootlegged. Meanwhile, the Ant-Man shirt was a cute idea that ended up being a rather ugly shirt, unfortunately.

That said, the Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars shirt is a rousing success, adorned with adorable Funko POP-styled Falcon Captain America, Superior Iron Man, Lady Thor and Miles Morales Spider-Man. Could Funko Superior Iron Man and Sam Wilson Captain America POPs be on the way…?

I’m actually planning to wear this shirt regularly, which is the highest praise I can give to a T-Shirt from a mystery box.

Funko Miles Morales Spider-Man POP Vinyl Figure ExclusiveOverall, I would say that this is easily the best and most fun mystery subscription box I’ve ever received from any company. There’s nothing in this box that I don’t intend to keep, and even the box itself continues to be well-designed and desirable.

If you are any kind of a fan of modern Marvel Comics, I can’t imagine you won’t love adding this month’s Funko Secret Wars Marvel Collector Corps box to your collection. Well worth every penny of its $25 retail price–and then some.



Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars Review & Unboxing! — 3 Comments

  1. I never did Loot Crate, but when I heard about the Marvel Collector Corps, well I signed up straight away. I’ve enjoyed all three boxes a great deal, but you’re right in that the Secret Wars one was superb.

    I can’t wait to see what comes in the future. Really hope they occasionally do villains boxes (i.e. X-Men Villains, Spider-Man Villains, etc.). Whatever the case, MCC is a must for any Marvel fan.

  2. It looks awesome! I’m so jealous!

    Yeah, like you said, I’m kind of surprised they would only be including those characters as exclusives, especially given how heavily Disney has been pushing Miles in particular.

    I’m hoping down the line they do another Miles Funko for retail.