Marvel Legends Agent Venom Figure Review & Photos

It’s been quite a journey for Agent Venom. Over the course of the past 13 months, Agent Venom has gone from one of the most-wanted modern Marvel characters for the Marvel Legends line, to the headliner of Marvel Legends Series 6, to another in a long line of “lost” Hasbro Marvel Legends figures, to a pre-sold out and potentially hard-to-find Walgreens exclusive. But at last, the 6″ Marvel Legends Agent Venom figure is on the verge of arriving, and we can take a look at the final production version of the figure…

Agent Venom Marvel Legends Walgreens Exclusive Packaged

Given Hasbro’s track record the last few years of failing to get 6″ Marvel Legends figures out to the masses after revealing them to the public, I would have bet that we’d never see Hasbro actually release this Marvel Legends 2014 Agent Venom action figure.

Thankfully, I was wrong–Hasbro found a way to get the 6″ Agent Venom figure out there, and in a totally unexpected way–as the first-ever Marvel Walgreens exclusive toy! I can honestly say that I did not see that coming.

Marvel Legends Agent Venom Packaging BackAnd so, here we are. Barely over a year since the prototype for Agent Venom debuted at SDCC 2013, production copies of the Marvel Legends Agent Venom figure have made it to Hong Kong and are entering collectors’ hands.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2014 Agent Venom Action Figure Close-UpFrom up-close, you might think that the Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Agent Venom figure is packing an all-new chest mold. But don’t be fooled–his chest guard is actually made of a rubbery plastic that hides his true chest mold beneath.

Flash Venom Marvel Legends 6 Inch Figure ExclusiveBased on the upper arms, it looks like this Flash Thompson Agent Venom Marvel Legends figure has the new X-Men Marvel Legends Magneto buck (though it’s obviously tough to tell due to the chest guard piece).

Lower Body of Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2014 Agent Venom FigureAnd while the Marvel Legends 2014 Agent Venom figure may not be composed of much all-new tooling, the various accessories added onto the core body really make this figure pop out as being way more than “just another repaint”. The Walgreens exclusive Agent Venom’s various belts, holsters, knee pads and shoulder pads look fantastic!

Agent Venom Flash Thompson Marvel Legends FigureJust like the 2014 Marvel Legends Carnage and Toxin figures, Agent Venom comes with a symbiote tendrils backpack. And just like with those figures, I absolutely love the symbiote backpack.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Agent Venom Symbiote Tendrils BackpackThe symbiote tendrils are such a simple thing and likely didn’t cost Hasbro much at all, but they really make these Marvel Legends symbiote figures feel unique and dynamic. Flash Venom didn’t really use tendrils like these all that much in his comic book series, but I love the visual flair of the symbiote tendrils all the same.

Hasbro Agent Venom Action Figure Marvel Legends 2014The Marvel Legends Agent Venom Flash Thompson figure comes fully-stocked with his own mini-armory, as he’s toting five total guns (four packaged separately and one holstered on his right leg). The guns are an important part of what makes Agent Venom different from every other iteration of Venom, so I’m pleased that Hasbro gave Flash Thompson a good variety of firearms to be posed with.

Walgreens Exclusive Agent Venom Marvel Legends Figure Back

The only real let-down with the Hasbro Agent Venom 6″ Marvel Legends action figure is the paint quality. It’s a bit tough to see in the photos, but the white paint has been applied inconsistently, which can make Agent Venom look sloppy in some areas as a result. Surprisingly, this is less an issue of paint bleed and more an issue of the paint applications themselves not being sufficient (picture the All-New X-Men Marvel Legends Toy R Us set and you’ll know what I mean).

Monochromatic characters like this Agent Venom are tough to get through the production line perfectly, so I’ll cut Hasbro some slack, but don’t be surprised if the paint apps on your Marvel Legends Spider-Man Agent Venom figure don’t come out quite as pristine as you may be hoping for.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Agent Venom Figure Close-UpThe Hasbro Marvel Legends Agent Venom figure was briefly available online for pre-order last month on the Walgreens website, but sold out in under a day. And then Walgreens started calling many buyers on the phone to let them know that they’d oversold and their order was being cancelled. Thanks, Walgreens! And on a less-sarcastic note, huge thanks to bmanhk for sending in photos and impressions of his early-release Marvel Legends Infinite Series Agent Venom figure!

Now that you’ve seen the final production version of the Hasbro Agent Venom 6″ Marvel Legends action figure, what do you think, Marvel collectors? Is Agent Venom well worth all the fuss and bother, is this potentially hard-to-get Walgreens exclusive not worth your time?


Marvel Legends Agent Venom Figure Review & Photos — 23 Comments

  1. So does that mean these won’t be stocked in stores since they’re sold out or does it just mean they aren’t taking anymore pre-orders?

    i’ve just gotten into collecting and don’t understand how this works. 🙂

    • Presumably stores will get Agent Venom as well. I think Hasbro just had Walgreens do the online pre-order to help alleviate concerns that this figure was going to be ridiculously difficult to get.

  2. Which it will be imo, I was reading on some forums how Walgreens oversold this. So again the scalpers win out.

    • Unfortunately the scalpers continue to win this game. It almost discourages me to the point of killing my toy collecting hobby altogether. *blows the dust off guitar*

  3. Agent Venom? Check.
    New Scarlet Witch? Check!
    Mayday Parker! Check!
    Radioactive Man? I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Rescue? …. Rescue? ….. rescue?
    Bulldozer? …. Bu- damn it Hasbro. I give up.

  4. “The symbiote tendrils are such a simple thing and likely didn’t cost Hasbro much at all…”

    what does that even mean? or why is this even a sentence?

    why is cost all of a sudden a concern when talking about an accessory? or part of a whole?

    • It means exactly what it says–that the tendrils are a cheap accessory that Hasbro was easily able to cost out, but which still enhance the overall look of the figure. It’s worth mentioning the accessory because it makes Agent Venom feel like a better value, despite the fact that the accessory itself probably cost Hasbro pennies.

      • zzzz.

        can you give me a price break down of each part of the figure then?

        so it cost hasbro pennies to make that accessory?

        versus the pennies it cost to make the face, the legs, the arms, the guns? the likeness overall?


        • DING DING DING! We have a winner! Douchebag comment of the year award goes to… MIKE! Congrats! You win a middle finger and a miserable existence!

  5. Your easily going to pay double the MSRP! Oh ! and factor in the cost of shipping… Happy hunting !

  6. I hope the market I’m in doesn’t have a lot of raiders who will ambush the store the first second the figure is stocked or I guess I’m out of luck.

  7. I don’t follow comics that much bit this figure looks sweet enough that I’ll try to get it if I see it at Walgreens while looking for Prototype armor Boba Fett.

  8. Went to a local toy and comic show, San Jose Supertoy, and one dealer actually bragged that he had gone to all of the local Walgreens and had bought every single Agent Venom. He had dozens of them which he was selling for $40 each. I was incensed and am determined never to buy from him. Fortunately, when I got back home to San Francisco, I was able to find one after visiting several Walgreens and paid $19.99 plus tax. I agree that the scalping is getting completely out of control.

  9. Found em at a walgreens in Louisville KY, the paint looks awful. The eyes are incredibly off but found em none the less

  10. If you are in the Columbus area, start looking around. I just found mine today at the Marysville Walgreens. There were 16 of them in an end cap up by the register. Got mine for $20. The review above is spot-on. Good figure with a ok paint app. Hopefully everybody who wants one will find it. Suck it, scalpers!!!

    • Aye,capt! Indeed. Same here. Hasbro’s best smartest marketing move ever. Not ToysRus, Not Kmart, Not Target, Not Walmart! No. Walgreens! The scalper cure.
      Btw,I’m in Florida,so let collectors win from sea to shinning sea–LOL!