SDCC 2014 Marvel Infinite Series 2015 Figures Photos!

Hasbro waltzed into San Diego Comic Con 2014 this week and really knocked the socks off of Marvel Legends collectors with their previews of the 6″ Marvel Legends 2015 figures lineup. But for fans of the 4″ Marvel Infinite Series figures, things weren’t quite as peachy-keen. While character selection for the 2015 Marvel Infinite Series is definitely top-notch, the figures themselves that Hasbro has developed are likely to disappoint plenty of collectors…

SDCC 2014 Hasbro Marvel Infinite Series Big-Time Spider-Man FigureThe 3.75″ Marvel Universe/Marvel Infinite Series has been going strong for years now, but Hasbro made some great character choices for the Marvel Infinite Series 15 lineup that will fill in gaps and delight collectors. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that Hasbro is greatly scaling back on the articulation for said figures in 2015. All-new molds are being developed for many of next year’s Marvel Universe-scale figures, but they’re going to have much-reduced articulation and far less posing potential.

SDCC 2014 Marvel Infinite Series Beast Figure Marvel Universe 2015

Case in point? 2015 Marvel Infinite Series Wave 1 will include a Jim Lee Beast figure, one of the few remaining figures from that X-Men era. Unfortunately, one of the most dexterous and flexible X-Men will also be one of the least-articulated. With upper torso and biceps articulation missing (among other points), poor Beast won’t be quite as acrobatic as anyone would have hoped for.

It’s swell that Hasbro is creating an all-new body parts for this Beast to make him look accurate, but this is one of the figures that desperately needs to be well-articulated. I am thrilled to see the ankle rockers still intact on Marvel Infinite Series Beast, however.

San Diego Comic Con 2014 Hasbro Marvel Infinite Series Grey Beast Variant FigureThere’s also going to be a Grey Beast variant figure with George Perez head, and while it’ll have the same nicely-sculpted body, it will obviously suffer from this same lack of poseability. Cool choice by Hasbro to produce this little-remembered Beast variant, however.

SDCC 2014 Marvel Infinite Series 2015 Black Cat FigureMarvel Infinite Series Black Cat and Big-Time Spider-Man will disappoint many with their lackluster articulation as well. Two highly-acrobatic characters such as these really shouldn’t have to be constrained by such poor articulation.

It’s especially disappointing for Big-Time Spider-Man, whose Marvel Legends figure was ruined by terrible paint deco. At least this time he’ll (hopefully) be the right colors, but a Spider-Man figure with no upper torso ab crunch and no articulation in his waist, wrists, thighs or biceps makes me a very sad camper.

2014 SDCC Hasbro Marvel Bishop Infinite Series FigureOne of my favorite X-Men, Bishop, will finally get his due as a 3.75″ figure in 2015 as well. Unfortunately, the prototype for Bishop looks lacking in sculpt (being far too skinny and clearly not bulky enough) in addition to the reduced articulation. Unless the finished product looks significantly better, I can already tell I’m going to be massively disappointed by the Hasbro Marvel Infinite Series Bishop figure.

SDCC 2014 Hasbro Sandman Marvel Infinite Series 2015 FigureWave 1 isn’t a complete wash, though–a fantastic Marvel Infinite Series Sandman figure is part of the set, and he looks to be using mostly old parts from past Marvel Universe/Marvel Infinite Series figures. His pure sand variant figure looks terrific as well and reminds me of the slick all-metal Marvel Universe Absorbing Man from a few years back.

2014 SDCC Juggernaut Colossus Marvel Infinite Series Figure Hasbro 2015

Two long-lost figures previously cancelled will finally arrive in 2015 Wave 2: the Marvel Universe Northstar and Colossus Juggernaut action figures. It’ll be great to finally see these figures on shelves.

Hasbro hadn’t made official photos available yet for the rest of the revealed Marvel Universe 2015 Wave 2 lineup, but it will include Vulture (finally!), Armored Daredevil and Shanna the She-Devil. In addition, Hasbro held a poll on Twitter to determine two Marvel Infinite Series figures to be released in 2016 (yes, 2016), which was won by Modern Gamora and Carol Danvers Captain Marvel.

Marvel Infinite Series 2015 Sandman Variant Figure SDCC 2014 HasbroMarvel Infinite Series 2015 Wave 1 is scheduled for release in Q1 2015, with Wave 2 following in late winter. I’ll update with more concrete details as we approach the series’ release, and you can ‘Like’ Marvel Toy News on Facebook to have news and updates sent right to your Facebook Newsfeed.

What do you think about Hasbro’s move to cut back on articulation in the 4″ scale, Marvel collectors? Will you still collect the Marvel Infinite Series in 2015, or does the loss of articulation also lead to the loss of your dollars?


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  1. I am happy with all of the new ML offering but I have to say that I am livid about them cutting out articulation on the 3.75 series especially after we have been getting it the way we have these past few years. And then they give a classic bs excuse saying they are evolving the line, bs. They are just cutting back and still charging us the same amount of money. My fellow collectors, don’t accept this and make excuses for them, it is not ok. They already charge outrageous prices for these legends and keep cheating out on us with cheap plastic and now articulation on the 3.75 series and then they keep raising the damn price. If we keep letting then get away with this it’s only going to get worse. As much as I am happy about getting beast and bishop that is all taken away when I look and see the difference compared to what we have been getting. How is this going to look displayed with the rest of the collection? This is ridiculous and we should all write hasbro and keep complaining. Bishop looks terrible!!!

  2. I really feel like it is the collectors who are bought by hasbro. They are bought by hasbro giving them characters they want so they are willing to overlook the cutbacks and be like,” we’ll they are giving me beast so I guess it’s ok”. This is the problem. I really dislike the people behind this, they are greedy pigs that really don’t care about us as collectors. David Vonner cared, Dwight stall is a crook who does not care, we’ll at least not about the 3.75 line. I wish I could get more people on board with me because this is unacceptable. I really hate hasbro right now. They are not handleing the collector lines right at all. On top of that they can keep those junk movie figures. The fact that these lines solely exist and coincide with the movies goes to show you all that hasbro truly cares about. Right now I am giving hasbro the middle finger.

  3. No Emma Frost yet. I am deeply saddened about the articulation yet appreciate the vast character diversity. They claimed that over time they will improve articulation, but we’ll see. Like the Sandman, looking forward to Doc Ock, Juggernaut Colossus, Gamora, and Carol Danvers Captain Marvel just as long as long as articulation has somewhat improved by 2016.

  4. Love the lineup, but greatly disappointed in the lack of articulation. One of the reasons why I started collecting MU was because of the awesome articulation. I’ll probably buy one of these figures just to see, but if it feels like a cheaper figure meant for little kids and doesn’t look like it belongs with the rest of my MU’s I’ll probably be done with this line. I’m slightly hopeful that won’t be the case but really sad because I think it will be. Sucks cuz if the articulation was the same I’d be ecstatic about the figures being made.

  5. I’m disappointed with the articulation cut back but it won’t keep me from collecting the line. Being someone older, I understand these changes must be made due to the bad economy and the more articulation a figure has the higher the production cost it is to produce. It’s either that or raise the price again. It’s not like I actually play with them to really care how possible they are, I’m more interested in the characters themselves. Boycotting Hasbro over this isn’t going to change things. Lack of consumer dollars will just cause more future cutbacks or cancelations of the line and collectors will have shot themselves in the foot over it. I support Hasbro.

  6. Hasbro is a bunch of liars. I just got confirmation from a buddy of mine at the con who spoke with the guy that designs the 3.75 line and he confirmed that the articulation cut is so that they can keep the price point at 10$!!! BS! I also got confirmation that they are cutting back the 3.75 line so that they can better the legends line. Say goodbye to ab articulation on flexible characters. This is so disappointing.

  7. I forgot to mention that the design guy also said the articulation will not be coming back

  8. And it’s Michael Lewis’s type of thinking that allows these idiots to keep getting away with this. They don’t want to lose this line , if we boycotted hasbro and they lost sales on this line I guarantee they would not cancel this line. This is a cash cow, they would eventually have to even out legend and universe again because the only reason they are cutting this line back is because Dwight stall the legends nazi. How in the world does it make since that they need to cut articulation to keep cost at what it has been already for 3 years. They just need to use what they have if that’s the case and just create new figures using bucks they have already used. What a joke.

    • Ummm, cutting back on production to save on retail cost is like the first thing you learn in Economics. Anybody that pays bills and does a weekly budget should also know this.

  9. And also Michael Lewis, you being an older collector explains why your ok with crap articulation, your used to it. That’s what was used all of until what, 4 years now?

    • Brian, you really need to grow up. Calling Dwight a Nazi over some stupid issue as articulation of a toy is absurd. The Nazi’s committed mass genocide. Too compare a toy maker to them is extremely offensive as it is ignorant, especially to any of our brother and sister collectors of the Jewish faith.. Anybody who is a human being should be appalled by such a comment. Even if you’re argument of articulation was just, after such a comment I wouldn’t support anything you say. You should be banned from the board.

      • Shut up, you are absolutely ridiculous to take something I say and make that big a deal about it, nazi nazi nazi. It’s a figure of speech that is used often. If anyone needs to grow up it’s you. I would say a lot nicer things to you but it will probably get deleted anyway. I guess you told me you self entitled prick.

  10. The articulation cutbacks are not as bad as I thought they’d be. And these sculpts look crisper than most other universe figures.

  11. Ive been collecting action figures for the last 12 years, mostly 3.75 figures of a lot of different kinds of lines, GI Joe, GI Joe 25th, JLU, Saint Seiya, Robotech, Voltron, WWE build n brawl, Jazwares mortal kombat, Raiders Startling lineup, Lakers Starting Lineup, Star Wars Vintage Line, and i honestly don’t mind less articulation, other than the Gi Joe 25th and Star wars Vintage, the rest of my collections have less articulation than the Marvel Universe, they’re no worse than original gi joes and those were always my favorite until now. I don’t mind the less articulation because well, their just gonna be displayed anyway, so it really doesn’t matter to me that much. I have always wised for something like these Marvel Universe figures to be released and here it is and for me to complain about it? c’mon. I always loved 3.75 scale figures and all i want is for hasbro to complete all the groups they have started, especially X-Men, Xmen villains and spiderman villains, among other groups like alpha flight, but overall their just toys and its just a fun i do on the side of my real life. Articulation or not i will still buy these as long as they make them. But of course this is just my opinion

  12. Good luck getting beast in an appropriate beast pose with no an or torso articulation.

    • as long as they stand up straight, i don’t think I’m gonna have a problem. Oh almost forgot, what they REALLY need to do is a Jim Lee Gambit without the scarf

        • yes, i have that one in a Gambit Figure collection (shrine you can say) i have, but it doesn’t have the blue chest piece or else i would just use that one for the Marvel Universe line as well, so at least make it Jim Lee accurate. I didn’t think they were going to make Colossus with the knee pads when the astonishing version came out, and about few months later BAM! a leaked image of colossus with knee pads shows up, not to mention it looks cleaner compare to the rusty looking astonishing version

          • and it doesn’t matter which one really because the scarf can be removed simply by snapping the head off

  13. Ok,Brian and Michael have convinced me. I am an “evolved” metahuman marvel miniture mass collector! LOL Ninja what? Ninja who? For shizzle my ninja!
    If I desire gazillion poa that is what I buy/collect Legends for. I was never crazy about the ab crunch(sounds like infomercial workout equipment) on any figure at the onset. Ruins the look of the sternum,rib cage,solar plexus and lumbar region. No I ain’t super-hyper-fantasticular articulation guy. Got all the classic Marvel figurines to prove it! Lol. They’re magnificent. I got into HMU just to complement those figurines. Then I noticed I was getting full set w/o the BAF incentive that HML entails. I’m riding this train til the wheels come off! I’ve done it before on something calleed DCUC…ooh,Ninja whut! Oh. You. Didn’t. Think. It. Was. Just. The.Marvel. figurines. Now.did. you?

  14. I’m with most of you, too bad about the articulation but not a big deal. Its not like I’m playing with these figures. I give them a stand n put em up on a shelf. I just love the 3.75″ scale. Don’t get me wrong, 6″ figures are great but I just don’t have the real estate to display them lol. As long as these new Infinite figures aren’t as bad as the IM3 and new ultimate spiderman figures then I’ll be happy. This line up looks pretty good EXCEPT: I personally think this Beast looks absolutely awful. Just my opinion but it lacks the personality of the character and the sculpting just isn’t there. I’ll be sticking with my Marvel Showdown Beast.

  15. It’s really a matter of taste. No articulation means all you can do is stand them straight up, and depending on how you display them, they look lifeless, especially if that character is known to pull off some crazy flexible poses. Spider-Man just standing there doesn’t look like Spider-Man at all, same goes for Beast. Plus what’s to stop them from making the line look like the crap they have out now like IM3 and US, I’ve always preferred quality over quantity, they want to keep the price point at $10, stop making the crap that just sits on the shelves for years after a movies debut, ala every Marvel movie release. The figures they bring out for these movies sucks, and that’s where I see the line headed.

    • no matter how you display or do with them their just toys, plus i don’t have space to pose them in different ways, i buy them because i’m a fan of the characters, it is what it is, if people don’t like them then simply don’t buy them. problem solved. 10 bucks is a small price to pay. for me anyway. to each his own

    • With all due respect, I find your supposition to be in error. obviously Spiderman is Spiderman riding or walking. Even standing still. Like a Sideshow collectibles,Diamond Select, Bowen Designs statue. None of which are “lifeless”. Statues and figurines have “NO Articulation” as you have erroneously stated about these Marvel action figures.
      Fact is:the figures have LESS articulation now. Not ZERO articulation.
      Even the Ironman 3 and Ultimate Spiderman lines you mentioned ARE articulated. You are exactly right about it being a matter of taste. Those latter toys are made with children in mind,yet adult collectors can purchase them if they so choose. Personally I cherry picked the IM3 3.75″Toys for my IronMan Armoury. I don’t need a gazillion poa for that purpose. All they need do is stand in there docking stations amongst the growing numbers of all toy types of IM armour; Legends, Universe, IM2, Marvel Select Avengers, IMlegends, IM3, Marvel Hero Mashers.You read that right “Hero Mashers”
      Please do not misunderstand my position. I like the characters more than I care for poa or so much poa it ruins the look of the figure,but it does NOT mean I hate poa. Eg. My standard pose for Spidey in my displays-HMU and Legends-is to have him balanced upside-down on Hulk’s shoulder(Red,Green,Grey Hulk: doesn’t matter.Which,point being this can be done sans an ab crunch/torso joint! The New3.75 Big Time Spidey looks Fantastic.
      Happy collecting! Peace.

      • I agree with you, I mainly like my figures standing, but I do pose them, but they are not that dynamic and the articulation doesn’t bother me. I usually have my IM armory standing so IM3 is good, however, some figures from that line lack detail. I actually do play with my toys sometimes (I’m currently 13 years old), but I do care a lot about detail, the Winter Soldier 3 and 3/4 inch line had bad proportions, but I still like how Cap looks on my Avengers helicarrier. I personally think the top 3 figures from this wave would be Black Cat, Sandman, and big time Spidey (Spider-man characters FTW :3).

    • Did anyone here collect Mattel’s JLU line? Kenner/Hasbro’s Batman:TAS or Superman:TAS toy lines? If you did, did you still collect them even though they only had 5 points of articulation? Just curious.

      • yes i have a complete JLU collection and i love the animated series so once the figures spread to less known characters is when i started the liking idea of having a DC world in figures, especially in animated series style, their simplicity was attractive to me using the same body molds is what i like about them, and they had many surprises with different versions of certain characters. That was a huge plus for me. Now that i have a complete DC world (to a great extent), the Marvel Universe figures is my marvel world

        • Complete JLU collection!!! Wow!!
          I’m impressed, seriously! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the WHOLE line much less anyone with it. I must have photos! lol
          I have never found Volcana or Atomic Skull.

      • I did. Still do. 10inch Martian Manhunter is what started this mess! LOL. I love the art of Bruce Timm. I know the issue is moot now, however,I felt compelled to answer. Besides,JLU had the best eclectic and esoteric roster I’ve ever see;Static,Aztek,Vibe,Waverider,The Ray,Volcana(Witchfire), Warhawk,Gypsy,Angleman,Goldface,The Key,Killerfrost..etc,ect..

        • Werd!
          They made characters from DC that nobody else would have considered.
          Plus, I think it’s the only line that might have come close to making nearly everybody within that comic universe.

  16. The people on her saying it doesnt matter cause all your going to do is stand him on the shelf sound absurd. So what your saying is, Hasbro can still get $10 from you, sell you a inferior product and youll bend over and take..smh Lets be real even GI Joes in the freaking 80″ had kung fu grip and they were like $4. Stop buying a product that we know is crap

    • may sound absurd to you but it really isn’t, describing them as crap or inferior is just an opinion and not a fact so one can say whatever they want to say, and I’M saying they have enough articulation for me not to complain about it, to me 10 bucks is hardly anything, like i said before, its just a fun hobby i enjoy aside from my real life where i have real responsibilities. It really isn’t a big deal unless you make it a big deal, and if it is to any of you, then go ahead and keep complaining while i eat my wife’s delicious dinner.

    • If The loss of a few poa is the defintion of an”inferior” product. Then what must you think of statue collectors? Last I checked staues don’t have any points of articulation. Also they can be rather exspensive. Not $10.but $50 on upwards of $1000s! And all they do is stand on collectors “absurd”. 😀

      • I have to disagree with the statue argument. The statues you’re talking about are highly detailed, in a larger scale, and have amazing sculpts and are posed in a dynamic way. These MI figures are $10, made of plastic, and seems like they can’t be posed in a dynamic way. I’m not disappointed just at the lack of articulation, but with the lack of detail. The spiderman line’s stretch strike venom has inferior articulation, yet his sculpt and paint are amazing. These figures don’t look like they came out of the comic, but really look like plastic bricks that don’t spring to life.

        • Ha-ha… Yes, of course! You are correct. I thought of this, but left out that idea for the sake of brevity. SOME statues are dynamic, others not so much. I have a 12″ of classic Storm in a”vanilla” stance holding up her left hand at shoulder height emanating a small rain cloud in her palm.
          I also have a much smaller more dynamic Bowen version of her flying out of a rain cloud.
          Then there are figurines which by nomenclature are tiny. I have the Classic Marvel figurine collection and a select few of the DC figurines which total well over 200 pieces. If you are familiar with this line then you know they are smaller scale in contrast to Hmi and while detailed well,definitely not articulated nor dynamic. More like rather dramatic “vanilla” poses. Price point $15-$45.
          The Venom figure you mentioned IS painted well. However, I bought it for it’s size. Like the other wild statement that Spidey isn’t Spidey standing erect. The hyperbole that these toys are plastic $10 bricks is melodramatic and unjust. The debate rages on about paint apps and poa to the point of inane levels. Some say tb did it better others say hasbro. Nobody or nothing is perfect. I am waiting to see the final product in hand first. Especially in the case of Beast and Bishop. Still, after the ill green lantern type wash on my hml Big time Spidey,I was happy to see it corrected on the hmi version. He looks spectacular as well as his playmate the Sandman!

        • Wait, so you’re calling him out by saying his comparison of these action figures to statues isn’t a correct but comparing these figures that went from what 14/15 points of articulation(?) to 10(?) to a plastic brick is??

          Come on, seriously now.

  17. Agreed with everything but Beast. I think it looks better than the Showdown and look forward too having him & Bishop round out my Jim Lee/Chris Clairmont years of the Children of the Atom. However, I respect you opinion on the figure regardless.

    • I guess it’s not terrible, it’s just that lack of fur that’s killing me, and that head sculpt. Looks like a naked dude with hairy arms and legs and a shaved chest lol. Looks more like Michael from underworld. I know Beast has many incarnations but this one is suppose to be Jim Lee and it just doesn’t do it for me. I’m picky tho. I don’t think there’s been an accurate Jim Lee Beast since the first toy biz Beast 20 years ago ( holy crap!! It’s been that long?!?). I just want a 90s X-Men cartoon accurate 3.75″ Beast lol.

      • Yes. That Tml Beast is a..BEAST. 😉 A Standard by which all others ought to emulate. Imho,the best figure of the Beast ever. I tolerate Grant’s version.

      • Think about it, if he were shaved he wouldn’t still be blue. He’d still be a White dude under the blue fur. Beast IS almost naked and if he’s blue, then that IS the fur. You have to use your imagination.

  18. I know but at this point we shouldn’t have to use our imagination. There’s been multiple beast figures produced-all covered in fur except for where there’s clothing. Showdown beast was made almost 10 years ago and here we are 2014/15 with a bald beast? Lol that’s just lazy sculpting and cheap manufacturing. On top of that I’m not sure Beast would be bald if shaved. Typically his palms, bottoms of feet, and face are not hairy but blue nonetheless. I can respect your arguments Michael but you gotta admit we are getting a little bit screwed here. Every other character on this list is pretty accurate as far as looks go (maybe not proportion and articulation). Why not Beast too? The grey Beast I’m completely unfamiliar with so maybe that is a perfect rendition but like I said before: I’m picky about my Jim Lee X-Men! Lol

  19. And for the price we pay for a 3″ piece of plastic, I think we all have the right to be picky. To each his own I guess.

  20. **** I meant WHITE if shaved… Lol my bad. Of course he’d be bald haha

    • if you zoom in to the Beast figure, it looks like it is furry all over, it doesn’t look smooth thats for sure

      • You’re right. I can’t see it on the blue beast on my phone but I kind of can on the grey beast. I guess hairy, but not as prolific as it should be.

  21. I figured this would happen as soon as they began to run out of Vonner material. He was the heart and soul of this line and they sent him packing. I really wanted that version of Beast and I really wanted that version of Bishop…but not like this. They took our accessories and I said nothing. They took out stands and decent box art and I said nothing. Now they want to take away articulation. To that I say “Just give me Emma and I’ll GTFO”

  22. You “figured” this would happen. Nice pun. That is amusing. Inadverdant? That is why its funny. Just like the World War II syllogism: “When they came for my neighboor,I said nothing..,then they came for me.” Dude,”why SO serious?” Lol
    Heroes and villains still get appropriate paraphaneila. Guns,knives,shields and swords and so forth. Eg.Deathlock,Valkrie,andOMG,Deathshead! However,when they “took our” vanity plate figure stand/ bases, I raised a Black Bolt sized ruckus! Oh,I ranted my friend. My star wars/clone wars still got their stands,Why?! somebody was playing favorites and politics. It is what it is.
    It can’t last forever. Get what you can,while you can.

  23. There is a way around this but it’ takes a lot of work, practice and patience – get into customising your figures. It’s great fun and you can create versions of the figures to the specs you want. You might have some disasters along the way but it’s all part of the learning curve. I made a Universe Bishop figure using a Hercules body and a Mr T head, gave him dreadlocks and other bits and bobs using 2 part epoxy modelling putty, new paint job with acrylics and hey presto. There’s a ton of sites and forums on the web for enthusiasts of this approach. Give it a go. I’ll be buying some of the new figures, but I’ll transform them. It’s not for everyone, but I recommend it.

  24. I like some of this line but why grey beast ? The x-factor or avengers beast could have worked. I am glad there is a variant here. better than the marvel universe Beast which was just upside down in the package. Really how is that a variant figure?! Instead of the guardians of the galaxy repack they should have made the henchmen 3 pack single carded reissue . That would fly off shelves quickly . Emma frost needs to be released ! Variant Emma Frost diamond form would be amazing if released:) thanks 😉

  25. Everyone collects for different reasons. I dont like that they are changing because IMO, taking the ab swivel artic out is not only limiting the artic, it is changing the appearance as well. That to me just kills it. But what make sit worse is that I found out from a friend of mine at hasbro that Dwight stall is behind the cut backs on the 3.75 line. He has been pushing to make the line go away all together because all he cares about is legends. I never liked stall to begin with because of how shrewd he is, it just makes it worse that he is killing the line that I truly value the most out of my collection, (and I collect a lot of different line). The line is just going completely backwards and eventually I guess it will be no more. I just hope we get more x men before that happens.

  26. I do not want go into the controversy of whether it’s good or not to boycott Hasbro . I just expressed my opinion and my feelings.
    For me Hasbro is completely ruining the concept of action figure. What is interesting with action figures is the poseability. That’s why i went into collecting. Less articulation means less poseability. Will Marvel infinite line end up like Star Wars Mission Series with only 5 poa? For me that’s not what i call action figure. For the price they ask i will not buy less poseable figures and i’m not interested in 6′ figures. So i guess that’s the end of my collection…

  27. You know the difference between the new scaled back marvel infinite lines and the movie line….nothing…nothing at all. I won’t buy any marvel infinite figure without some type of waste movement. Its a shame because I really really love this line

  28. I must be the only person that’s glad they scaled down on the articulation. The 2.0 female bodies were fugly as hell with their weird necks and odd thigh swivels. I noticed the over articulation cheapened a lot of figures making them flimsy almost fragile due to it’s scale. Even with scaling down these articulations it is still superior to most 3.75 lines (sans gi joe) Good call hasbro! Though I’m really going to miss the ab crunch 🙁

  29. NOT HAPPY about limited articulation… ESPECIALLY BEAST?! C’mon guys!! REALLY?! BLACK CAT not being able to be posed in all kinds of athletic poses… STUUUUPID! I may have to make a custom Black Cat just so I can have her the way she ought to be! HAPPY THEY ARE COMING OUT AT ALL!!! I’ve been holding out for THE COOL LOOKING BEAST… hated the DORKY LOOKING BEAST! Who’s idea WAS that?! Fire them! I custom-made a Beast out of some old Wolverine figure parts.. certainly NOT the real thing but, it’ll suffice until I can get the REAL ONE!! Sorry, I know this is too long but, one final word… BRING BACK FULL ARTICULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Sorry, but action figures need to have articulation, and paying more for less makes no sense. Statues are just that- static. You cant compare the two. And I’m not buying this nonsense that its more expensive to continue the articulation standard they had before. I wont get into name-calling or that kind of thing. I will, however, not be paying for these. If you continue paying for less, you will wind up with figures like the “Young Justice” line…and you see where those went.

  31. I agree with both articulation disputes
    The problem is you are destroying your consumer base
    Ex: save $.50 cents in cost at most but jeopardize millions of pieces in lost potential sales through the life of the line.
    I personally would have bought atleast 20+ figures of previous lines that came out with alot of articulation. Just saying Hasbro

  32. I can see both sides of this argument. I think what it comes down to is how you use the product. People who like to pose them will be disappointed. For other collectors it will matter less as they are left mint on card or stood straight upwards on a shelf or in a cabinet.
    Personally, I like the articulation for the most part. The bottom line is to each his/her own.

  33. Bottom line: who cares if they cut out some useless articulation if they keep the line going… Am I right? Unsatisfied as always, eh complainers. The detail is getting better and better all the time. Very happy with this. What grinds my gears is the continuous repeating of characters when there are so many great ones waiting to come out. The last few waves have been incredible though.

    • It’s just hilarious when people who are supposed to be grown men throw tantrums over a toys play value. All that comes to mind is the commercial of the little girl throwing a fit cause her parents erased her “Little Pony Dance Club” cartoon video off Tivo.

    • Not complaining. Just saying it depends on the way the product is used by the purchaser.
      If I pose and display them more articulation is better. That’s a no brainer. If they stay sealed in a package it makes no difference.
      And that IS the bottom line kids!
      P.S. I think Hasbro is doing a great job with their character choices. Keep them coming!

      • Well, it’s obvious if Hasbro did both for more variety for collectors. I do hate the infinite series packaging for both MU and ML, even the Black series too (old ones for 3.75 inch and 6 inch, not the 2015 3.75 inch Tie Pilot one, that looks epic). I seem to hate Black simple packaging.