Marvel Legends 2017 Figures Official Photos! Shatterstar! Sandman!

Earlier this week, I had the tremendous honor and privilege of being one of the first collectors in the world to see a half-dozen of next year’s 6″ Marvel Legends 2017 figures at the pre-New York Comic Con 2016 Hasbro party (and yes, it was every bit as cool as it sounds). You can check out the dozens and dozens of first-person photos I took at NYCC 2016 here, but if you’ve been waiting for super hi-res official photos from Hasbro, images of four of the six new Marvel Legends figures have now been posted!


We had heard from leaked Hasbro retailer lists that Old Man Logan and Shatterstar would probably be making their Hasbro Marvel Legends debuts as part of the early 2017 X-Men Legends wave, and the reveals of both characters Wednesday night at the Hasbro media event absolutely did not disappoint!

The Marvel Legends Old Man Logan figure is a 100% new mold that is flat-out awesome. I love the new shirt, jacket and loafers on this figurine (not to mention Old Man Logan’s trademark grumpy old man face). I’m hard-pressed to pinpoint what characters this mold could be reused for, though (besides a younger Logan). I bet you have some terrific ideas though, right, readers?

marvel-legends-shatterstar-figure-2017-x-men-hasbroMeanwhile, the Marvel Legends Shatterstar 6″ figure is outfitted in his classic early-90’s white and grey costume that he wore in his debut in “New Mutants” and also the early arcs of “X-Force”. I know some fans were hoping for the orange and/or purple costumes for ‘Star, but this is probably the most iconic and recognizable choices that Hasbro could have made.


Rounding out the official high-resolution photos are Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Wave 1 Shocker and the Sandman Build-A-Figure. The sand arms and sand face for this Marvel Legends Sandman BAF look simply incredible, with amazingly detailed sculpted textures. I’m very concerned that poor SDCC Sandman won’t be compatible with the sand arms, though…

I’ve heard a ton of early complaints about the Shocker’s eyes being different sizes, but they look fine to me, honestly. This figure is based off of Herman’s appearance in “Superior Foes of Spider-Man” and looks really accurate to that style to me (although the bubbling energy effects piece attachments don’t make a whole lot of sense here).

2017-spider-man-marvel-legends-shocker-figureThe Marvel Legends Adam Warlock (modern) and Death’s Head II figures that were on-hand at the Hasbro NYCC Party were not included in the official photos that were sent out, which lends further evidence to my assertion that these figures are destined to be part of a 2017 Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy wave.

There’s some debate as to whether or not Death’s Head II will be a Build-A-Figure, but based on what I saw at NYCC, he’s way too big to not be a Build-A-Figure in my opinion.

Having seen the hi-res official photos (that will also be used on the back of the packaging for these figures), what are your thoughts on the four figures that complete the first X-Men Legends and Spider-Man Legends 2017 waves? Are all four of these characters on your 2017 Must-Have list?


Marvel Legends 2017 Figures Official Photos! Shatterstar! Sandman! — 22 Comments

  1. As for OML mold re-uses, I’d be super happy to see those arms and a new jacket be used for an updated Gambit. Now that Rogue got an update from the Toybiz X-Men box set, its definitely his turn next.
    I really really like the way the double hinge knees look on those legs, the knee joint is set lower in the folds of the pants. I don’t know who they could use in those legs, but they are darn well sculpted.

    • Considering the fact that those pieces are sculpted for Logan, whose most recent figure (which this is probably the same size as) was very short, I don’t know how reuseable these pieces actually are.

  2. Death’s Head ain’t gonna be a baf. First, he uses the colossus mold, and why would the next figure made on that mold be a baf when he isn’t? i mean, his arm is big but thats it. and besides his arm and head, he is just way too plain and obscure to be a baf.

  3. I mean, it depends on whether or not Old Man Logan is scaled to the new Wolverine mold, but if it’s average height (and not comically short like Wolverine actually is) a couple I can think of off the top of my head are Clint Barton from Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run (new head, jacket piece, belt piece, hands, feet) and… the hell d’you call it, Clone Hunter Spider-Man?

    Y’know, that kinda-sorta costume Peter wore for a little while during the Clone Saga where he’s wearing a leather jacket and jeans and the gloves and mask from his Black Suit Spidey outfit? I think it only lasted an issue or two during the Trial of Peter Parker storyline where Peter was framed for murder, Ben Reilly took his place in jail, and Peter was running around in that slapdash outfit, but hey, it showed up in the Spider-Man Unlimited game, so hey, s’worth a shot. It’d just need a new head, swappable hands, belt, and maybe feet.

  4. Of course, there’s always Days of Future Past Wolverine, which would require exactly one new piece- the head.

    Hell, I could customize that super easily. I might just do that.

    • Fortunately, they will not make any movie X men figs do to movie licensing. They can make all the X men they want just not movie figs. Dwight said this a few years back. Why do you think there are not a ton of X men in the first place? They cannot sync waves with the X men movies. Comic X men only, a huge relief imo, movie figures are stupid.

      • Yeah, I know about the embargo on X-Men movie figures. Days of Future Past was originally a comic, my dude.

        In that comic, Wolvie wore pretty much the same costume he did in the movie, leather jacket and all, and that’s what I was referring to. It’d be easy to make Old Man Logan into that one with a new head and different paint job.

        Also, for me, the quality of the movie figure is entirely reliant on the quality of the movie design and how well it translates into figure form. So Black Panther? Awesome. Civil War Captain America…? Debatable.

  5. Well Shatterstar looks great! I wish he has an angry “clenching teeth” head too since Liefeld always drew him like that.

  6. Hasbro whats up? netflixs gives us a Daredevil series you give us two comic fig.,an Iron Fist series you give us two comic fig.,even Punisher gets a comic fig.what?women and black men get nothing?you could do comic fig.for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

    • Cant lie i feel you brotha. But ive made a vow that if black panther does not get his own ML series when this movie comes out or before. Im done collecring marvel legends. And im selling my collection. I been waiting for a mass retail LukeCage for so long i almost bought the overpriced thunderbolts set man.smh?

      • I would be astonished if Black Panther doesn’t get his own series. Doctor Strange and Ant-Man have each gotten a ML Series of their own, and Black Panther is frankly a far more popular character than either of them.

        • Yeah i hope so Dab. An im hoping that he gets on that spider man uk mold or the grim reaper for his comic figure. That might be a reach but imo hes the captain america of wakanda.

          • I’ve always felt Black Panther is supposed to be a tad more lithe than someone like Cap, despite similar strength levels. I wouldn’t mind if the new Black Panther was on the ANAD Spider 2099 body; a tad bulkier than BuckyCap, but not quite as bulky as Grim Reaper; plus, butterfly joints, for the poseability Black Panther deserves.

    • I have a feeling they’ll be getting us something; I know Hasbro’s not that stupid.

      • I hope so. Im not gonna say those dudes are racist unless they prove otherwise but im just not seeing many of the black A listers out in mass retail. No Blade, No Cage, they dropped the ball on falcon (falcap first?wtf?). So i hope they come with some fire real soon.

        • Blade actually had a figure from the movie it was detailed to look exactly like Wesley Snipes too

      • Yeah, last time we got a comic-based Luke Cage was 3 years ago in an SDCC-exclusive boxset, a figure that still commands high prices on the market to this day. We need one that’s easily available in a normal mass-retail wave.

      • Easy to say when you got a whole line of figures to represent you. We know Cage has a figure out but im talkina about Mass retail. Not SDCC exclusive.

  7. Oooh! I got it. MCU “undercover” multipack! Turn the jacket into a hoodie, then make new head sculpts with no-logo ball cap and aviator sunglasses for Steve, Bucky, Sam, and Tony (officer Simpson, Ed Norton-Bruce Banner, Nic Fury with a knit cap, the list goes on). Nothing to see here folks, just a very muscular ordinary citizen in a nondescript outfit. Say three base bodies and a bunch of alternate heads with some newspaper accessories for stealthy reconnaissance. I’d totally buy that!