Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix & Cyclops Released in the US!

UPDATE (6/20/2017): We figured it would be about a month before the X-Men Legends Cyclops & Dark Phoenix two-pack reached the United States, and just like clockwork–they’re here! The cases for this two-pack note an 8/1/2017 release date, but I’ve seen sightings of the Toys R Us exclusive set being sold now in California, Louisiana, and Michigan. If you’re jonesin’ for this set (and who isn’t?), now’s the time to start stalking your local Toys R Us store!

Thanks to EJ Allen for giving us permission to run his photo here on the site!

Marvel Legends X-Men Dark Phoenix Cyclops 2-Pack Released

ORIGINAL (5/24/2017): If you’re a Hasbro Marvel Legends collector, there’s no respite for you from the onslaught of new figures in 2017! Barely a week after the highly-anticipated Toys R Us Exclusive Mary Jane & Spider-Man two-pack began hitting shelves in the United States, the next TRU two-pack has begun appearing as well… in Australia! It’s the final (known) X-Men Legends figures of the year: Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix & Classic Cyclops!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Cyclops Dark Phoenix Set BoxWith the tsunami wave of first-half 2017 exclusives all beginning to arrive this spring, I had a hunch we’d be seeing the Toys R Us Exclusive Dark Phoenix two-pack someday soon… but even I didn’t expect how soon!

The first sighting of the set appeared overnight in Australia at an Australian Toys R Us, and Arvin Trinidad was kind enough to take some gorgeous photos of both figures in the pack and give us permission to share them with the world!

Cyclops Dark Phoenix Marvel Legends Pack On Shelf PriceFirst off, don’t freak out at that price-tag: the 6″ Dark Phoenix Marvel Legends set will still be the usual $39.99 in America–the “79.96” shelf tag is in Australian currency (obviously).

X-Men Legends Cyclops Dark Phoenix Set UPC CodeThanks to Arvin, we now know that the UPC for the Cyclops & Dark Phoenix set is 630509584338, so we can all begin haunting Toys R Us employees with that number to have them check local inventory.

I’d guesstimate we won’t see this set in the U.S. for at least a few weeks, but at the rate new figures are appearing, who knows?

Dark Phoenix Jean Grey Marvel Legends Toys R Us Exclusive FigureBut anyway, on to the good stuff: Arvin’s drop-dead amazing glam shots of these figures!

Marvel Legends Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Figures Comparison PhotoAs many collectors had been hoping, you can in fact swap out any of the three interchangeable heads in this set with the X-Men Legends Phoenix figure that was released in Summer 2016 that’s still available. Hallelujah! I know many fans were unsatisfied with the Jean Grey head on that figure, but now we’ll all have several other options!

Marvel Legends Cyclops Dark Phoenix Two Pack PhotosWith the one non-powered Jean Grey head in the set, you can make up a really lovely couple of 6″ Cyclops and Jean Grey action figures. Awww, don’t they look sweet together?

Dark Phoenix Marvel Legends 2017 PhotoBut, as lovely as Jean looks when she’s nice, nasty Dark Phoenix is definitely where it’s at! That malevolent head sculpt is one of the most purely-evil heads I’ve seen on a Hasbro figure in a long time!

Marvel Legends Exclusive Dark Phoenix Six Inch FigureEven the “flaming chicken” effects piece that I was convinced was going to look ridiculous ends up being pretty breath-taking on this figure. Hasbro really outdid themselves with this set!

Hasbro X-Men Legends Classic Cyclops Six Inch FigureAlas, poor Cyclops is just not all that interesting! Nary an effects piece or accessory for ol’ Slim at all. Even so, he looks stupendous. Check out that sweet, sweet paint shading! He looks like he just popped out of a classic comic book panel of the Dark Phoenix Saga! To my great surprise, I actually think I prefer this version of Scott Summers to the Jim Lee Cyclops version we got earlier this year (which is ordinarily my favorite costume for the character).

Box Back Cyclops Dark Phoenix Marvel Legends Two Pack

Huge thanks to Arvin Trinidad for sending in his photos of the set, and to his friend Steve Watts for picking up the pack for him in the first place!

I’ll post updates to the Marvel Toy News Facebook Page and Twitter Feed once the X-Men Marvel Legends two-pack is spotted in the United States, so stay tuned. That Spidey & MJ set is selling out like wildfire so far, so you’re probably gonna wanna know as soon as this box set hits shelves for the best chance at snagging it early and easily.

Now that we have seen glorious photos of the new Marvel Legends Cyclops & Dark Phoenix two-pack (which quite frankly put any photos I take to shame), what do you think of the duo, Marvel collectors? Has your opinion on this set changed, and will you be picking one up this summer?


Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix & Cyclops Released in the US! — 24 Comments

  1. This one is definitely a keeper. They do make a lovely couple and it’s the only version of Cyclops that I consider Legend material. I might swap one of those extra Jean heads for the one on Mary Jane Watson, but Scott and Jean look so good together that I’m on the fence now.

    • A pity Marvel completely ruined that romance (now that I’m thinking of it, they basically did the same with Peter and MJ ‘sigh’) and even killed off both characters, in order to replace them with their 16 year old counterparts from the past. 🙁 But hey, at least we still have the past stories and comic books to remember. 🙂

  2. Marvel Legends figures have been eating up my “disposable” funds this year,and these two will just have to become additions as well! THANKS for the pics,they really cinched the deal in my trying to obtain them!

  3. Cyclops has how many different figures and still not one accessories(alternate heads, hands, etc.).

  4. And meanwhile in Canada, we’ve barely begun to see the Warlock X-Men wave…. :/

    • Stop complaining. You should come over here in Europe to realize how bad things can really get. 😉

      • haha, great answer. Yeah, come over, we gonna show you. Hopefully we will even get a release of this two-pack.

  5. Might have to pick this sucker up! This definitely has the better head and hair sculpt than the Green Phoenix from the Legends line from last year.

  6. I’m going to take my chances on an eventual discount. Both figures are repaints with variant heads. Cyclops loses costume accessories and Jean adds a chicken and two heads. Honestly, the main reason I would obtain the set is for the Jean heads, as I wouldn’t be displaying two of either character at any given time. The retail price isn’t worth the “plain” head, so I’ll wait for clearance.

  7. So glad I have no interest in these versions. I prefer and have the Jim Lee Cyclops and Jean Grey. I’m willing to bet finding these will be a total nightmare.

  8. I’m sold. the Cyclops is my favourite Cyclops. As for the heads, the powered down head could go on the Phoenix from last year and she’d be perfect 70s Phoenix or late 90s Jean.

    I’ll also be trying one of the windswept heads with Satana and seeing if she looks a little more fitting with red hair.

    • I mean. It’s true that it’s only been sold in Australia thus far, as they got it first. But it’s 100% confirmed without a doubt for the United States this summer. It’s just gotta get here. 🙂

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  10. Can’t wait to pick up this Two Pack…thanks for the heads up Dabid! Hopefully this is just as plentiful as the Spidey/MJ set has been.

    • It’s hard to tell that you’re being sarcastic; there’s really no indication. I just know that Spiderman Mary Jane 2-pack has NOT been plentiful.

  11. Just got my Spidey and Mj 2pack today… le sigh from eBay.
    Pretty satisfied, but Mj kinda has a Leeloo effect right now…. as in no eyebrows. Might have to customize.

  12. I’m in Cleveland, OH. I have seen the Spider-Man MJ 2 pack stocked 3 times now, but have only seen 2 of them at time. I have a Cyclops/Phoenix two-pack already too. However, the street date for that is 8/1! I was lucky I had a friend who went and got it for me, but he had to fight the manager to get it because TRU is playing hardball on that street date. Your TRU may already have them, but good luck being able to buy it before 8/1.

  13. Got this two pack yesterday!! What an awesome set. The extra Phoenix heads are great!!

  14. Buying it over retail from ebay before it starts being $100 plus… Selling Cyclops from this set, and well The X-Men Classics, and ML Series 10 one as well to make up the the extra cost. Only one I need to keep is the the resent Jim Lee style one.

  15. Ordered just Dark Phoenix from this set today off of Ebay! The price was under $40.00,additional heads and phoenix effect included,there are a few left!