2015 Marvel Legends Daredevil Review & Photos

Daredevil has had his own Marvel comic book series for over 50 years now, but it’s in 2015 that he’ll finally hit the big-time! Not only is the live-action Daredevil Netflix series coming out in just a few weeks, but Hasbro is releasing the first Marvel Legends Daredevil figure in quite a few years! The Amazon orders for those who pre-ordered Daredevil are shipping this week, And thankfully, this long-awaited Daredevil figure really is all it’s cracked up to be…

2015 Spider-Man Legends Daredevil Action FigureThe Right:

I took my future wife to see the Daredevil movie for our first-ever Valentine’s Day date (and she still married me, believe it or not!), so that movie (and Ben Affleck) will always own a special corner of my heart.

Even so, there’s no question that the 2003 Daredevil movie is almost universally ridiculed. Hopefully the 2015 Netflix Daredevil series will be better-received–but even if it isn’t, at least Daredevil is finally getting a healthy amount of toys and collectible released this year to coincide with the series’ release!

Marvel Legends Daredevil Figure PackagedAlong with the new Sideshow Premium Format Daredevil Statue and the long-delayed Gentle Giant Daredevil mini-bust, Double-D is getting a pair of Funko Daredevil POP Vinyls, a repacked Hasbro Marvel Infinite Series figure and a well-deserved, brand new 6″ Spider-Man Marvel Legends Daredevil figure!

Marvel Legends 2015 Daredevil Action Figure in BubbleThe way that Hasbro posed Daredevil in the bubble for packaging, he looked a little, well… weird. Luckily, you’ll discover that all awkwardness fades away once you free Matt Murdock from his plastic prison!

Back of Marvel Legends 6" Daredevil Spider-Man Legends FigureThe Marvel Legends Infinite Series Daredevil 6″ figure utilizes the body mold from the Bucky Captain America Marvel Legends figure, which turns out to be the ideal choice. Daredevil’s physique and proportions look pretty close to common depictions of him in the Daredevil comic books, and Daredevil is loaded with articulation.

From ankle rockers to double-jointed knees and elbows to a waist swivel and upper torso ab crunch, there’s not a single point of articulation that I’d want on a Daredevil action figure that isn’t present here.

Marvel Legends Daredevil Figure Review 2015Daredevil’s head sculpt has a Daredevil face with a stern, emotionless look on it–exactly the way that Daredevil ought to look. And unlike other figures in this wave, my Spider-Man Marvel Legends Daredevil figure is devoid of any kind of glaring paint flaws (the bane of my existence).

Hasbro Daredevil Marvel Legends Billy Club HolsterThe Daredevil six inch figure features two costume additions over the actual figure mold: a belt and a holster attached to his left leg. The belt is nice and tight, just the way I like it–no floppy belt syndrome here to drive me mad like there was on the Captain Marvel figure. And the holster can hold the two separated halves of Daredevil’s billy club brilliantly–although I do have issues with the billy club itself…

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Series Daredevil FigureThe Wrong:

My only true complaint about the 2015 Spider-Man Legends Daredevil figure is definitely his billy club. While Hasbro gets props for including DD’s iconic weapon of choice, I can’t help but feel that they really cheaped out on it.

First of all, Daredevil’s billy club should be red. I’m not going to say it’s never been white–because it has–but most of the time it’s red. Yes, I can paint it myself–but I shouldn’t have to do so. The white billy club is an odd choice.

Marvel Legends Daredevil Billy Club Weapon Combined

Also, the billy club is made of a really cheap-feeling, rubbery plastic. When separated it’s not very apparent, but when you link the two halves of the club together it tends to look, well… droopy. Matt Murdock probably ought to sue his weapons supplier for shoddy craftsmanship, because the billy club looks silly and can’t be very effective in combat.

It makes me not want to display Daredevil with the billy club combined, which is unfortunate, as it really cuts down on the number of cool possible poses Daredevil can strike.

Daredevil Marvel Legends 2015 6" Action FigureOverall: I’m not the biggest Daredevil fan out there, but I do respect the chaarcter, and this is the outstanding Marvel Legends 6″ Daredevil action figure that DD deserves. With a terrific choice of body mold, virtually every point of articulation anybody could ask for, a spot-on head sculpt and a working billy club holster, this is the definitive Daredevil action figure. Other than my issues with the billy club, this 6″ Daredevil Marvel Legends 2015 action figure is absolute aces. Highly recommended.



2015 Marvel Legends Daredevil Review & Photos — 13 Comments

  1. Is it just me, or does he look a bit too bulky? Maybe it’s because of Waid’s series and Charlie Cox, but I imagine him to be a bit more lithe.

    • I actually struggled with whether or not to say that this Daredevil figure was too bulky, Katja. Ultimately, I looked at the various artwork of DD over the years and then looked at the figure and decided his physique was accurate.

      He actually looks a bit more muscular in my photos than the figure looks in person (weird as that may sound).

      • Dabid,I got my Hobgoblin figures at my Target 10 days ago. You’re right Matt is weird lookin all scrunched up in his window box packaging. Lol;
        However, it is a stellar go toy. I expected no less as it is on a superb base-body gauge mold or “buck”. The BuckyCap/Black Panther buck! I was on marvelous news earlier commenting on how wrong the Netflix DD costume is. What struck me in your review is exactly what needs to be said in regards to that over corrected tv media erroneous Netflix costume;”Daredevil’s head sculpt has a Daredevil face with a stern, emotionless look on it–exactly the way that Daredevil ought to look.”
        This action figure needs to be put on the desk of whomever is in charge of productions, so they can see EXACTLY what DaREDevil is supposed look like! He’s a man dressed like the Judeo-Christian’s Red Devil horns red eyes! Hello!
        [End of rant]
        The figure is exemplary.
        Grade “A” indeed. What else have you graded “A”? I can’t recall. Then,again, I don’t see you review a lot. Did I miss Ironfist review or did you not review him and the other Odin wave figures?

        • I didn’t review Iron Fist from that wave yet–just Odin/King Thor, Captain Marvel and Machine Man. I got sidetracked by Toy Fair after that wave came out, and never really went back to review it in full.

          I try not to give out -too- many ‘A’s, but off the top of my head I gave that score to Carnage, AIM Trooper, Black Panther and a few others.

        • I take it your opinion of the Netflix costume has changed now that he has the red suit? Tho I don’t understand your complaint about the black suit since it was comic book accurate to Miller’s Man Without Fear origin series… But to each their own.

  2. Oh Kay. Ah, yes! Two of those are in said buck figure base! Excellent!
    I will look up those reviews. Thanks for the reply.
    Btw: too bad I can’t post pics, I’ve got an AIM troop scientist I bought in a Wal-Mart during the holidays that has on black gloves?! The gloves are usually yellow on these guys. Is this a factory goof? or some kind of variant? Or did some collector swap out the hands and return it to the store as a lark?
    Just wondering if you or anyone else has seen this?
    Oh yeah, he’s also missing his bandolier. (Which I have seen in the promotion photos.)

  3. Dabid, i have been meaning to all you for a long time. What do you use as figure stands for the legends figures, i have not been able to find any that will fit the figures properly. Thanks for the help!

    • I don’t use figure stands–I’m too cheap to spend money that should be going to toys on buying support units to hold toys up. Anyone use figure stands for their Marvel Legends figures and want to help Kevin out?

    • I have had the same issue with the smaller figures. Try doing a web search. Sites like eBay, Entertainment Earth,Dorkside toys, and Amazon etc. stock accessories for action figures of all kinds.
      Also offline try your local toy stores.
      Or your local Comic book stores may carry what you need. ToysRus has display stands by NECCA for 6″figures.
      The Tamashi,MaFex ,and Bandai anime figure stands also work well for flying and action poses.
      *Personally,I use the Marvel Legends stands that came packed in with specific figures. Those are made for Legends figures. Hasbro and Toybiz versions. My Queen Medusa, and Jean Grey sit atop the TB stands for levitation effect,and I use the Hasbro ones for Scarlet Witch,Emma Frost and Black Cat’s problematic stilletto high heels. Shi’ar Gladiator uses one due to his top heavy cape.
      You may also want to invest in blutak. It’s a temporary adhesive putty. I apply it to the toes to the arch of the foot of any of my vertically stubborn figures. I just read a good tip on the fwoosh site to use it on your high shelf figures to prevent shelf dives and possible figure breakage.
      Hope this helps.
      Good wishes

      • I picked up a set of S.H.Figuarts stands at a Barnes & Nobles a while back. I needed sturdier flight stands that can reach higher than the old stands can. They are multi-functional and modular, with many build options. It allowed me to display Sentry (a sturdy and heavy figure) levitating well above the heads of the other Dark Avengers. For basic “this jerk won’t not fall over” stands, I usually rig my own out of available materials.

  4. Great review and great to see Daredevil back in the spotlight. I also picked up this figure from amazon and am also impressed/pleased with it.

    One thing I’d like to point out: you left out one Daredevil figure that is on the horizon this year-the DAREDEVIL MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHER! I’m really hoping that this figure shows up for pre-order on amazon!

  5. Did you get my comment about the Marvel Mashers Daredevil? Thought that would be up your alley since you are a Mashers fan, too.

    • Yep! I covered Mashers Dardevil in my Toy Fair coverage, but in my ripe old age, I plum forgot about him! Thanks for the reminder! =D