Marvel Legends Black Widow Figure 2 Per Case Revision Confirmed

This will sound totally wild, but I actually don’t own a Marvel Legends Black Widow figure. In fact, I don’t own any of the Marvel Legends Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie figures, as I was determined not to buy any of the trio until I found a retail-priced Black Widow. While that very goal has been a major frustration for myself and thousands of other collectors this spring, Hasbro has just made things a whole lot easier by confirming a new case revision that will allow online retailers to sell Winter Soldier Marvel Legends figures sets for a fair price and hopefully make Black Widow and company a cinch to find in stores…

Marvel Legends Captain America The Winter Soldier Black Widow Figures 2014

Ever since some genius at Hasbro decided that the 6″ Black Widow Marvel Legends figure should be packed at one-per-case in the initial shipments of Captain America The Winter Soldier Marvel Legends cases, securing a Black Widow (or two) has been a source of constant anxiety for collectors. I do at least two dozen toy runs a week, and I’ve yet to come across a ML Black Widow action figure at retail myself.

Several weeks ago, one online retailer broke news about a new revision case assortment of 6″ Marvel Legends Captain America: The Winter Soldier action figures that would be even-packed with two each of Black Widow, The Winter Soldier, Stealth Suit Captain America and Marvel NOW! Captain America.

Captain America The Winter Soldier Marvel Legends Black Widow Figure PackagedI didn’t post anything about that “news” at the time, as Hasbro hadn’t confirmed the assortment and wasn’t officially allowing retailers to take orders for it. That changed tonight, and collectors having a tough time finding the hot Winter Soldier movie figures can rejoice.

Even the Marvel Legends Marvel NOW! Captain America figure will be a welcome inclusion for many fans, as that figure hasn’t shipped recently and contains the must-have Build-A-Figure Mandroid Head. Yes, for once there’s a figure of Captain America himself that collectors actually want to see repacked–it’s a miracle!

Marvel Now Captain America Marvel Legends Figure Hasbro 2014Sets of the three movie figures (including Black Widow) and Marvel NOW Captain America are now available for pre-order, and are expected to ship out by June 2014. Considering Black Widow alone has been selling frequently for $60 to $80 over the course of the past month, I’ll be very satisfied to get all four of these figures for about eighty bucks.

What do you think of Hasbro’s new Marvel Legends Captain America Winter Soldier case revision, Marvel fans? Is this the case-pack Hasbro should have been shipping all along once the Winter Soldier movie hit theaters, or would you have rather seen a different revision getting the AIM Trooper and Hydra Soldier figures back into the mix instead?


Marvel Legends Black Widow Figure 2 Per Case Revision Confirmed — 15 Comments

  1. I hit three WalMarts, two T’R’U, and two Targets each three times a week on average. Only the one Target has had the second case (three times), and an employee is scalping the Black Widows. Some Walmarts have yet to see ANY case of this series, but have had many restocks of both Spiderman waves. I’ll be happy to see anything hit more stores more broadly on the East Coast.

    • The case will be available for retailers to order, but many Hasbro Marvel Legends revision cases simply don’t get ordered by brick and mortar stores. There’s no telling whether local stores will order this case or not.

  2. an aim or hydra soldier would have been way better for those of us who already have cap from wave 1.

  3. Now, if only Hasbro would refund some of the money some of us spent on ebay buying the Infinite Black Widow…

    • You have to join the rebellion, NotLikely, and not buy from scalpers who sell higher than 1.5x retail.

  4. If you live in the Columbus area, start hittin the Meijer stores. They are finally getting their Cappy stuff in. Finally scored my Widow for $15. (Suck that scalpers!) Igotta agree about the Hydra and AIM guys, they could have packed them instead of Skull and Zemo for the first wave. Good Luck!

      • I have seen them at the Lewis Center store and the Delaware store. You’re right, the Sawmill store stinks on ice for toys

  5. This is great news. My incessant checking of Target and Walmart’s website will hopefully come to fruition this June!

  6. 1st wave;Two Caps ,Two Widows, One Skull,One Zemo
    2nd wave;Two Hydras, Two AIM scientists,Two Winter Soldiers
    3rd cases;Two Stealth Caps, Two Hydras, Two AIM scientists…

  7. Pray for Hasbro. They need help. I recall back in the day another short packed Marvel maiden[She-Hulk]that came with the BAF Head of Fin Fang Foom!
    WHY short pack 1 figure in a series where the idea is to buy ALL the figures to construct a bonus(BAF) one? And if short-pack you must,WHY DO SO the very needed piece eg: the TORSO,in the widow’s case,or the frakkin HEAD?!
    And if they can’t grasp that simple concept,the art of Army Building must be like quantum physics. Gratitude for the news and hopefully the walmarts and others will buy these cases. MANDROIDS ALL AROUND!

  8. I’ve seen/snagged Winter soldier/B.W. once and it was in a SHOPKO of all places. But the Spider-Man variants are plentiful in Target. These one of each figures and variants are a joke, especially when you are cancelled on launch and/or never get made.

  9. Three WalMarts, two Targets and one TRU multiple times a week and no Widow’s to be found in the Charleston SC area. Seems the east coast gets the shaft.