Marvel Legends Mary Jane Spider-Man Two-Pack In-Hand Photos!

With the new Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Wave and Vulture two-pack appearing out of nowhere and long-known exclusives like Black Panther and Invisible Woman still MIA, I’ve just about given up on guessing when and where new Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures will be released. But one set that we don’t have to guess about is the Toys R Us exclusive Marvel Legends Mary Jane & Spider-Man two-pack, which has now been released overseas! Let’s check out the in-hand photos…

Mary Jane Marvel Legends 2017 Figure with Peter Parker Spider-Man

With more 6″ Marvel Legends figures coming out in 2017 than ever before, we literally may need a scorecard to start keeping track of what’s coming and what’s been released already this year!

But one set that we can now definitively check off as released already in Singapore–and coming soon to the United States–is the Spider-Man and Mary Jane Marvel Legends two-pack exclusive to Toys R Us stores.

Many Singaporean collectors have already bought the Spidey & MJ two-pack, including Jan Ile Nh, who’s kindly given us permission to run his wonderful photos of the duo!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Mary Jane Two-Pack Packaged BoxOccasionally, something goes astray between prototype form and the final figure–particularly with females–but that’s not the case at all with the new Marvel Legends Mary Jane figure.

Marvel Legends Peter Parker and Mary Jane Figures Toys R Us ExclusiveFrom her smooth face and great hair to her freckles and green eyes, Hasbro has delivered with one of the most attractive ML female figures released to date!

Marvel Legends Mary Jane Watson Parker Six Inch Figure TRU ExclusivePowers or no powers, MJ looks ready to take the fight to the Spidey villains gallery while her paramour holds her purse for her. And speaking of Mary Jane’s boy toy…

Marvel Legends ANAD Spider-Man 6 Inch Figure with Peter Parker HeadFor the first time in a long, long time, we’re getting a 6″ adult Peter Parker Marvel Legends head! The head is brimming with the confidence and personality of the modern successful Peter Parker, and is going to be a huge selling-point for this set to collectors who don’t care too much about Mary Jane Watson Parker.

Marvel Legends All New All Different Spider-Man Figure Close-UpThe modern All-New All-Different Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure is also looking fantastic. The new suit with glowing eyes and chest symbol won’t be for everyone (especially non-comic book readers), but I think the deco on this came out excellently.

Comparison of Pizza Spider-Man and All-New Spider-Man Marvel Legends Figures

If the mold for this action figure looks a little bit familiar to you, it’s because it’s the most popular Spidey mold that Hasbro has ever released: the Pizza Spider-Man body repainted into modern All-New All-Different Spider-Man colors! This release is gonna make a lot of collectors real happy!

The Marvel Legends Spider-Man Mary Jane two-pack has now been released in Singapore, and is expected to arrive in the United States in late May/June 2017. The set is a Toys R Us exclusive with a $39.99 MSRP and UPC Code #630509548026 (used for checking inventory in your local store’s computer, of course).

Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Mary Jane Swinging Over VillainsNow that’s we’ve seen the final finished product up-close and in-hand, how do you like this Marvel Legends Peter Parker and Mary Jane box set, Marvel collectors? Is this the 6″ Mary Jane you’ve been waiting years for, and is ANAD Spider-Man a worthwhile addition to the growing army of released ML Spider-Man costumes?


Marvel Legends Mary Jane Spider-Man Two-Pack In-Hand Photos! — 15 Comments

  1. It’s not the Mary Jane I’ve wanted, but she does look good.
    I think most people would agree that they wanted the Mary Jane wearing her white heart-shaped Spider-Man symbol t-shirt.
    It’s not a coincidence that pretty much every MJ cosplayer uses that as their go-to costume design for MJ.

    I’m glad they FINALLY made a figure for the new Spider Armor.

    • t would come across as weird to have a barefoot mary jane figure, but i would love it

  2. It looks gorgeous. I love that MJ and even that Peter more than I thought I would. Maybe I can work magic again because at the moment of this writing I had barely picked up the Vulture Two Pack for $15. Can you believe that! Not only can scalpers suck it with their $60 and up prices but so can retail. Wow below MSRP for even one figure. That’s so great.

  3. Long awaited and definitely much needed for the collection. These photos really make me wish it was out already.

  4. if the Parker head fits on coulson’s body, maybe we can make a PI (Parker Industries) CEO

  5. Looks great and I’ll be happy to purchase this set through my US contacts.

    Slightly off topic, but can somebody explain to me why Hasbro releases their products, including exclusives such as this set, in countries such as Singapore (no pun intended, but still), but almost completely ignores the European market? All we get, and then only recently, are some seriously overpriced old ML waves. I personally don’t get it. Hasbro, and Mattel as well, used to be powerhouses here on the old continent back in the 80’s and 90’s. These days they are an example of disastrous marketing and logistics over here. ‘sigh’ The fact that they have closed or dislocated most of their localized, national centers doesn’t help either.

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  7. Anybody know if they fixed that issue with legs..
    With the cut being deeper/wider for more dynamic poses?

  8. I swear the reveal photos of MJ had her with a Spider-Man face on her shirt. Did I just imagine that?