Marvel Legends Thanos w/ Infinity Gauntlet Walmart Exclusive!

When Hasbro released their first Marvel Legends Thanos Build-A-Figure back in Age of Ultron Wave 2 in 2015, fans noticed that there was a little something missing. Specifically, a certain really big glove. But have no fear, Infinity Gauntlet fans! As promised at SDCC 2017, a single-packed Marvel Legends Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet is on the way as a Walmart exclusive—and the first packaged photos of it have now appeared!

Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Thanos Figure Packaged

Response to the movie Infinity War Thanos Build-A-Figure’s first photos has been… less than stellar… as a lot of fans were really hoping for a more classic-looking movie Thanos BAF.

But while a second ML Thanos movie figure is going to have to wait a while, that doesn’t mean classic fans have been left high and dry: the Walmart Thanos Marvel Legends Exclusive with Infinity Gauntlet has now appeared in packaged form!

Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 2 Thanos Figure 7 InchWithout having the two side-by-side, it’s a little difficult to say with complete certainty if Hasbro has actually changed the blue paint from the previous Build-A-Figure or not. It certainly looks like a much brighter blue to me when we’ve seen it displayed and in these photos, but that could just be a matter of lighting. I need to see the two side-by-side to be 100% certain–but it sure seems like a sure thing.

What’s not up for debate is that this figure has two new parts: a left hand wearing the Infinity Gauntlet and a new, scowling head. I like that both the previous hand and the maniacally grinning head are included for those who favor them, although I must prefer the new head and Infinity Gauntlet hand myself.

Walmart Marvel Legends Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet Exclusive Figure

As this figure was previously only available as a Build-A-Figure–and now has a new head and a hugely-demanded new Infinity Gauntlet hand (in addition to potentially having more classic paint colors)–I foresee Walmart having zero problems selling massive quantities of this figure.This is going to be a way bigger hit for them than their “Pink Panther” Vibranium Armor Black Panther figure was.

There’s no word yet on exactly when the Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Thanos figure will be up for order, but I’ll post an update here and send out alerts via the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages once he’s been spotted in stores and goes up for sale online. Be sure to watch our social media for instant heads-up once Thanos is available.

Having now seen the final packaged figure, what are your thoughts on this Infinity Gauntlet Thanos figure? Will you be replacing your 2015 Thanos BAF with this version, or is the previous Mad Titan good enough for you?


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  1. Oh, I’m almost positive that Hasbro said this new Thanos was a lighter classic blue repaint.
    The dark blue is modern Thanos’ thing.
    It’s kinda too bad they didn’t give this Thanos rerelease new legs without the silver bits, to more accurately match Thanos’ classic design and further differentiate him from Modern Thanos.

    I guess I’ll have grinning modern Thanos holding the Cosmic Cube, and frowny classic Thanos with the Gauntlet next to each other on the shelf.


    For what it’s worth, the Pink Panther figure is genuinely awesome.
    It’s the best use of that body mold to date, and I’d say that it actually takes the crown for being the coolest/funnest Black Panther figure.
    The ToyBiz one still wins as best overall, and the MCU version wins for outright sculpt, but the pink vibranium one is the most fun.
    I 100% recommend it to anyone wondering if they should get one.
    (I just don’t quite know what to do with the alternate head. It doesn’t really match the figure, unless they release a pure black version…)

  2. I’m still loving the fact people complained about Thanos not having the Infinity Guantlet when it was released as a BAF! I’m loving that people “prefer” that this figure comes with one….despite the fact THANOS NEVER APPEARED IN THIS COSTUME WITH IT! I’m also loving how people are complaining about Hasbro’s current Thanos BAF….despite the fact it’s an MCU version, and THAT IS HOW HE APPEARS IN THE MOVIE! You have GOT to love the Marvel Legends collector! Knowledge on the character or accuracy be damned!

      • Maybe so, but people shouldn’t act like Hasbro “screwed up”, just because they didn’t get the figure the way THEY wanted it. Especially if what they want isn’t accurate. The funny thing is all Thanos (MCU) is missing are sleeves and his helmet. I’ll tell you how it looks in person tomorrow.

  3. That looks… ugly. I hope the lighting and picture quality is bringing the image down and it looks better in real life. I’ll stick with my BAF Thanos if so. Gauntlet or no.

  4. Boy, where to start on this one…

    I would’ve been more tempted if they did this in the blue/orange scheme. His classic look always had a more orange hue to the golden pieces than a yellow one. Especially when he actually wielded the gauntlet.

    The shoulder piece is awful. It was bad on the BAF – seriously hindered arm articulation and popped off way too easily. And it is not accurate on this version of the character. They should arc upwards and not extend so far over the shoulder.

    I also don’t think the silver highlights were necessary either – could’ve let the legs be all blue even without even changing the sculpt and it would’ve been better.

    On a personal note, I made a custom head out of the second BAF head I got with Hellcat with the EXACT same expression as [OK, maybe a little angrier than] this new head sculpt so that’s a no-draw for me.

    They probably could’ve have offered a little more too – maybe some energy effects or a set of fisted versions of the left hand options.

    Before all the Hasbro defenders pounce on me
    – I get he’s a big single-card figure but considering the minimal amount of new tooling here for what amounts to essentially a repaint –
    I don’t think it would’ve been that big of a deal to throw a couple more pack-ins to the collectors.

    I agree with the sentiment that the best Thanos figure is the Marvel Select version. Despite slightly weaker articulation, mainly in the legs, it far surpasses this in every other way.

    This is an easy skip for me. I feel like I have what it offers covered better by two figures already – the BAF and Marvel Select.

    • Indeed. Agreed. However, I see a reason to buy this version of Thanos. And I do so reluctantly, because I took the time and money to build a figure I mildly had interest in for official scale reasons(you know the argument,Marvel Select is too big.”‘We need a legends size Thanos.’)quote-unquote) Now Hasbro just repaints that same figure adds the Gauntlet and boxes it for $18?!! O…k…sold. I am a fan of getting a carded figure that was once only available as a BAF.
      See,this started for me with 3.75″Marvel Universe Red Hulk and Ares. It amuses me to have those characters on card AND their 6″ Legends BAF too.
      This thing Hasbro is doing now with recycling and boxing Legends started with Groot. I’ve got the EE boxset and original BAF,so I am ok with not having that character from the Tru exclusive legend,especially since I work at that store and had my fill of the I am Groot hype.– Ares and Thanos BAF in a box? Yes please.

  5. The Select version is still the standard-bearer. Decent articulation, lovely Gauntlet (though I admittedly had to spruce up the gems a bit with shiny paint), *comes with Lady Death*. What’s not to like?

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