More Walgreens Exclusive Funko POP Vinyls! Iron Spider!

I was totally surprised by the lack of a Funko POP Vinyls Green Goblin in the Villains Marvel Collector Corps subscription box that came out last month, as I figured ol’ Gobby was a shoe-in for a release as a limited exclusive in that box. Well, turns out a Funko Green Goblin is on the way–and he is a limited exclusive! A second series of Walgreens Exclusives has been revealed with Green Goblin, Taskmaster and Iron Spider POP Vinyls!

Walgreens Exclusive Funko Marvel POP Vinyls Taskmaster Iron Spider

The rumors are true! Word leaked out a couple months ago that another trio of Funko Marvel exclusives would be hitting Walgreens stores soon, and now we not only know what they are–we’ve actually gotten to see the production versions of two of them!

Three new Marvel Funko POP Vinyls will be exclusive to Walgreens this winter:

  • Taskmaster
  • Green Goblin
  • Iron Spider Spider-Man

I really, really hope that Funko doesn’t shortpack the Spidey variant this time, as I suspect that the Iron Spider POP Vinyl will be the most popular figure from this wave. The one-per-case Spider-Man 2099 and Black Costume Spider-Man POPs were not fun to find for most foks(more on that later).

Funko POP Vinyls Iron Spider Spider-Man Walgreens ExclusiveThe actual Funko POP! Vinyl Green Goblin figure hasn’t been revealed yet, but he’s clearly visible on the back of the boxes for Iron Spider-Man and Taskmaster, so if that’s not confirmation of his impending release, I don’t know what is.

I believe that all three of these figures are using all new tooling (with the exception of Iron Spider-Man’s head), but I could be mistake. Does anyone recognize any of the molds being used for these figures as originating elsewhere?

Walgreens Exclusive Green Goblin Funko POP VinylFrom the back of the box, it also appears that this year’s Funko Black Costume Spider-Man POP Vinyl will also be repacked and shipped with the new exclusive wave.

While I still would have preferred another all-new character, Symbiote Spider-Man has not been easy to find at retail this year (in fact, I’ve never seen one in a store ever). So if Walgreens needed a repack to round out this assortment, this Spidey is definitely a solid choice.

Funko Taskmaster POP Vinyl Figure Exclusive

I’ll post an update here and to the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter pages once they pop (no pun intended) up in stores, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re pumped up for another grueling toy hunt at Walgreens (I know I’m not, but alas).

How do you feel about more Walgreens Exclusive Marvel POP Vinyls, collectors? Have you had an easy time finding your Walgreens Funkos in the past and don’t mind the hunt, or are you cursing Funko’s name for making unique characters exclusive to a drug store chain yet again?


More Walgreens Exclusive Funko POP Vinyls! Iron Spider! — 47 Comments

  1. It’s not that it’s a drug store chain, it’s that their staff know nothing about them.

  2. It is a bit of chore even though I live within walking distance of a Walgreens. They always seem to have a dozen of ones you don’t need then one of the one you need.

    • Finally found all 4 after almost 2 months of checking Walgreens almost every day. We hit several of the local Walgreens multiple times. The closest one seem to be the one to go to since I found 3 out of the 4 there.

  3. Walgreens outnumbers Target and Walmark 5 to 1 at least in my town. I’ll take those odds in helping me find their expanding offerings – these POPs, Black Series Star Wars and Marvel Legends. Damn it feels good to be a geek.

  4. Walgreens toy buyer Steve Anne (twitter: @stevenganne) confirmed today all of the new exclusives. Black Suit Spidey will be GID.

  5. I’d be excited about the Taskmaster one if I wasn’t in the UK and have absolutely no chance of getting one for a decent price. America first exclusives suck – we got an exclusive Daredevil and he was released in the US shortly afterwards, but we never see the American exclusives here.

  6. It’s just been revealed that the Black Suit Spider-man will not be a repack but a Glow-in-the-dark variant.

  7. According to Funko’s twitter I think the Black Suit Spider Man is going to be a GITD this time round!

  8. I don’t mind the hunt at Walgreen’s, the problem I have is that it seems like not enough are shipped/ordered to/by the store. I was finally able to get the Yoda (spirit) because I asked the manager to notify me when it came in. My friend came across the SW Riot Gear Stormtrooper by chance. I have a few Walgreens I pass by almost every day, so the hunt is on.

  9. I just have to make sure I grab these before all the vendors for every single fuckin con I go to buys them.

  10. Anyone know the wic number for this set? Or a barcode number from iron spoder or goblin or taskmaster?

  11. Release date is late December/early to mid January next year. The wic is 378387. Black suit spiderman glows in the dark.

  12. I’ve already started going to mine every morning when they open first thing, and after 3pm
    there’s at least two close by.

  13. plus I work part time with one other locations GM, who is already on watch for me, Its good to have contacts.

  14. Got My Set!! 🙂 We got in fast enough thanks to wonderful Leaks like these! (Not to mention the required will-power and lack of concern for the poor employees of Walgreens who had to deal with us calling and visiting everyday, twice a day, for the past 7 days =p )

  15. Are the specific to certain parts of the country? I have searched several Walgreens in my area, 8 or more, in the Houston area and i can not find these guys…NONE of them. Yet i see them on Ebay and people here are posting that they have found them as well.

    I understand i’m not the only person in Houston searching for them, but throw me a bone Funko! lol

    • When u call Walgreens. Ask for Pop Marvel Spider-Man Walgreens exclusive. That should help the hunt. Ask when they get deliveries and go on those days. That’s how I found them this week.

  16. Update: So i ran by two different Walgreens this morning on my way in to work. Both of them had at least 1.5-2 shelves full of the Star Wars Pop figures…and 0 Marvel figures. I managed to speak to a manager at one and he told me they used to have the Marvel figures (likely the previous wave with Venom/Spidey 2099 etc) and that Star Wars was the “hot” thing right now. I pointed out the amount Star Wars stuff he had sitting on the shelves and said “Doesn’t look like these ones are moving. So much for being “hot”.” and asked if they would be getting any Marvel ones soon…he said again, “Star wars is hot right now, maybe next month we will get Marvel.”

    They had tons of the Star Wars ones, even a few Gi Joe figures…and couldn’t bother to get any Marvel ones in. I do have hope that the one Walgreens where i found my Venom and Spidey 2099 will have the new wave of Spidey figures i seek and i will head there tonight after work.

  17. i live in the uk so not a chance of me getting my hands on a Taskmaster (one of my fav characters)

  18. My son just happened to be in the store on the day they got them in and got all 4 of them! (In Indiana)

  19. I actually work for walgreens here in central florida, and they are super easy to get in, some managers are just a little lazy. The star wars and the marvel sets have different wic #s, and different placement spots in the aisles, so they should ALWAYS have both in… problem is as long as the system shows 1 on hand somewhere, it wont order more. Last batch i got in a couple days ago I ordered had 2 green goblins, 2 task masters, 2 iron spiders, and 2 black suit GID spider mans. I have a few guys coming in looking for them so I text them as soon as I unload the truck and separate them on who gets what. I should be expecting around 8 more to show up on Saturday of the same variety. I wasnt into these at all until a few customers got me looking, now its like christmas for me every truck day lol.

    • Orlando area here & would love to find these! Any chance you could help me out or tell me what store at least? Thanks!

    • Orlando area here & would love to find these! Any chance you could help me out or tell me what store at least? Thanks!

  20. After weeks of searching in the Houston area….I FINALLY FOUND THEM! Not all of them, but i got Iron Spider and Black Suit GID Spider-man! I spoke to the manager on duty and he let me know how they are ordered (basically whenever the stock is low or out) and when they usually get orders in.

    I told him, with a huge smile on my face, the ones i had in my hands were the last two on the shelves…to which he replied, then they should have more on their next delivery date, this upcoming Saturday. I promptly told him i’d be there on Saturday!

      • There is one in Spring, FM 2920 near HEB that had all of them the last time i went there, about 2-3 weeks ago. Then up on Sawdust Rd in Wood Winds Shopping Center i found Goblin and Taskmaster.

        For closer to downtown i managed to find Iron Spider and GID Black Suit Spider-Man at the one on W 18th and TC Jester. That is the location i first found any of them, the last few times i’ve been back they have only had the Deadpool with the rubber chicken.

        Since i began my search i have found 2 full sets of them, which i purchased one for me and one for my brother who is unable to find any in PA where he lives.

        I have seen 0 Chase Edition Green Goblins, though from reading comments on here, i imagine Walgreens employees likely purchased them and have resold them on sites like ebay or amazon.

        • Wow thanks so much man. I live in Houston as well and have been to about 15 Walgreens in my area to only find Olaf and a few Arkham City pops. I’m so tired of Olaf ?. Your info will hopefully lead me the right way. Thanks a trillion!

  21. So I’m in orlando, and I heard something from a few workers about the warehouse workers being on strike. Any validity to that? They keep saying that is why they are not getting them shipped. I have also heard the employees usually save and buy them up. Is there a chance that they wouldn’t tell me if they had them in stock if they planned to buy them themselves? Ive gone to multiple (like 8 different stores) in orlando, most of which say they have new shipments of Marvel on hand (anywhere from 6 – 22.) When I go the shelves are empty, other than a few punishers if any marvel at all, which is the same stock they had the last few times I’ve checked. I know I’m not the only one looking, but I feel like I’m getting told to go to other stores for no reason. It was never this hard to find the last series, and the stock count doesn’t make sense at all. I just feel like something doesn’t add up.

    • Good luck finding these in Orlando, as warehouse workers buy them up before they hit the stores and resell on ebay. (I’ve seen many resellers on ebay because of their location is listed, I’ve confirmed 4 in this area are doing this.) I only got Iron Spider because it was damaged and couldn’t be reselled. Even workers are wanting these to resell. As of 2/18/16 Starwars, Gotham, and new Deadpool pops are making it to the stores in the shelves full. Our only hope is Funko delivers so many to warehouse that workers don’t have money to snatch up.

  22. Cant find any of them in Oregon – if a pop is exclusive to Walgreens or Walmart, its most likely us Oregonians have to find them on Ebay. ? Buying online just isnt as fun.

    • I haven’t been able to find any in WA either for the past two months. It’s pretty upsetting 🙁 Oh well.

  23. Have been searching for these in New York since December and have not seen them. One employee told me they came in but all the employees bought them first. The whole Walgreens exclusives process sucks. They never have a supply for the collectors.

    • Wait…Employees bought them first? That probably shouldn’t be allowed when they stock so few…

      It’s a pretty awful process to find these exclusives. I’ve literally looked every Friday since early January in the 8 or so in my surrounding area and haven’t seen ONE of the 4 new ones…And the employees never know what I’m talking about.

  24. I work for Walgreens so once they show up I take them for myself muahahahahaha. . . . Suckers