Guardians of the Galaxy Collector Corps Teasers & Rumors!

It seems like only yesterday that I was unboxing my Funko Marvel Collector Corps Villains box at Halloween, but the latest deadline has snuck up on us again: there’s only a week and a half left to order the Guardians of the Galaxy Collector Corps box! And while Funko is remaining as tight-lipped as always with regards to the contents of the December 2015 box, they’ve posted a teaser photo and video that have strengthened the rumors circulating…

Marvel Collector Corps GOTG Box

The Marvel Collectors Corps has emerged in 2015 as a true standout among mystery boxes, easily giving myself and thousands of other collectors more satisfying hauls than any other subscription box in the land.

Thus far, every single Marvel Collector Corps box that has shipped has contained at least one newly-sculpted Funko POP Vinyl (or one micro-POP, in the case of the Ant-Man box). Even so, Funko was so comprehensive with heir wealth of Guardians of the Galaxy merch released in 2014-2015 that it’s not immediately obvious what newly-sculpted Guardians of the Galaxy POP would even make sense.

With just a handful of days remaining until the deadline for the December 2015 Collector Corps box, Funko has posted a teaser video and a teaser image that have strengthened the two main rumors for the box’s item going around.

Guardians of the Galaxy Collector Corps Box SizeThe most compelling bit of evidence we’ve seen that the exclusive POP will be something big is a photo comparing the size of the GOTG box to all of the previous boxes that have been released. As the Guardians of the Galaxy Collector Corps box is larger than even the inaugural Avengers box, it seems that the main item in next month’s box will be even bigger than the exclusive Hulkbuster Iron Man POP!

This has led credence to two main theories about the main exclusive:

1) It will be the first-ever Collector Corps POP! Rides exclusive: a Star-Lord POP (probably with short jacket) and the Milano Spaceship.

2) It will be a huge super-sized POP of Rocket Raccoon perched atop Groot.

The teaser video that Funko has posted shows Rocket and Groot tearing open the wrapping paper and preparing to dig into the GOTG MCC box. Personally, I think that’s a pretty clear indication that the exclusive won’t be #2, as it wouldn’t make logical sense for Rocket Raccoon and Groot to be opening a box of, well… themselves.

In addition, the Collector Corps exclusives tend to be niche items that might not fly at retail–a combo Rocket & Groot super-sized POP would be a huge hit in stores. No, I think it’s far more likely Rocket and Groot will be featured on the POP Tees shirt with the box, rather than the exclusive itself.

Meanwhile, a POP Rides Star-Lord with Milano makes perfect sense. A POP Rides box would require a larger shipping box than any of the previous MCC boxes, Star-Lord is featured on the top of the box, and we definitely need a variant Funko Star-Lord POP wearing his shorter jacket (and perhaps wearing his now-iconic headphones).

It’s not impossible ┬áthat it might be a Dorbz Milano instead, but I think Funko is aware that too much Dorbz in one box would royally tick off a lot of collectors.

Marvel Collector Corps Guardians of the Galaxy BoxThe Marvel Collector Corps Guardians of the Galaxy box can be ordered through 12/5/2015, and is scheduled to arrive in time for the holidays (with the intent that buyers can give the GOTG box as a gift, obviously). I’m in the Founders program, so I’m anxiously awaiting my shipment to see just what Guardians goodies Funko has cooked up for us!

What’s your take on what’s inside the Guardians box, Marvel fans? Will you be ordering next month’s Funko Collectors Corps box, or are you waiting this one out to see what’s inside?


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  1. I do not want any kind of Rocket or Groot pop, there are so many of those already available. I really want something with Cosmo, but they will probably skew towards the movie and not the DnA run.