Marvel Infinite Series Emma Frost Review & Photos (Hasbro)

As soon as Hasbro confirmed the lineup for the final wave of Marvel Infinite Series 3 3/4″ figures, I instantly knew which character fans were going to be salivating for most. Though she was scrapped at the tail end of the Marvel Universe line, she made it in just in time for the end of this one! She’s already selling around $20 online, but is this Marvel Infinite Series Emma Frost 4″ figure a diamond like its namesake can turn into…? Read on…

Marvel Infinite Series Emma Frost Action FigureThe Right:

Well, I’ll be…! Hasbro has finally rectified all of the disappointment of the cancelled Marvel Universe Uncanny X-Men Team Pack by releasing the two MIA figures from that multi-pack in this last wave of 4″ Marvel Infinite Series figures! Hallelujah!!

I’ll be talking about (and perhaps raving about) the Colossus Juggernaut mash-up figure in a few days, but first I’ll touch on one of the more-anticipated figures of the year: Emma Frost.

Marvel Infinite Series White Queen Emma Frost PackagedWhile this is actually the fourth Emma Frost action figure that Hasbro has released, the original Marvel Legends Emma Frost (and her Diamond Form variant) are pretty reviled by collectors. And while the X-Men Legends Emma Frost was a hit, she was also hard as heck to find and sells for hundreds of dollars now.

So bravo to Hasbro for getting a new White Queen Emma Frost figure out that’s both good-looking and a mass-retail release packed at two-per-case!

Hasbro Marvel Infinite Series Emma Frost Figure ReviewEmma Frost is supposed to be so ridiculously attractive that Cyclops is willing to throw away his marriage to Jean Grey to have an affair with Emma. Is this figure that good-looking…? Well… no.

Even so, this is a far cry from many of the dog-faced women Hasbro has released in this scale over the years. Emma’s face looks soft enough and her hair is suitably wavy… I give her facial sculpt a pass.

Marvel Infinite Series Colossus Juggernaut & Emma Frost FiguresAnd while I wasn’t sure if they’d try to “censor” her, Hasbro took the high road with Emma’s costume (which is basically a bra with pants, high heels and a cape). As such, this is a very authentic representation of this era’s Emma Frost.

It’s not showing up well in photos, but the Emma Frost Marvel Infinite Series figure isn’t painted in a flat white paint–instead, her costume is painted on in a gorgeous pearlescent, shiny silver-ish white.

Back of Marvel Infinite Series Emma Frost Figure without CapeI was a little wary of popping off Emma’s head to see if her cape was removable, as I worried that the neck joint might just break off entirely, but it turns out my fear was for naught: Emma Frost’s head pops off without a hitch and with no signs of any fragility or breakage.

Hasbro Emma Frost Marvel Infinite Series Figure CapeThe cape itself is well-sculpted and drapes over Emma’s shoulders nicely. It has a red X-Men logo painted on the collar, which is a detail I would have expected Hasbro to skimp out on.

Marvel Universe Emma Frost 4" Figure without CapeLast but definitely not least, Hasbro skillfully avoided one of my pet peeves with this figure: while her belt is a separate add-on piece on top of the body mold, it’s glued or pegged into place tightly and doesn’t suffer from any of the looseness and floppiness on belts that make me downright insane. I salute you, Hasbro!

Emma Frost Action Figure High Heels ShoesThe Wrong:

There is one major shortcoming of this Marvel Infinite Series White Queen figure, and it’s one that I doubt will shock people: her articulation is atrocious.

Numerically, there is a ton of articulation: ball-hinge ankles, swivel thighs and calves, double-jointed knees, ball-jointed hips, upper-torso ab crunch, ball-hinge shoulder and elbows, swivel wrists and ball-hinge head.

The problem is that the figure is critically crippled by the horrid range-of-motion of the hips. There is literally zero forward-and-back movement possible on the legs, and an extremely limited amount of side-to-side movement.

4" Marvel Infinite Series Emma Frost Figure 2015As a result of this–and the lack of rocker ankles–it can be really difficult to get Emma into any kind of dynamic pose at all (much less one that she can stand up in). I actually had much more success getting this action figure to stand on uneven surfaces like rocks instead of flat shelves and the like–which is a real shame, since ultimately all of my figures live on shelves and not outdoors.

Cardback Marvel Infinite Series Wave 8 Emma Frost Action FigureIn addition to the articulation, I think Hasbro could have made Emma’s skin slightly paler and given her cape a much less blue tint. She looks way too bronze to me, like she went too heavy on the spray tan or something. I suppose she looks fine as-is, but if the paints had been slightly different I think the aesthetic would have been perfect.

Also, does anyone else think it’s weird that the cardback for this figure shows a Scarlet Spider figure that will never be released in this line, as it’s part of 4″ Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 1?

Close-Up of Emma Frost Hasbro 3 3/4" FigureOverall: The 3 3/4″ Marvel Infinite Series Emma Frost figure is a solid figure that has standout paint deco and is good-looking (though not to supermodel levels) overall. Her articulation leaves much to be desired and her cape’s interior blue-ish tint are disappointing, but I’m thrilled to finally have this character in my collection in this scale.

I don’t know that I’d be willing to pay double for Emma (which is what she’s selling for right now), but I was happy to get her for retail price as part of the complete Marvel Infinite Series 2015 Wave 3 set that I ordered from Entertainment Earth. Emma won’t win any “figure of the year” awards, but if you’re collecting the X-Men in this scale, she’s a worthwhile figure of a “must-have” character. Recommended.



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  1. With my Elektra figure a few years ago, I dremelled down the top of each of her legs until she had some movement there. It didn’t look too bad and made the figure way more fun to play with.

  2. It’s sad wgat has come of this line. I got into collecting because of this line when it first came out. Since we barely got or get any figures anymore, I started to buy marvel legends. Now I am fully immersed in the legends line and just about completely turned off to the 3.75 series. What really burned me up is I wanted bishop and blue beast for the longest time in this line and when they announced we were getting them I was ecstatic. When I saw them my heart sank. The figures look terrible next to my other 3.75 x men, and the body sculpts are terrible on bishop. Beast looks ok but still, beast without torso is a joke. And now after seeing the new offerings from sdcc, I think I’m done. I’m just going to reserve my collecting to Star Wars black 6 inch and marvel legends. Either way it’s a win for hasbro, they still get my money.

  3. I really love this figure and am sorry to say that I was one of the people who payed $20 for her. I love this review and think you had mostly the same thoughts about the figure that I did but I wanted to mention that I feel the face on this figure is actually quite beautiful but is painted poorly on every figure i’ve seen, the biggest problem is not one of them has their upper lip painted and like Dagger before her she would greatly benefit from darker eyebrows as they do tend to frame the face and give it more structure.