Captain America Marvel Legends 2014 Case Ratios & Pre-Order!

Earlier tonight I posted the assortment and case ratios for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Marvel Legends Infinite Series, but that’s not the only series of Marvel Legends 2014 figures to have its pre-order info revealed tonight! Though the case-pack turns out to be a tad less enticing than that of the Marvel Legends 2014 Spider-Man set, the Captain America Marvel Legends Infinite Series Wave 1 is also now up for pre-order! I hope you all like Cap, though–because there’s plenty of him in the case…

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Marvel NOW Captain America Figure Packaged

Just like the Marvel Legends Amazing Spider-Man 2 figures (and with the same new $20 per figure price-point), a fresh new assortment of Hasbro 6″ Marvel Legends Captain America: The Winter Soldier figures are on-track to kick off the new year in January 2014! Unlike the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series, however, the first wave of Captain America Marvel Legends will contain zero figures from the upcoming Marvel Studios movie and will not include all the figures necessary to build the Mandroid Build-A-Figure.

I think it’s pretty lame that even if I buy a $140-$160 set/case of Captain America Marvel Legends 2014 Series 1 figures, I still won’t get all the parts necessary to build the Mandroid Build-A-Figure. If Hasbro can include all the Ultimate Green Goblin build-a-figure pieces in one case of Spider-Man Marvel legends, I don’t see why they can’t do the same here. I’m planning on buying the Winter Soldier movie figures anyway, but army-building Mandroids is going to be ridiculously cost-prohibitive because of the way the parts are being distributed.

Captain America The Winter Soldier Marvel Legends 2014 Series with Mandroid Build A FigureThe case ratios for the Wave 1 Captain America Marvel Legends 2014 figures are:
(2) Marvel Now Captain America
(2) World War II Captain America
(1) Red Skull [Agents of Hydra]
(1) Hydra Agent [Agents of Hydra]
(1) Baron Zemo [Soldiers of A.I.M.]
(1) A.I.M. Soldier [Soldiers of A.I.M.]

I’m not sure if I like or hate this case assortment. While the Spider-Man Infinite Series Marvel Legends series also will have four Spiderman figures per case, Spidey is also a lot more popular than Captain America. WWII Captain America figures never do well in stores, and I have a real concern that this wave may warm shelves and accumulate in storesĀ  to the extent that the actual Captain America The Winter Soldier movie action figures can’t make it out in stores in good numbers (as was the case with this year’s Iron Man 3 movie figures).

2014 Marvel Legends Infinite Series Mandroid Build-A-Figure The Captain America The Winter Soldier Marvel Legends Infinite Series is now available for pre-order in both sets and full cases. This series is expected to be released in January 2014, but I wouldn’t be at all upset if some early shipments managed to sneak out before the new year!

What are your thoughts on the Marvel Legends Captain America Infinite Series, Marvel collectors? Is this assortment strong enough to convince you to buy a set or case, or are you planning to cherry-pick the series (or even skip it entirely)?


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  1. Off topic but does any one know the status of the IRON MAN 3 Ben Kingsley-Mandarian legends figure ? cancelled?

    • Unknown–Hasbro won’t comment on that Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends wave at all right now. It’d be a shame if it was cancelled, but things certainly don’t look good for it at the moment.