Marvel Infinite Series Juggernaut Colossus Review & Photos

Over the weekend I posted my review of one of the three “make-good” figures included in the final wave of Hasbro Marvel Infinite Series 3 3/4″ figures: Emma Frost. I was mostly satisfied with that figure of the White Queen, but even so, one of the other Marvel Universe leftovers has stolen Emma’s thunder, in my opinion! I almost didn’t order the Marvel Infinite Series Juggernaut Colossus figure, as I wasn’t sure I needed a toy of this character. I was so, so wrong… this just may be my favorite 4″ Marvel figure of 2015!

Hasbro Juggernaut Colossus Action FigureThe Right:

If you haven’t read X-Men in a few years, so if this 4″ figure of the Unstoppable Colossus (AKA Juggolossus; AKA Colossonaut) is making you scrunch your eyes, let me recap. The original Juggernaut, Cain Marko, was disloyal to Cytorrak (the source of Cain’s powers) during a terrible Marvel comic book crossover event called “Fear Itself” (don’t read it). A group of X-Men went to Cytorrak for help, and Piotr agrees to become the Juggernaut so that his sister, Illyana (Magik), wouldn’t have to.

It definitely wasn’t the most amazing story in the world, but I love that Hasbro produces figures of cool-looking modern characters such as Juggernaut Colossus. Thumbs up!

Back of Hasbro Infinite Series Marvel Jugolossus Action FigureThis figure is almost a 100% repaint of the original Marvel Universe Juggernaut figure that Hasbro released back in 2010 as part of the awesome Marvel Universe Wave 8 (which also included Kitty Pryde and Archangel). Thankfully, that figure was one of the best ever in the line, and the mold has stood the test of time.

Although both figures are iterations of Juggernaut, every single part of this 4″ Colossus Juggernaut Marvel Infinite Series figure has been totally repainted. The costume is maroon and yellow instead of brown and red and the bare arms and head are silver instead of flesh covered.

Hasbro Marvel Universe 2015 Juggernaut Colossus Action FigureBest of all, the Juggernaut helmet and gauntlets have been repainted in a shiny metallic red, which looks absolutely killer. This Unstoppable Colossus figure might be deadly, but he’s also so, so pretty.

Marvel Infinite Series Colossus Juggernaut ReviewAll of the paint applications on my Juggolossus are superb, with even the yellow paint looking great and having no plastic color underneath peeking through (a la the awful paint deco on the Marvel Legends All-New X-Men set).

The one new addition that keeps this from being a complete repaint is an X-Men belt that the Cain Marko Juggernaut (obviously) doesn’t have as part of his costume. It passes my pet-peeves test by fitting snugly and not flopping around at all.

Marvel Infinite Series Unstoppable Colossus Figure RunningAnd while oftentimes toy manufacturers skimp out on the articulation that expensive-to-produce bulky, musclebound figures get, that is absolutely not the case with this Hasbro Juggernaut Colossus figure.

It’s definitely not the most-articulated Marvel action figure that Hasbro has ever released (by a wide margin), but the articulation is more than adequate to get the Unstoppable Colossus into a good variety of flexing, charging and smashing poses. I’ve had more straight-up fun posing this figure than any of the other Marvel toys that I bought this year!

Packaged Marvel Infinite Series Marvel's Colossus FigureMarvel’s Colossus features X points of articulation: a ball-jointed head, upper torso ab crunch, ball-hinge shoulders, swivel biceps and forearms, hinge elbows, ball-jointed hips, swivel thighs and calves, double-jointed knees and hinged ankles. Ordinarily I’d be frustrated about the lack of ankle rockers, but in this case Jugg’s feet are big enough that balance really isn’t an issue at all.

2015 Marvel Infinite Series Juggernaut Colossus vs. KorgThe Wrong:

Even though this is one of the better Marvel Universe-style Hasbro figures to come down the pike in a while, if I don’t nitpick, I’m happy. So…

While I’m overall satisfied with this action figure’s level of articulation, I would have liked it if they had found a way to rejigger the head articulation for this Colossus Juggernaut figure. As it is, Colossonaut has a ball-jointed head, but the up-and-down range-of-motion is so limited that it might as well just be a swivel joint. Colossus can look straight forward, but up…? Forget about it.

Close-Up of Marvel Infinite Series Colossus Juggernaut 4" Figure

In addition, if there’s one part of this figure that I would have liked to have seen some retooling on, it’s the arms. The painted-on black lines on Colossus’s “steel” arms doesn’t really convince me, and some actual texture on the arms would have made this figure’s sculpt just about perfect.

Colossus Juggernaut Hasbro Marvel Universe Figure RunningOverall: Trivial nitpick about the head articulation and lack of textured arms aside, I basically love this Juggolossus figure. I didn’t particularly care when I thought this character was cancelled, but now he’s my favorite Marvel Infinite Series action figure of the year. Bulky, terrific paint deco, fantastic articulation for a figure of his size, fun to pose–this figure exceeds my expectations and is a winner all-around.



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  1. I wanted to correct you–not “Colossus Juggernaut” but “Cyttorak”, but I’m wrong. Cyttorak is the name of the god or demon granting the powers. Right? Or did Cyttorak actually possess Colossus during the transformations? I remember there was concern that Colossus would eventually no longer be able to transform back.

  2. I thought Cyttorak is the demon that gave Colossus the power because Juggernaut already received a hammer and Colossus needed more power to combat him, maybe I have that wrong though.

    Separately, do you think we will see other Fear Itself figures? I am not going to lie, I really love a lot of the costumes in that series even if the story line wasn’t amazing.

    • I think it’s unlikely we’ll ever see any other figure done from Fear Itself by Hasbro. I doubt any company will ever top the character depth that the Minimates went to for Fear Itself.