NYCC 2016: Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Figures Photos!

Hasbro held their annual ‘Twas The Night Before New York Comic-Con Party Wednesday night, and I had the great honor and privilege of attending and posting photos of impressions of the newly-revealed figures from the event earlier this week. But I mistakenly assumed readers were satiated on photos of the characters revealed at SDCC, which I now hear you guys are not! And so, here’s some of my best shots of Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man Wave 1…

While the 2017 Marvel Legends X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy 6″ figures that debuted at SDCC 2016 in the summer were MIA at Hasbro’s NYCC 2016 media event, I did have the great joy of seeing the whole first 2017 Spider-Man Legends wave all together at the party!

This wave consists of seven figures and a Build-A-Figure, and every choice is a great one. Let’s take a look…

The star of this wave for many collectors (and me) is going to be the brand new Ms. Marvel Marvel Legends Kamala Khan figure.

She comes with interchangeable “embiggened” arms which are really quite awesome.

The back of Kamala’s packaging gives us her bio and the parts breakdown for the Marvel Legends Sandman Build-A-Figure, confirming fans will need to buy every figure in the wave to build Sandman completely.

And for anyone worried that Ms. Marvel wouldn’t come with both embigggen arms and normal arms, the packaged sample on display (with the Ms. Marvel logo on the front!) can put those fears to rest.
Having finally received an updated Marvel Legends just last year, the All-New Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Legends figure featuring the newest design from the comics will be arriving to jump-start 2017!

The original Spider-Man 2099 costume is iconic, but I’m loving this sharp and eye-grabbing modern version just as much. It feels really fresh and I’m thrilled we’re getting it so early.

A new Marvel Legends Green Goblin finally arrives in this wave as well. I’m still not sure if I like it quite as much as the incredible Toybiz version from over a decade ago (some of their best work!), but Hasbro has definitely done a great job here.

The Goblin Glider does look a little plastic, but you’ve gotta love those pumpkin bombs.

Yes, just in time for Miles Warren to be sporting a totally different look for “Dead No More”, a classic Marvel Legends Jackal figure has appeared!

This is a fantastic take on the Jackal, though I don’t think anyone will be surprised if this action figure ends up being the peg-warmer from this wave due to the relative unpopularity of the villain. Regardless, I dig him.

A new Marvel Legends Symbiote Spider-Man figure has been at the tops of many wish lists for a while now, and I think this Pizza Spidey repaints will satisfy the need for a definitive Black Costume Spider-Man.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Symbiote Spidey ends up being the hot figure from this wave. Hopefully he’s double-packed in the case assortments.

 Spider-UK certainly isn’t in my top 10 favorite Spider-Man characters, but I like him enough to scoop up the Marvel Legends Spider-UK figure to complete this wave. But c’mon Hasbro–where’s Spider-Ham?

For those looking to see a multitude of photos of the new Marvel Legends Shocker and Sandman photos, be sure to check out my previous post full of images of those figures from earlier in my NYCC 2016 coverage this week.

…And that’s a wrap for 6″ Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Wave 1. All-in-all, I think that this is a pretty rock solid series that I think is going to make a lot of fans happy.

Look for the Spider-Man Legends Sandman Series figures to go up for order online around the end of the year, with an expected release date during the winter.

Any thoughts on the first Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2017 wave, Marvel collectors? Any big hits (or misses) here in your eyes?


NYCC 2016: Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Figures Photos! — 10 Comments

  1. Few things in the Spider-Universe suck more than Spider-UK…..I mean the pose they put the figure in even sucks.

  2. Yeah… still not diggin’ that Spidey 2099 costume. The big areas of white just… don’t look good. And Spider-UK still has all the personality of a bag of wet socks, so I’ll be hitting eBay to track down their Sandman parts.

    The rest of the wave though? CanNOT wait.

    I think I like this new Goblin a smidge better than Toy Biz’s- that one’s a good figure with a good “standard” Goblin face, but this one’s actually, like, LEGITIMATELY creepy. I just hope that excellent paint job makes it to production because that really makes it. Also, I like this glider a zillion times better than that weird bowed glider we got with TBGoblin. I know it’s comic-accurate, but it just looks weird and uncomfortable to use. Kinda wish we got a flame effect for it though so I could prop it up on a flight stand and make Gobby like like he’s flying. Oh man but does he look cool though. I’ve been waiting on a new Goblin for a while and DAMN this one hits it out of the park.

    The real star of this wave though is Ms. Marvel, hands down. (pun intended.) Getting her and Miles and Nova in Legends form is pretty timely given that Champions #1 just hit a couple days ago (and Marvel seems to be putting a LOT of their chips on that one- with good reason, it’s excellent) so assembling that team’s Big Three of Nova, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man within close proximity of each other is a smart move.

    Oh, but that SANDMAN though. <3 I'm in love, that figure is gorgeous. I kinda wish he came with a pair of neutral arms, but I can live without 'em. Shocker seems to be divisive, but I'm mostly fond of his appearance in the amazing The Spectacular Spider-Man, so I'm happy with this one. And Black Suit Spidey… all I have to say is, it's about damn time!

    Being the 90's trash that I am, I'm also very excited for that Jackal- I NEVER thought HE'D get a figure, but then again, I also never thought we'd get two Ben Reilly figures two waves in a row, so someone at Hasbro must really like 90's Spider-Man (and I love them for it). I feel positively blessed.

    Seeing the bulk of the figure, I'm calling it right now- we're gonna see that figure again as Beast. Maybe based on George Perez's artwork..? I hope so, because I like Jim Lee's work as much as the next guy, but George Perez was always very expressive with Hank and I'm fond of that.

  3. Happy to see Ms. Marvel comes with normal hands too. That was my one major worry. I’m surprised at how much I like the Jackal figure.

  4. I’m digging how Miggy’s got ultra-articulation. Hoping he comes with other hands this time. Black Spidey though… I don’t like how the legs on his spider are cut off by the butterfly joints. If you pose him wrong, he’s just got random white streaks. Do like the matte black this time.

  5. Of all the Spider-verse type characters they could have done, UK is on the low end for my wants (btw, Spider-Ham and Spider-man Noir need to be packed together, right?), as is the new 2099 costume. Everyone else is just great, though!

    One thing this wave does, though, is really focus what I want in the second 2017 wave: Overdrive to finish off the Superior Foes, Doc Ock and Mysterio to finish off the Big Time Sinister Six, and Spider-man Noir (w/Spider-Ham). There are any number of other figures, of course, that I would be happy to see (Lady Spider, Scorpion, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Living Brain BAF would be hilarious, Kaine in his original duds, etc.), but it really seems like there are some very specific holes they should be filling soon

  6. I’ll be the picky one every time, and I’ll say I’m not digging that Symbiote Spider-Man.
    There may be art where he looks like that, but those eyes are waaaaaaaay too huge.
    They need to be 2/3rds the size they are right now.
    He has none of the coolness that a Symbiote Spider-Man design should have. He looks….bug-eyed. Like he’s horrified about something.

    I love most of this wave, but Symbiote Spider-Man and Shocker are both hugely disappointing.
    Spider-UK is fine, but not exactly exciting.

    • I agree completely, Black Spideys eyes are monstrous! He also probably has the horrified look due to the lack of paint on these figs. I never thought Shocker would be a in a wave (after me complaining for YEARS about not having one) and that he WOULDNT be my top of fig of said wave. At the end of the day, I can’t complain too much since we ARE getting him but the deadpool eyes and lack of overall rage or expression behind the mask is off putting…and I already knew I wouldn’t be getting sculpted lines since the $50 12in Spidey doesn’t even have that…

      For me, Jackal (who I thought would be #2 behind Shocker) is the star of the wave and I couldn’t be more excited about getting such a classic villain and one done decently to boot. I also will say that the Green Goblin face sculpt is WAY improved over what we saw at sdcc and looks fantastic (begs the question why the Hob head isn’t quite as good?)

      I’m with Dabid on the goblins though, the gangly toybiz ones are SUPERB.

      Lastly, even though I usually don’t ever comment on BAFs since I don’t open my figs, I must say they hit quite a home run with that Sandman, very very well done.

    • You sure? ‘Cuz I looked up some of McFarlane’s art of Black Suit Spider-Man, and I’d say the eyes are pretty spot-on for size and shape. And bug-eyes… well, he IS Spider-Man.

      • McFarlane’s art is completely absurd in regards to eye size.
        That’s not normal for the Alien Costume Spider-Suit.
        The eyes on that suit are supposed to be 1-2 the size they are on this figure. 2/3rds at most.