Marvel Collector Corps Villains Box October Unboxing Review!

I’m pretty sure that the UPS guy hates my guts for making him walk up the steep hill to our doorstep to deliver packages to me basically every single day of his working life, so I typically pretend I’m not home to avoid him. But today was a bit different, as I knew he had my October 2015 Marvel Collector Corps Villains box, so I literally ran down to get the box myself! Wondering what’s inside? Read on for the unboxing photos and spoilers, along with my review of this Funko Collector Corps box…

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Villains Box Unboxing

I did my best to remain spoiler-free for this month’s Funko Marvel Collectors Corps Villains Box, something that I haven’t accomplished with any subscription mystery box since, well… ever. And to my surprise, I actually succeeded in opening my box and being surprised today! Shocker!!

I had heard some grumbling about this box and feared the worst, but as far as I’m concerned, this box is downright killer

October 2015 Collector Corps Red Skull Patch Green Goblin PinThe exclusive Red Skull patch and Green Goblin pin are neat enough, but they’ll be going into the box of other unloved pins/patches that I have from these boxes.

Marvel Collector Corps Red Skull PatchMaybe I’ll cover a messenger bag in them someday or something, but for now I’ve got no real use for them (though that Green Goblin pin does look really snazzy).

Villains Collector Corps Green Goblin PinThe free comic book with month is a variant cover for Invincible Iron Man #1 by Brian Michael Bendis. I spend $100+ on comics each month, so I’m also pleased when this subscription box includes a rare comic book I hadn’t already bought myself.

Invincible Iron Man #1 Variant Cover Collector CorpsI think the exclusive cover with Iron Man vs. Villains Zombies is rather eye-grabbing, too, though I suspect the actual comic won’t have any relation to this cover.

Marvel Collector Corps Villains Shirt TeeThe T-Shirt is another grey shirt with limited colors on it, just like the one from the April 2015 Marvel Collector Corps Avengers box. In guess the villains on this are okay, but I’d love a more colorful shirt in green or orange or something someday soon. Grey and black is getting a little boring.

Oh, but that’s right–no one buys these MCC boxes for the shirts, pins, patches or comics anyway–it’s all about the exclusive vinyls! And this month’s batch is outstanding, in my opinion!

Funko Venom Pocket POP Keychain ExclusiveFirst up, there’s a mini Pocket POP Venom keychain. I was curious how Venom would be included with this box, seeing as he’s been the main character in the promotional materials for it but has already had a major POP! Vinyl released.

I thought we might get a Dorbz Venom instead, but I think this mini Venom vinyl figure is cute in its own right and a good alternative to rehashing a regular Venom POP Vinyls figure. Especially since it left the Dorbz slot free for…

October Collector Corps Exclusive Dorbz Loki PackagedDORBZ LOKI!!! *heart*

Back of Vinyl Sugar Dorbz Loki Figure ExclusiveI love me some Loki, and the thought had honestly not crossed my mind we might get a Loki Dorbz with this box. With his gold helmet and green cape, this exclusive Dorbz looks fantastic.

Box Art for Loki Dorbz Exclusive Vinyl FigureAnd as cute as that smile is, I suspect Loki is plotting something diabolical!

Funko Zombie Morbius POP Vinys ExclusiveFinally, we come to the main attraction of the Villains Collector Corps October box: the exclusive Funko POP! Vinyl Morbius figure! To spice things up a bit, every box contained one of two types of Morbius: regular or Zombie Morbius (with extra teeth!).

Side of Box Morbius Funko POP Vinyl ExclusiveI’m usually not one for zombies, but a zombie vampire is pretty novel–and this Zombie Morbius POP Vinyls figure isn’t gross–so I’m actually really happy I pulled this version (though I’ll be buying the regular Morbius online as well).

Funko POP Vinyls Morbius & Zombie Morbius Variant Figures

Overall, I am totally satisfied with this month’s Funko Marvel Collectors Corps Villains box. I know some folks who aren’t big Marvel fans may be unhappy with Morbius, but he’s one of Spidey’s most classic villains and a fine exclusive release.

I’m also the type of collector who was willing to fight the insane mob to get at the Funko booth at New York Comic-Con a few weeks back just to buy exclusive Dorbz, so I imagine that I’m the ideal target for that Loki Dorbz exclusive as well. Either way, I loved it and this box. Thumbs way up!

October 2015 Marvel Collectors Corps Villains Exclusives VinylsWhat do you think of the greatly-anticipated Villains Collector Corps box now that it’s been totally revealed, Marvel collectors? Are you glad that you ordered this box now or wish that you had, or was this box of exclusive Marvel collectibles not to your liking?


Marvel Collector Corps Villains Box October Unboxing Review! — 10 Comments

  1. I got the regular Morbius 🙁 When I saw the Zombie version. I felt cheated out on the box. But it was 2 thumbs up for me too !

  2. My box is sitting at the PO for an extra day for no reason, so I could not resist looking. I like that there are two possible Pops to get (at least the fact that they’re variants of the same one; two entirely different possibilities would be annoying). Not too into Dorbz but it’ll be up there with Ultron on the shelf. Can’t wait for the Star Wars box.

  3. i have an issue with these boxes and the shirt sizes. the first shirt was spot on with the large athletic fit size, but since then they have been way off. even after washing them and trying to shrink them, the large athletic fit feels more like a loose fit xl or even xxl! I contacted them about this and even proved the difference with many pictures and they said “you can change the size for future boxes but we cannot swap them for you”. talk about a huge fail as loot crate will swap them. and its their fault too! This is really making me angry and i hope i dont miss out on a good shit because they cant determine size.

  4. Awe, my box didn’t have the mini Venom in it. I thought there was too much extra room in there…

  5. I was really hoping for a Red Skull Pop. Cap’s #1 villain and there’s only been one release of him? He’s far past due. I also would have been pleased with some Doctor Doom, but am not surprised at all that he wasn’t included.

  6. I signed up to MCC in hopes to get the Secret Wars box as my BFF told me it was on sale again. When I couldn’t buy it, I canceled for next month’s box,which they sent anyone, and subsequently refused to refund or take the package back, telling me via email they are not set up for returns nor are they able to offer phone customer support. Then the package failed to arrive, and they will not respond to my requests for follow up. Utterly Ridiculous. Worst customer experience I have ever had. reported them to the BBB>

  7. I received a Loki Dorbz with 2 obvious scratches on his face. I emailed customer service with a picture and they refused to do anything about it. If they are catering this product towards collectors, a la “Collectors Corps”, they should have better quality control or at least better customer service. I am very disappointed in this company. I will not renew my subscription.

    • I’m a little surprised they’re not willing to replace a damaged product, Chris. What did they say when you E-Mailed them?

      • “Thank you so much for the photos and comments that you’ve sent us. We have reviewed your claim and don’t see any major damages to your figure. Unfortunately we are not able to replace this for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

        Thank you,
        Marvel Collector Corps Support”