NYCC 2016: Mezco Marvel ONE:12 Collective Figures!

I’ve already talked about all the traditional heavy-hitters like Hasbro, Kotobukiya and Diamond Select Toys who revealed new Marvel toys at New York Comic-Con 2016, but there’s one more company I wanted to shine the spotlight on. 2016 may be the very first year that Mezco Toyz is releasing Marvel action figures, but their display case full of Marvel ONE:12 Collective figures–including Deadpool and Spider-Man–was a real thing of beauty…

Deadpool NYCC 2016 Mezco ONE 12 Collective Figure

After bringing a multitude of new 6″ ONE:12 Collective Marvel figures to San Diego Comic-Con 2016 in July, I wasn’t sure if Mezco Toyz was going to have anything new left to show off at NYCC 2016. And as it turns out, they did not.

But while there was nothing new on display at the show, that’s not the same as saying that Mezco didn’t have anything great on display, because Mezco brought along each and every single Marvel 6″ figure that they’ve revealed thus far this year!

New York Comic Con 2016 Mezco Spider-Man ONE 12 Collective FigureMy favorite figure in the display that hasn’t been solicited for pre-orders yet is definitely the ONE:12 Collective Spider-Man. Spidey’s costume just lends itself incredibly well to being replicated for this style of figure.

Spider-Man Mezco ONE 12 Collective FigureSpider-Man is one of very few characters whose Hot Toys sixth scale figures have disappointed me, so I’m pretty psyched that it looks like Mezco may nail him on the very first try. I can’t wait to see the variant costumes!

Mezco NYCC 2016 Deadpool FigureMeanwhile, the Mezco Deadpool ONE:12 Collective figure also made an encore appearance after debuting at SDCC 2016.

NYCC 2016 Deadpool ONE:12 Collective FigureI think Deadpool looks pretty nice all-around, although the red paint on his mask didn’t seem to match the fabric on his costume closely enough for my tastes on the display piece. He also might need a little futzing to get his belt positioned properly.

2016 NYCC Marvel ONE:12 Collective Deadpool Action FigureMezco probably could have gotten Deadpool into a more fun/interesting pose than the simple one that he was in, but you can still see all of the excellent tailoring and paint deco on the figure despite the basic pose.

NYCC 2016 Classic Red Skull ONE:12 Collective FigureAnd speaking of basic, the classic Red Skull ONE:12 Collective figure in military jumpsuit also made an appearance at the show (along with every other Mezco Marvel figure revealed to date). I give this particular costume a hard time for being really simplistic, but you can’t fault Mezco Toyz for totally nailing the source material.

Modern Red Skull Trenchcoat NYCC 2016 Mezco ToyzEven so, I’m still sticking with the Modern Red Skull in Trenchcoat figure that went up for order last week. Seeing it in person at the show, I don’t have any doubts that I’m making the right choice as far as my personal aesthetic tastes run.

Yellow Daredevil ONE:12 Collective NYCC 2016Red Daredevil Mezco NYCC 2016 6 Inch FigureShadowland Daredevil NYCC 2016 Mezco Toyz

The NYCC 2016 Shadowland Daredevil ONE:12 Collective figure was both on display and being sold at the show, and looking at all three versions of Daredevil up-close again, I think this may genuinely be the best-looking (though most nontraditional) of the DD trio. In fact, it just may be the best-looking figure in the entire line!

The various Mezco Punisher and Captain America figures were also on display at the booth, and I’m liking all of the figures more every single time that I see them (particularly the Punishers). I’m not usually a big Punisher guy, but I just may end up owning all of the versions that get released in this series.

NYCC 2016 Mezco Toyz Punisher FigurePunisher ONE 12 Collective Figure NYCC 2016NYCC 2016 Mezco ONE 12 Collective Commander RogersMezco Captain America ONE:12 Collective FigureMarvel Mezco ONE:12 Collective figures are available for order online and through comic book/specialty stores, but don’t expect to see these awesome mixed media figures at mass retailers like Toys R Us, Walmart or Target anytime soon. To date only classic Captain America and Shadowland Daredevil have actually shipped out, but  Mezco is advertising another half-dozen figures for release around the holidays, so get those orders in if you’re planning on snagging any of these as holiday gifts.

What do you think of Mezco’s expanding range of Marvel six inch figures, Marvel collectors? Are you satisfied (or beyond satisfied) with their latest efforts such as Deadpool, Red Skull and Spider-Man, or is this line not going in the direction that you were hoping for?


NYCC 2016: Mezco Marvel ONE:12 Collective Figures! — 2 Comments

  1. Yeah, that Commander Rogers is still pretty feeble. I keep hoping that they’ve been showing off prototypes and they planned on improving it, and every time I see it I’m let down.

    I don’t think it’s got ANY uniquely-molded parts, just reusing the boots and gloves from Captain America or Punisher, and the suit is missing some details. (Steve’s Commander Rogers costume had fingerless gloves and paneled boot covers over black boots; this figure has full-finger gloves and plain brown boots. On top of that, this figure is missing holsters, the leather straps hanging from the belt, and the white stripe design on the arms. Also, depending on the artist, the suit was textured, which would have really helped this figure, I think.)

    Which REALLY sucks, because Commander Rogers might just be my favorite Steve Rogers costume, right up there with Ultimate Cap. (Mark Millar’s Ultimates was full of great character designs wasted on terrible comics.) It gets astonishingly little merchandise and I’d buy that Mezco Commander Rogers in a heartbeat if they’d done it right. Seeing my favorite costume for Steve done up in such a slapdash way breaks my heart, especially considering practically every other figure is pretty spot-on perfect.

    I might grab it if it goes on clearance and do some customization on it to fix it, but right now, I can’t bring myself to get it.

  2. I feel like the faces for the Marvel characters look too much like clay caricatures, for lack of a better term. Features are exaggerate din odd ways. And the masks look really odd as well; Cap in particular. The mask looks so thick all around.

    I want to like the Marvel line, but it seems the DC characters lend themselves to this better for some reason.