Marvel Legends Polaris Figure Review & Photos 2017 X-Men Series

Polaris is another one of those X-Men characters who’s had a pretty rough time over the years. She’s been a hero, she’s been a villain. She’s been crazy, she’s been not crazy. Sometimes she’s even Magneto’s daughter! But one thing Lorna Dane has always had going for her is a base of hardcore collectors wanting to see her get her first-ever 6″ figure. And that day has come at last: Marvel Legends Polaris is part of the X-Men Legends wave shipping this month from online retailers!

The Right:

Updates here on Marvel Toy News may be a bit more sparse than usual this week, as I’m off at Star Wars Celebration Orlando this week (and you can find my news coverage of Celebration on Star Wars Toy News starting later this week!).

But before I got on the plane to Orlando (that I was convinced I was going to die on due to the crazy turbulence), I uploaded photos and wrote down my thoughts about one of the most-requested remaining Marvel Legends figures: Polaris!
Polaris is another one of those characters–like Jubilee–who collectors had been asking for for over a decade. Now that Hasbro has filled one of the most notable holes in the X-Men Legends universe, let’s take a look…

While the X-Factor Polaris costume is my favorite look for the character, Hasbro went with an all-green modern costume on the Marvel Legends Polaris figure. This is probably the best choice, as the green costume is close enough to the classic costume to be almost iconic and satisfy classic fans.
The shiny green paints chosen for the Polaris Marvel Legends figure look resplendent, and are a highlight of the figure. All of the paint apps on the Polaris six inch figure are neat and clean, so I’ve got no complaints. 

 We can add “accessories” to the list of many things that Havok and Polaris have shared over the years (*cough*), as the Marvel Legends X-Men Polaris figure comes with the exact same effects pieces that debuted with Havok last year (now in lemon-line color!).

I’m already getting quite burned out on these effects pieces already with the many times we’ve seen them used in just the past year, but the translucent concentric circles are the best way I can think of to portray Polaris’ abilities in toy form. The magnetic effects pieces look really nice here–let’s just hope they get a break in some future series.

The one “add-on” piece to Polaris’ costume is a green cape. The cape’s peg fits super snugly tucked under her hair and into the hole in her back–so much so that I almost forgot it was removable.

Marvel Legends Warlock Series Polaris Polaris definitely stands up better with the cape removed, but she also looks a bit naked without the cape (though maybe not as much as Havok would like).

The Wrong:

The one genuine disappointment about the first-ever Polaris Marvel Legends 6″ figure is the fact that she continues to use a mold that’s obsolete articulation-wise. For whatever reason, the articulation schemes on female Marvel Legends figures are still almost always inferior to that of their male counterparts. 

The lack of extra articulation points in the arms largely decreases the number of potential poses that can be done with the effects pieces, which is too bad since waving her arms to control magnetism is Polaris’ whole schtick.

In addition to the arm articulation being not up to snuff, Lorna’s head is unavoidably restricted from looking up or around much by her hard plastic hard.

I also had a harder time getting her to stand up stably in dynamic poses than virtually any other Marvel Legends 2017 figure. While the cape looks good, it makes her back-heavy and restricts the already limited poseability of the figure.


Overall: While I’m not as enamored with X-Men Marvel Legends Polaris as some folks seem to be (primarily due to the articulation limitations), there’s no denying that this is a very good 6″ Polaris figure. And as she’s likely to be the only one we get for several years (or ever), I think any fans out there who’ve been waiting for a Lorna Dane action figure would do well to scoop this one up.



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  1. WoozyMoo just shipped my box set even though they’re still marked as “pre order”. Marked as shipped as of midnight 4/13. FedEx has possession of it as of today. It’s now en route. I can’t wait for these.

  2. They have done some really great female faces in the past, so I am a little disappointed by Lorna’s. It’s not bad, just not as pretty as I would have liked. Still going to pick her up as soon as I see her …