2016 Marvel Titan Hero Figures Released! Black Widow!

Yesterday I talked about the first wave being released for what’s arguably the single most popular line of Marvel action figures with collectors: Marvel Legends. So today, let’s turn that upside-down with a line of Marvel toys that are super-popular with kids and casual fans, but uh, “less so” with many collectors. The first 2016 Marvel Titan Heroes figures have been released–including Black Widow, Black Panther, Sandman and more!

Marvel Titan Hero Series 2016 Figures Black Widow Winter SoldierAlthough quite a few adult collectors have a bit of rage built up toward Hasbro’s affordably-priced, 12″ Marvel Titan Hero figures series, the line remains one of Hasbro’s best-sellers at retail.

And it looks like Hasbro is taking the success of the 12″ Titan Heroes to heart, because there are seven new Titan Hero action figures being released to kick off 2016!

Titan Hero Black Widow Figure Packaged

First up is the big one: Titan Hero Black Widow! It’s long been a complaint by many that no females are released in this series, but in one fell swoop Hasbro is able to fell that criticism and also cross off another line Black Widow hasn’t appeared in.

At this point, we have Black Widow action figures available in virtually every single major Marvel toy line out there, with the exception of Marvel Mashers. I don’t know how Disney would feel about breaking a woman to bits and merging her parts with a man’s (wow, that sounded way dirtier than I intended), so sadly we may never get a Mashers Black Widow.

Black Panther Titan Hero Series 12 Inch Figure Hasbro 2016Next up is a real surprise release: the Deluxe Titan Hero Black Panther! With his upcoming MCU debut in Captain America: Civil War, I guess it was only a matter of time until T’Challa made his debut in the Hasbro “kids” lines.

The “deluxe” part of this figure refers to the additional gold accessories he comes with, which make this look like a Marvel Knights Black Panther to me. Nifty!

Marvel Titan Heroes 2016 Winter Soldier FigureThirdly, we’ve got a character that comes as a real surprise to me: a 12″ Winter Soldier Titan Hero! Bucky is a popular character and a driving motivator in Civil War, so I guess his inclusion here makes sense.

And maybe I’m just crazy, but does the paint deco for the Winter Soldier figure look especially good for this line…?

Marvel Titan Hero War Machine 2016 FigureA new War Machine is the fourth new release. We’ve had a couple War Mahines before in this range, but this one looks to have updated paint apps and a mold that I can’t recall seeing used for him before.

2016 Marvel Titan Hero Ant-Man FigureThe last new Avengers Titan Hero figure for 2016 is another I did not expect at all: a Deluxe Hank Pym Ant-Man! With little insects as accessories (and some sort of insect-shooting projectile blaster), I’m liking this version a lot more than the boring Titan Scott Lang Ant-Man we got last year.

Marvel Titan Hero Sandman Figure

But that’s not all! The Ultimate Spider-Man Titan Hero is getting himself a pair of new villains to ring in the new year as well this winter: Sandman and Vulture!

Unfortunately, I’m not altogether tickled by either of these figures. The lack of accessories in this line means that Vulture will be flying wingless, while that Titan Hero Sandman looks plain awful with such limited paint deco that his shirt is even missing its stripes! I know they can’t all be winners, but this 12″ Sandman figure is pretty disgraceful. Alas.

Marvel Titan Heroes Vulture Figure Boxed 12 InchThe Hasbro Marvel Titan Heroes 2016 action figures should be arriving in stores this winter, and if past releases are any indication, shouldn’t be very difficult or expensive to track down at all.

Hands up, Titan Hero collectors! What do you think of the new additions for 2016? Which of these characters (if any) will you be adding to your collection this winter?


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  1. I’m thinking Vulture will probably include the wings. Falcon came with them, and they are detached and sit against the walls of the box/package. They are probably just not visible at the angle the photo was taken.

    Hasbro really has dropped the ball on villains, that’s for sure. But I can’t be to hard on them because my little girl has been waiting almost two years for a Black Widow…it’s gonna be a good Christmas!

    These 2016 Titan toys are supposed to correlate with the new seasons of Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney. There are still a couple members of the Sinister Six that do not have toys, and since the new seasons have not aired yet, there is hope for more villains. I’m hoping we will be seeing a “deluxe” Dr. Octopus! Maybe Rhino or the Lizard? Nothing too ambitious, of course!

  2. I was excited by the Hank Pym Ant-Man, but in pictures on Ebay I saw the back of the package says it’s Scott Lang again! Probably comics version Scott Lang, versus the movie version earlier.

  3. Wow. Sandman and the Vulture are quite random. Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and War Machine all make sense since they are major characters in the upcoming Civil War movie, but why those two?

    Could this be a hint about the plans for the upcoming Spider-Man MCU movie?

  4. I just got my Black Panther, War Machine, and Hank Pym Ant-Man in the mail today. Here’s a mini “review” of each:

    The Black Panther figure is GREAT. It’s by far the best Titan figure I think they’ve released. The sculpt is great and completely new, and it is worth noting that the arms have a new joint in them: They not only move up and down but side-to-side as well due to a ball joint, so a whole new realm of articulation is possible. This would be a first for the series. Paint deco is minimal (though the figure doesn’t suffer since he’s one color anyway). There is a gold necklace painted on the torso under the “armor” he is wearing in the box. He is NOT Black though, the plastic is a very dark navy blue. That being said, I hope Hasbro starts putting the same effort into other new Titans like they did with this one. I would LOVE to see a new Falcon with these arm ball joints, so he could actually be in a flying pose. Hopefully Vulture will feature them.

    The War Machine has a new torso and head sculpt, but the arms and legs are from the traditional Iron Man that they’ve released a hundred different ways, which is mildly disappointing.

    The Ant-Man obviously has a new head sculpt, but the body and limbs are the same as the Scott Lang Ant-Man. Just a different paint job, which seems more minimal than usual. My biggest gripe is that while he has the blue gloves on, his blue “underpants” and boots are missing, leaving Hank’s costume looking a bit incomplete. Still, I think I prefer this more faithful comic version than the Scott Lang movie version.

    I will post my thoughts on Black Widow and Winter Soldier when they arrive, if anyone reads this. 🙂

  5. UPDATE: There are a few more Titans being released. Crossbones (yay villains!), Black Panther (a non-deluxe version), and an Ultron with green eyes instead of the previously released red-eyed version.

  6. I just received the Titan Hero Black Widow and Winter Soldier. Both are fantastic and a sign that I think the overall quality of the series (and play-ability) is increasing. Here’s a little more about each one:

    Black Widow is an amazing sculpt, with a great paint job. I was a little worried she would look
    “man-ish,” but she does in fact look quite female. I think any little girl would be pleased with
    her, as she could looks just as pretty as any Barbie doll (aside from having molded hair). With the bad-ass factor added in, she’s a clear winner. I think the paint application is actually a little better and more thorough than most Titan figures. Her range of motion is the basic “up and down” standard for Titan figures, which is a little disappointing since so many of the new figures feature the dual-motion joints. Despite the box art featuring her with stun batons, she doesn’t not include any accessories. However, it appears her belt as well as her “Widow’s bites” bracelets can be removed. She is definitely one of my favorites released so far, and I have no doubt she will be in high demand for quite some time. Hopefully Hasbro’s reservations about releasing a female figure are quelled and we see more in the future. Could a Scarlet Witch figure be on the horizon?

    Winter Soldier is great as well. Despite having a limited paint application, it is quite effective
    and faithful for the character. Even down to the red Soviet star on the shoulder. Winder Soldier also features the new dual-action joints in not only the arms, but the legs as well! This allows for a wide range of motion, as arms and legs can move side-to-side in addition to up-and-down. Ever wanted to see Bucky do the splits? This figure can make it happen. I am concerned about the quality of the leg joints though, as it looks like it could easily snap off. Time will tell, and with a retail price of under $10, it won’t break the bank if Bucky loses a leg or two. Winter Soldier does not included any accessories, which is a mistake in my opinion. He definitely looks very unfinished without an assault rifle of some kind. I may have to find some old G.I. Joe weaponry for him!

    • Where can the Black Widow figure be found for purchase? Other comments mentioned eBay. I have been looking everyday without luck, other than one listing for a set of 6-7 characters for over $75.00 USD. Does the fact that they are brand-new mean that one will not be able to find them in normal retail outlets, etc for a while? I am helping a coworker find the Black Widow Titan Hero for her 6-year-old grandson. Her granddaughter (4) apparently even said, where’s the girl?

      • Black Widow won’t be mass-released until January, as she’s technically part of the 2016 assortment. Some eBay sellers have had her individually and in lots, but she’ll be commonly available in another month or two.

        If you want her by herself now, I’d recommend messaging the seller selling her with other characters and asking to purchase her individually. 🙂

    • They are not in stores yet, but I’m sure they will be soon. All of the packaging of these new Titan figures mentions “Hasbro Australia,” so I’m thinking they may be headed there first.

  7. Black Widow listed individually on eBay just now. Winter Soldier too. Also some sort of Captain America with a glider pack.

  8. ‘The Seller’ on eBay just posted a deluxe Titan ‘Rhino’ figure and a new Spider-Man that looks like the ‘Superior Spider-Man’ suit.

  9. Vulture DOES come with wings, though sandman isn’t the greatest figure. The non-deluxe black panther is very nice, even with limited articulation. The green-eyed ultron is the same to me as the red one, so no fun for me there.

    does anyone know where I could find a checklist for the Titan series? I want to see what I’m missing.

    The 12in DC figures would be awesome to have a list for as well

    • Do you own these figures? If so, would you be able to post any photos of them (especially Vulture)? Curious if he has the new joints, so he can actually be in “flying post” (unlike the Falcon figure).

      • i do own both—unfortunately they’re at my office and i’m traveling for the holidays, so it’ll be about a week before i can get you a picture. if you PM me your email, we can stay in touch so i dont forget

      • Did you get the green arrow the only place I new it was selling was in Brazil. I did get mine off of eBay though.

        • For DC, I’ve got the original batman (the light grey one, not the second release all black one), superman, robin, green arrow (eBay), flash, cyborg, the original joker (light purple, not black), and the riddler.
          For the marvel Titans, I’ve got too many to list, which I why I was hoping for a checklist somewhere

          • Same here I have every single one out there for my son. Now trying to get the ones on eBay lol. When I was young could never afford these things kinda making up for now through my son.

  10. Just won the winter soldier off eBay, and I’m bidding on black widow as well–that should pretty much complete the collection, until they release new ones, anyway. I’ll post pictures of my whole set when I get back to my office after xmas

  11. So your the one who beat me lol. I promised my daughter I would get her the black widow it’s going to cost you lol.

      • I know. I am trying to get them all for my son. My daughter really wants the black widow. She only likes certain ones. What I am trying to figure out is the person selling these, Is how did they get them?

        • All of the new ones I’ve picked up have been through the same eBay seller, who seems to be the source of other sellers on eBay as well (and are reselling them). Her ‘toy store’ is located in NYC, and she appears to be Chinese – so I’m guessing she may have some sort of hook-up there. That would explain how she is getting them ahead of the street dates. Additionally, I’ve noticed that all the packages I have feature copyright information about Hasbro Australia, which also may be a clue. I don’t think it will be too long before we see all of these on shelves in the US, I’m just grateful I was able to get the good ones (like Black Widow) in time for Christmas.

        • It’s a good question–I’m not sure. I’d love to know as well. Maybe they have a deal with Hasbro? Or they stole them from the factory. Lol. I know that they’ll be more widespread available next year, but I want them now! 🙂

          Are you currently the high bidder on Widow? If you are, I won’t bid again. I’m not going to take a toy from a kid on Christmas.

          • Nope not the highest one yet. I use a different web site the automatically bids for me. By all means bid if I loose I loose there is always more.

  12. For those that are interested, here’s a list I’ve compiled of all the new ones that have slowly been appearing on eBay over the last month:

    Marvel Titan Hero Series 2016

    Regular Figures:

    – Black Widow
    – Winter Soldier
    – Ultron (Green eyes)
    – Thor (Repaint with gold arms)
    – Crossbones
    – Black Panther
    – Vulture
    – Sandman
    – War Machine (New head/torso sculpt)

    Deluxe Figures:

    – Rhino (With attachable armor)
    – Ultimate Spider-Man (With attachable armor to fight Rhino, this suit looks like the ‘Superior Spider-Man’ suit)
    – Black Panther (With Battle armor/claw)
    – Ant-Man (Red suit/Pym helmet with firing cannon and ants)
    – Captain America (With ‘Volt Glider’) [I think this is a late 2015 release rather than 2016. The box art is different than any of the other 2016 releases, and it seems to be more widely available already in the UK.]

      • I think some resource that catalogs them would be a great asset. While the Titan Hero figs don’t have the mainstream popularity of adult collectors, I think they’re rapidly gaining more and more traction has more and more (presumably) parents are searching for character X their kids. This thread alone proves that there really are a hardcore group of us trying to track down more info on them, and it’s essentially every man for himself.

        I would be more than willing to help manage any sort of database that is put together. Scouting for news on these things has become an obsession of mine! Your list is pretty comprehensive, but I think I can find a few to add that aren’t on your list. 🙂

        • Check my top level comment for a link to a Reddit conversation.
          Let move our discussion there to keep the Marvel Toy News comments section on topic.
          This will be a fun project.

          • Feel free to keep discussing here. I don’t think there’s been an article with so many comments in ages! LOL.

  13. I’m certainly up for making a google sheet, though I would need help adding to it. Spider-Man alone has a million in his line, not to mention first and second releases of the avengers. I’ll get it started and post the link here…sound good?

    • I”ll try the reply once more…

      I’ve started one already. Let’s move the discussion to Reddit.
      Check my top level comment for the link.
      This will be a fun project.

  14. I’ve started one already. Let’s move the discussion to Reddit.
    Check my top level comment for the link.
    This will be a fun project.

      • I’ve been adding some figures and will continue to occasionally make edits, if that’s cool. 🙂

          • Nope didn’t even realize there was one until I saw the it on the spreadsheet. Then I was like well dang it I have to find this now lol.

          • I think I saw the four pack at TRU with the translucent Electro, but that was before I really decided to start paying attention to these. Did anyone buy the four pack? It didn’t seem worth $45 when the individual figures were $7.99.

          • I don’t think it actually exists. The original photos released of the Villians 4-Pack (with Spider-Man, Electro, Green Goblin, and Venom) featured a translucent Electro. However I think this was changed later into production, because the only Electros available seem to be “painted” wearing a suit. Unfortunately, most of the photos from most retailers were never changed to reflect that change. I welcome anyone to prove me wrong, but honestly I highly doubt a translucent Electro exists.

  15. This spreadsheet is awesome. We should take photos of them and add them to the spreadsheet as well if we could.

  16. Forgot to add green arrow as well. When we get back home I’ll take photos of all the ones my son has.

    • Love following this post for my son. Managed to get Rhino before Christmas. Don’t forget the green arrow on the list. I just got that one off of eBay. If you need a photo let me know. This is excellent. Any word when they are releasing 2016s?

      • Just got my winter soldier…ill be posting pics of all my figures next week (they’re at my office). I need the new war machine and black widow…any suggestions?

      • The Rhino figure its the best looking of the new Spider-man villains, although I haven’t gotten a good enough look an the figure to know if he looks the part, or watched the show for that matter. Can we get a Nova figure next, please?

        Green Arrow is a DC character. I gave my nephew, a big Batman fan, the Mattel DC 6-pack. I actually think they are better on the design and build, but weaker on the sculpting. I’ve started a spreadsheet for the DC figures, but haven’t gotten very far with it. Green Arrow is on the list.


        • My biggest question is why the new Rhino figure is black instead of grey. Looks perfect except for that.

  17. hey guys, i promised a picture of my collection, and here it is! there’s about 30 here…you’ll notice that it’s only the single figures, no deluxe or re-issues (only one ultron, or Batman, for instance). in addition, i’m pretty picky about which figures i get…for example, i want the comic-book version of war machine that’s coming out, so i didn’t buy the movie version, or iron patriot, since that was not a comic character (at least not the way it was portrayed, anyway).

    any questions, just let me know!


  18. We’ve got bits and pieces of a database. I’m going to go ahead and set-up a site to consolidate the info.

    My biggest roadblock is the name. onesixthtitans? It’s a working title, but I’m not sold. Any brainstorms?

  19. Guys, I’ve got some new info on the upcoming releases. Below are some expected arrival dates of NEW figures, deluxes, and vehicles (with expected MSRP). There are still a few figures not confirmed that have leaked, so I expect we may be seeing future waves announced soon.

    January 2016

    Standard Figures
    Spider-Man vs. Sinister 6: Vulture [$9.99]
    Spider-Man vs. Sinister 6: Sandman [$9.99]
    Spider-Man vs. Sinister 6: Venom [$9.99]

    Deluxe Figures
    Avengers: Hulk (Blue pants with new ‘angrier’ head sculpt) [$15.99]
    Spider-Man vs. Sinister 6: Rhino [$17.99]
    Spider-Man vs. Sinister 6: Spider-Man with Gear (Red/black ‘Superior Spider-Man’ suit) [$17.99]

    Vehicles (with Figures)
    Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-Man with Web Copter (All-red suit) [$24.99]
    Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-Man with Turbo Racer (Black/red suit) [$24.99]
    Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-Man with Web Net Cycle (Black/red suit No. #2, white/red repaint of Defender Cycle) [$24.99]

    February 2016

    Standard Figures
    Avengers: Black Widow [$9.99]
    Avengers: Winter Soldier [$9.99]
    Avengers: Iron Man (New paint with both gold AND silver accents) [$9.99]
    Avengers: Thor (No photo yet, but most likely repaint with gold arms) [$9.99]
    Avengers: War Machine (No photo yet, but most likely new grey repaint with torso/head resculpt) [$9.99]

    Vehicles (with Figures)
    Avengers: Iron Man and Hover Pack [$24.99] (No photo available yet)
    Avengers: Captain America and Battle Cycle (Repaint of Cap. with black legs, repaint of Defender Cycle in blue/grey/silver) [$24.99]
    Spider-Man vs. Sinister 6: Spider-Man with Spider Cycle (Brand new motorcycle model) [$24.99]
    Spider-Man vs. Sinister 6: Iron Spider with Repulsor Cycle (Black/red repaint of Defender Cycle) [$24.99]

  20. Living in the UK and desperate to find these. Have them all up until the January Release – hopefully I will pick them up over here rather than on evilbay as I want a few Black widos for custom fodder – all avengers need a wasp, spiderwoman, scarlet Witch and a Miss Marvel

    • Will you post with photos if you end up customizing any? I would love to see. I thought about customizing a Black Widow into Sue Storm. It’d be super easy, just a change of paint. 🙂

      • Sure will. Haven’t managed to snag any Black Widow’s yet but keeping an eye out.

        DId manage to get Sandman (ugh – He needs a repaint) and also go the new War Machine which is more a metallic colour. He’s great.

  21. Hey, there ir also a doc ock titan hero. It seems they’re gonna respect the original sinester 6!

    • I know! Just saw it on Hasbro’s site the other day right after I posted the list. I’m SUPER excited for Doc Ock, but I’m curious as to why they choice his suit to be white instead of the transitional green. Also, the robotic arms look a little puny…but it’s better than nothing! At least the likeness is in of the classic “comic” style, rather than the weird sickly, long-haired version that has been in the recent cartoons.

  22. Has anyone done any custom Titan figures? I want to have some X-Men and Fan 4 characters, so I’d be interested to see what you might have made.

  23. Hey guys, I was at Target today and spotted a couple new sets available.
    They are both Target exclusive, and contain figure figures.

    Set #1 contains: Black Widow, Black Panther, War Machine (the new 2016 model), Vision, and Iron Man (Battle Suit).

    Set #2 contains: Winter Soldier, Hawkeye (original purple “arrow” version), Captain America (the newer sculpt), Ant-Man (the Hank Pym or “red suit” version) and finally Falcon. The Falcon included here is the real standout, it’s a repaint and he has a black/white suit with short sleeves. Pretty damn cool, I’m thinking about picking one up just for the repaint (and the Hawkeye, the purple ones are pretty pricey).

    These sets are a pretty damn good value considering these characters just came out and aren’t even available individually a lot of places at this point. Check your Targets since they’re exclusive, but FYI there are some floating around eBay as well. Happy Titan hunting. 🙂

    • ALSO, there is a new Hulkbuster floating around on eBay. Get this: It’s the around the same size as the Hulk figure, and is sold in the same size box. I actually think it looks really awesome…if you don’t think of it as “THE” Hulkbuster armor. More like just a heavy-duty, bulkier Iron Man suit. I’ll be picking one up for sure!

    • I have seen some of the new ones, including non-deluxe Sinister Six and Winter Soldier. I’m still waiting on Black Widow, Crossbones, and Black Panther. Be patient; they’ll show up soon. I think $20-40 for a $10 figure is to much just to get it a month or two early.

  24. I realize that everyone has their preferences, but these figures are borderline inposeable, poorly painted, horribly designed ( save for Black Panther), and made SPECIFICALLY for kids. I don’t understand the appeal, but maybe one of you nice people can explain it top me. Sorry, and thank you.

    • Most of us are buying them specifically for kids. They are solid enough to last kid’s play and cool enough to be fun for quite a few years.

      Other than that, I’m not sure why a $20, 15 point articulated, equally well sculpted Legends figure is much different. I’m not in the market for a $500 collector figure so these fit the bill.

    • The only reason I buy them (and compulsively collect them) is because of my kiddo. It started as a few but quickly snowballed out of control. She loves them, and I love passing on my love of Marvel on to her. It’s a bonding experience as we will play with them for hours.

      If you don’t understand the appeal, you’re not a minority. But you also are not the demographic they are designed for, either. A lot of adults have commented here that they wouldn’t even play with them even if they were children again. But I think people have a skewed perspective and lost most that childhood wonder and imagination. Kids don’t care about articulation or paint deco or interchangeable limbs. They care about having a toy of something they think is totally awesome and living out the adventures in their head. Hell, look at Barbie – her lack of articulation didn’t stop them from flying off the shelves for decades.

      Us, as adults, obviously see things through a different lens than the children they’re targeted towards. Sure, Hasbro COULD do a better job with the paint decos and the articulation. And honestly, comparing the brand new figures to the ones originally released…well, they’ve come a LONG way. They are vastly improved and I am delighted with those changes. But it doesn’t matter either way to my kid. These $20-$30 figures are aimed at the demographics who care about that kind of thing, because it’s surely not children who are purchasing those. Just be thankful Hasbro has catered to all ages with appropriately age-appropriate toys. 🙂

    • They look like toys you would get at dollar store, or a prize you won at the arcade after getting a ton of tickets or amusement park and county fair after winning one of those games.

      • Becareful in eBay on the black widow one don’t get the one with brown hair. It’s a fake one. It built and looks the same but on the bottom of the foot it doesn’t have all the markings.