Egg Attack Captain America & Thor Figures Up for Order!

I did coverage of almost every new Marvel figure and collectible that debuted at New York Comic Con 2015 last month. Almost. But there was one company I never got around to talking about. Maybe that’s for he best, though, because their biggest reveals from the show have now been fully revealed in final form: the Beast Kingdom Egg Attack Captain America and Thor figures are now up for order!

Egg Attack Captain America Figure and Accessories

I have sort of a love/hate relationship with the Beast Kingdom Egg Attack figures. I love the super-deformed style, great articulation and cool accessories–but I hate the $100+ price-tag on their 6″ figures. While I’ll drop $200-$300 on a 12″ Hot Toys figure in a heartbeat, $100-$150 for a 6″ figure in this stylized form just isn’t feasible for me with the amount of other high-end collectibles I buy.

That’s not to say I’m never tempted, though–and I’m definitely tempted by the Avengers: Age of Ultron Egg Attack Thor and Captain America figures! These figures debuted in unpainted form at NYCC 2015 last month, and now they’re all painted-up and ready for order!

Thor Egg Attack Figure and AccessoriesFor those not familiar with the Egg Attack figures line, they made look like your typical super-deformed vinyl figures, but they’re actually incredibly well-designed, sturdy action figures–with super-articulation and accessories!

Egg Attack Avengers Age of Ultron Thor Throwing Mjolnir HammerThe 6″ Thor and Captain America Egg Attack figures have two interchangeable faces each (with the cutest little expressions on them), and even rolling eyeballs that allow you to “pose” each character looking wherever you choose. It sounds rather strange, but the poseable eyeballs add a ton of personality!

Captain America Egg Attack Action FigureIf you needed more proof that these aren’t typical low-end SD figures, how about the Captain America Egg Attack figure’s 30 points of articulation?

Or the magnetic metal Captain America shield that can magnetically attach to Egg Attack Captain America’s back or forearm?!

Beast Kingdom Egg Attack Thor FigureMeanwhile, while Thor doesn’t have any magnetic features and “only” features 22 points of articulation, he comes with a super-cool electronic LED light-up Mjolnir hammer and interchangeable arms so you can display Thor with or without armored sleeves!

Now there’s a feature I’d love to see other companies implement for future movie Thor figures! Take a note, Hot Toys!

Egg Attack Thor Figure Details

Looking at the extensive detailing and paint deco on these Egg Attack Avengers Age of Ultron figures, it’s pretty easy to see that they basically blow their same-size Hasbro Marvel Legends counterparts out of the water.

Of course, considering Marvel Legends figures retail for about 20 bucks and these costs around 6 times that, they had better blow the Avengers Legends figures out of the water!

These are indisputably really amazing figures for their size and style, but like I said–they’re just not for me at that price-point. Your mileage may very well vary.

Beast Kingdom Captain America Egg Attack FigureThe Egg Attack Thor and Captain America figures are now available for order, and are scheduled to be released in March 2016. EE and BBTS both have the same pricing for each figure, so it’s really a matter of preference which store you’d rather order from–their prices are identical. That said, if you have any EE catalogs with free shipping codes on the back laying around, it’s probably worth pulling one out if you want to save a few bucks on these figures!

Anyone out there big fans of the Beast Kingdom Egg Attack figure line? If so, are you planning on picking up any of these Avengers: Age of Ultron figures to expand your collection? And for those who aren’t preexisting Egg Attack collectors: do these new Cap and Thor figures change your mind about the line, or are these just not for you?


Egg Attack Captain America & Thor Figures Up for Order! — 2 Comments

  1. These are fine chibi version of the marvel heroes, i must they are even better than that of hot toy’s version and their articulation is superb as well.

  2. I’m on the fence about it as I too think they’re a bit overpriced. I love the quality and detail though and they look great.