Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix & Cyclops Figures Set Photos!

Remember that crazy day at the start of the year when packaged Marvel Legends Invisible Woman, Black Panther and even the Groot Evolution figures went up for auction online out of nowhere? Well, it looks like the second coming of that day has arrived! Last night I talked about the A-Force and SDCC 2017 Thor sets, and now let’s look at a production sample of a set coming our way this summer: packaged photos of the Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix & Cyclops set has now appeared on eBay!

Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix and Cyclops Two-Pack Packaged Production Sample

At New York Toy Fair 2017, Hasbro debuted an official photo each of what’s expected to be the final X-Men Legends set of figures for 2017: Marvel Legends Classic Cylops and Dark Phoenix figures. We don’t have a specific release window yet for this two-pack, but a production sample posted on eBay last night gives us our first good look at the packaging–and accessories–for the set!

As should be expected by now, this two-pack is coming in the same style of wide box packaging as last year’s Disco Iron Man/War Machine Mark III and this year’s Spider-Man and Mary Jane sets. This style of box looks good and it works–and it also clearly has the Toys R Us exclusive sticker on it, so anyone seeing it knows where the set will be available.

UPC Code for Dark Phoenix Marvel Legends Exclusive Two-PackFor those who want the UPC code so they can call their local TRU stores and ask them to check inventory once the set is released (which ought to be a few months from now), the UPC is: 630509584338.

Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix Figure Close-Up with Alternate HeadsI was surprised to see that the new Dark Phoenix ML figure came with two alternate heads, but I shouldn’t have been–going back through my notes from Toy Fair, I see that Hasbro actually said there would be interchangeable heads for Jean Grey at the show (and my feeble brain has just forgotten about them).

Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix and Cyclops Two PackAlong with the crazed pupil-less omnipotent head, there will also be a standard Jean Grey head and a windswept Phoenix head. While I prefer the default head, it’ll be nice to have the option of putting a new head on last year’s Phoenix figure!

Box Back Marvel Legends Cyclops Dark Phoenix Set

Phoenix also comes with a “flaming chicken” effects piece (yes, I know it’s not really a chicken, but that’s what Hasbro called it at Toy Fair). This is a by of a weird effects piece, but I won’t turn my nose up at an extra bonus accessory.

The Classic Cyclops Marvel Legends figure doesn’t come with any accessories of his own, sadly, but I do appreciate the classic look of the figure. Gotta love that skullcap, right? Cyclops is a big name, so I have no complaints about getting both most iconic versions of him in six inch form this year.

Close-Up of Marvel Legends Classic Cyclops Toys R Us Exclusive FigureYou can see the production sample of this two-pack on eBay right now (although I wouldn’t recommend anyone pay the crazy price this product sample is actually selling for). Note that the numbers running across the heads are for the production samples only and will (obviously) not be on the final figures.

Now that you’ve seen the packaging, accessories and final figures, are you in or out for the Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix and Cyclops set, Marvel collectors? Did Hasbro nail these two designs, or is something about them not satisfying you?


Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix & Cyclops Figures Set Photos! — 24 Comments

    • Now that you mention it, that one piece hanging in front of her face on the head that’s already attached does look rather awkward…sorta like a poorly sewn weave dangling off the front of her hair…

  1. Should’ve been one extra head for Jean and another, a visorless one, for Scott. I probably will get this though.

  2. I really want that classic 70’s/80’s version of Cyclops, it was long over due for a updated one.

  3. Definitely going to kitbash this Cyclops with the Warlock wave version. Never was a big fan of the straps and such so I’ll use this slick body with the jim lee head!

  4. My only complaint on the Phoenix figure is her hair is so dark… I wish it were brighter red! Other than that what a great set!!

  5. This is one set I’ll be getting but I can easily wait for the actual release. Someone shelled out over $400 bucks for a couple of figures with numbers tattooed on their heads. Production version collectors must have some very deep pockets.

  6. Also, I’m gonna swap the normal Phoenix head for freckled-face MJ’s once that set comes out.

  7. Never cared for that cyclops but the Phoenix looks good minus the hair problem

  8. I first started reading X-Men in the early 80s and fell in love with these characters during the Byrne/Claremont days, so this 2-pack is an absolute MUST for me. I can’t wait to get it.

  9. her thighs are Thicc, also im liking the new Phoenix regalia.
    im throwing a stack of ones at the screen! i want this now!

  10. OMG!! SOLD! Gonna use that pretty head to replace that awful last year Phoenix’s head. Also, I would LOVE if Hasbro gave us a 6-inch Marvel Girl figure. It’s my all-time favorite storyline and now I have the Jim Lee and Classic Cyclops, good and bad Phoenix… but I NEED Marvel Girl (green dress, yellow gloves and boots, pointy mask) to recreate the 90’s cartoon moment and the iconic Uncanny X-Men #137 cover. She should come with purple/pinkish effect pieces and an unmasked head (I’m dreaming, I know) with the mask as an accessory (so she can hold it). Am I the only one dying for this figure!? T_T

  11. Ah it’s true. I google the figure but… it’s just a repaint with a bad sculpt for a head… >_>. I hope they give us a proper, new 6-inch Marvel Girl SOON!!!!! T_T

  12. BRAVO! I do LOVE this set!! Great Dark Phoenix!!
    I just really wish Hasbro would make as many ML STORM versions as they’ve made for ML Jean Grey versions.

    ML Jean Grey
    1.] JG X3 movie (as awful as it was.) 2.] JG original team (box set), 3.] JG 90’s, 4.] JG Phoenix, 5.] JG Dk Phoenix. — That’s FIVE, count them, five Jean Grey figures at this point. Did I miss one?!

    What about Storm?
    ML Storm (1.) MarvelNow Mohawk Storm (That’s it!?)
    ??????????? 70’s Original costume Storm
    ??????????? 80’s all black Punk Mohawk Storm
    ??????????? 90’s Jim Lee in white & gray suits Storm

    And hey, what about Rouge?
    ML Rogue (1.)90’s Rogue (That’s it!?)
    ??????????? 80’s geen & black outback Rogue
    ??????????? 70’s geen & white Rogue (They already planned this one at one point.)

    • ** UPDATE: I forgot 2 more Jean figures: ML Black Queen & ML Marvel Girl 2PK
      That brings it up to SEVEN different Hasbro Jean Grey Figures!