Funko Marvel Collector Corps Year One Super Box!

Even with San Diego Comic-Con 2016 looming, the King of Exclusives–Funko–never slows down on any front! And so, last night Funko sent out an E-Mail to Marvel Collector Corps Founders (those who signed up for a one-year subscription to MCC before the first box and have remained active members) announcing a big surprise: the biggest Marvel Collector Corps box ever (with the same cost as five smaller Funko Collector Corps boxes)! Read on for my thoughts and the known details on the Funko Marvel Collector Corps Year One Super Box that goes up for order today…

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Year One Super Box

It doesn’t happen very often that I receive E-Mails out of the blue in the night from the Collector Corps E-Mail, so I definitely sat up and took notice when it did happen! I honestly couldn’t remember there being any promise of perks for Founders Members beyond the exclusive Gold Captain America statue we received in the spring, but it looks like there was one and Funko is delivering on it!

I’ll give my thoughts and speculation on this box in just a moment, but a good place to begin would be by sharing the text from the official E-Mail that I received from Funko last night regarding the Year One Collector Corps Super Box…

Marvel Collector Corps Logo“Dear Valued Collector Corps Founder,

When you signed up, we promised that, as a Founder, you’d get some special perks. One of those perks will be available to you starting tomorrow!

In honor of our fantastic first year, we’re releasing a Year One Super Box. This box is bigger and better than anything that’s come before, and it’s available to Founders first through 7/13 (while supplies last)!

The Year One Super Box will cost $125, including shipping, and will be available until stock runs out. Supplies are extremely limited, so if you want the box, you’ll need to act fast! Simply log into your account at 10 am PST tomorrow morning and check your Members Only Products section. As long as you have an active Founder membership, a credit card attached to your account, and a US or Canadian shipping address, you should see the Year One Super Box in the Exclusives section as long as supplies are left!

Limit is 1 per user account, and the box will ship in late July.

Note that, if you’re a PayPal customer, you’ll need to switch to credit card before tomorrow in order to be eligible!

Thank you so much for not only being a Founder, but for renewing for a second year! And don’t forget to set an alarm if you’re interested in this box — we expect it to sell out fast!

Thank you,

The Marvel Collector Corps Team”

Funko Captain America Hikari Figure

Okay, so to recap: the Super Box will only be available today and through 7/13 to Founders members, with the cost being $125 and the shipping date being the end of July 2016. What do I think will be in the box…?

Well, Funko has been pretty tight-lipped about the contents of this box–as they’ve literally given zero hints of insights regarding its contents–but given that they paid for a mold for a Funko Hikari Captain America figure that’s only been used for one colorway, and taking into consideration that this box is large enough to fit both a Hikari and a POP Vinyl, I’d almost be willing to bet money that we see an exclusive Funko Captain America Hikari vinyl in this box.

Other than that, I can’t even begin to guess what might be included, but I’d say without any question there will be both an exclusive Marvel POP Vinyls figure and no repeated exclusives/leftovers from previous boxes. If Funko shilled off leftovers old stock to their Founders who are guaranteed to already own those exclusives, they would quickly have no Founders left.

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Year One Super BoxThe Funko Year One Super Box will be available at 1PM EST today (7/7/2016) in the Members Only Product section of the Marvel Collector Corps website. This Members Only Product page is a new addition to the site that’s only popped up recently, so a lot of MCC members may not have even known of its existence until they got this E-Mail. They’ll sure know about it now, though, that’s for sure!

What do you think or hope will be in the MCC Year One Super Box, Marvel collectors? Are you willing to drop 125 bucks sight-unseen on a Marvel Funko Mystery Box, or is this too much of a gamble to earn your dollars?


Funko Marvel Collector Corps Year One Super Box! — 18 Comments

  1. You’ll be showing us an unboxing of this right? Although I’m not getting an year one box, I’m still curious.

  2. “I’d say without any question there will be both an exclusive Marvel POP Vinyls figure and no repeated exclusives/leftovers from previous boxes. If Funko shilled off leftovers old stock to their Founders who are guaranteed to already own those exclusives, they would quickly have no Founders left.”

    Wrote to Funko after the email asking if it would be new stuff and received the following reply

    “It’s all new material and still 100% exclusive”

  3. I have always thought those Hikaris were really ugly. I haven’t seen one yet that I would take for free. I bought the box, in hopes that I’ll get something that makes me feel I didn’t totally blow my money. If they stuff it full of keychains and ReAction figures, I’m going to be swearing off of any special boxes they ever do again.

    • Funko doesn’t have a license to make Marvel ReAction figures, so I can at least say with confidence there won’t be any of those in there. =D

  4. Ordered one as well – not sure what we’re getting, but I’d guess it would have to be something special, otherwise MCC would never get anyone to buy in next year. I’ve been very happy with their selections so far (a couple of missteps but certainly better than Geek Fuel or Loot Crate), so no reason to suspect it will be anything other than great. Miffed that more Founders didn’t pony up for it. Maybe SDCC or the high price tag?

  5. I am with Matt on this one. If they let this box BOMB not only would it screw chances of a Year Two MCC box but it would also negatively effect sales of the STAR WARS and DC Year One Boxes, which you gotta know are planned.

    If they want these year end boxes to succeed then they have to have a big debut and Marvel gets to set the precedent like they did with Hulkbuster. Hopefully thats a sign that they will go big for Y1 because Hulkbuster is still the only 6 inch from any of the 15 Funko Subscription Boxes released and it also may be the best single POP released so far out of those 15.

  6. I am hoping for an 18 inch Captain America Dorbz like the charity ones they are doing for Comi-con .

  7. I got an email today as a month to month subscriber, so they’ve obviously opened it up! I jumped on it, …looking forward to seeing what this box brings…better be good considering the cost, and pleased to see it will be all new items

  8. I did not hesitate for one second and bought this. I even struggled with the website at first but I got it!

  9. hoping for fantasic four with galactus and a chrome silver surfer .. LETS GO FUNKO!!

  10. Just received mine today. Not worth $125 + shipping.
    Just my opinion, will see what Dabid thinks.
    Cancelling my subscription next ….

    • Well, see, Funko made an error with this box. And that error is that I seem to be the only Marvel collector in the world who actually likes Hikari. I was 99% certain that there would a Hikari in this box and I was 98% certain of exactly what colorway it would be, so I’m okay with it personally. But for those who hate Hikari–which is basically everyone else–I can imagine this box is rather disappointing. And I’ll talk about that in my review… if DHL ever delivers my box. Alas.

      • Yeah, I agree, hikari is not for everyone. But I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I look forward to your review.