SDCC 2016: Play Arts Kai Deadpool & Wolverine Figures!

Given the rampant bootlegging that went on with the Square-Enix Play Arts Kai Marvel figures line and the fact that a new (non-repaint) figure hasn’t been announced for the line in over a year now, I really thought the Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant line was done for. But things are not always as they appear, and Square-Enix in fact brought along two major all-new figures to show off at San Diego Comic-Con 2016: Play Arts Kai Deadpool and Wolverine!

Play Arts Kai Wolverine Figure

Just when we thought it was safe to consider our Marvel Play Arts Kai Variant collections to be complete, Square-Enix hits us up with two new figures that have the potential to be the best-selling and most popular characters in the entire line: Play Arts Kai Wolverine and Deadpool!

I really thought that the Limited Color Version trio of “Carnage”, Black Costume Spider-Man and “War Machine” would be the swan song for this line, but it looks like Square-Enix is reinvigorated and ready to pump some more life into the Marvel PAK line after all!

SDCC 2016 Play Arts Kai Wolverine Action Figure Square-EnixThe Wolverine Play Arts Kai figure unfortunately isn’t displayed immediately next to any other figure, so it’s tough to say if he’ll be to-scale or not. If I had to make a guess, I’d say that he’ll be the exact same height as Spider-Man and co., but we’ll have to wait and see until official specs are released to know the exact details.

Wolverine Play Arts Kai Square-Enix AccessoriesWhile most of the Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai figures haven’t come with alternate heads, Wolverine thankfully does. His “berserker rage” screaming head looks really cool to me, and is a nice contrast to the default scowling head.

In addition, Wolverine will include a katana sword (nice touch, Square-Enix!) and nine total interchangeable hands (some with claws popped and some without–Snikt!).

SDCC 2016 Square Enix Deadpool Play Arts Kai PrototypeMost days, Wolverine would be the most popular and talked-about newly-revealed figure in the room. Unfortunately for Logan, he’s been revealed at SDCC 2016 alongside a character who is currently worlds more popular than he is–Deadpool!!

Had I thought that Square-Enix would be continuing the Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant figure line, I would have put Deadpool near the top of my list of potential characters to carry on the line, but the thought just never occurred to me. PAK Deadpool looks slightly more armored than usual, but otherwise looks pretty true to the character’s usual design.

Deadpool Play Arts Kai Accessories

Deadpool will be a first for the PAK Marvel figures line, coming with not one, not two, but three interchangeable heads! Deadpool is one of the most expressive characters in the Marvel Universe (despite wearing a mask), so I’m psyched that Square-Enix is giving him so much care and attention with the extra heads.

Play Arts Kai Deadpool will also be packing two swords, thirteen (!!!) interchangeable hands (including one clutching a big gun), and a small knife. Not a bad load-out at all for (arguably) Marvel’s most popular character of the year!

Play Arts Kai Deadpool FigureWhat do you think of Square-Enix’s San Diego Comic Con 2016 reveals, Marvel collectors? Are you willing to jump back into the very expensive ($140+) waters for these Wolverine and Deadpool Play Arts Kai figures, or were you content with the line ending with this year’s Carnage wave of repaints?


SDCC 2016: Play Arts Kai Deadpool & Wolverine Figures! — 10 Comments

  1. Deadpool looks a bit silly but generally on point, Wolverine would never wear that mess of a costume. That mask almost makes him look like Strife… The sad part is, I might get it as a wolverine fan.

    • Remember it’s Pak variant style, like the Pak cap American, spiderman or the dc variant batman supergirl etc they are ament to like that kinda of style if they were in an anime or a final fantasy game, the Pak is a work of art, otw was like people complaining because superman wearing armour, who cares it looks cool stop applying logic to Superhero

  2. Ah, the return of the silly looking, absurdly overdesigned, Final Fantasy style nonsense line…
    I don’t know if there’s a single figure in this series that actually looks good as a Broadway production caricature of themselves.

  3. Is it just me or does Wolverine looks like Batman from the Arkham games.

  4. I like the Spider-Man and Venom from this line, but everything else has been hit or miss. I like that Deadpool, though. This line is a bit too pricey for me, however.