Marvel Legends 2013 Series 3 (Wave 6) Revealed at SDCC!

Although San Diego Comic Con 2013 Preview Night won’t begin for a few hours yet, news is already starting to emerge from the convention halls! If you’re like me, you were probably expecting that Hasbro would hang onto the secret of their next series of Marvel Legends until their panel later in the show, but nope! Front and center, on display behind glass for Preview Night of SDCC 2013, it’s this fall’s upcoming 2013 Marvel Legends Series 3 (Wave 6) series, featuring Agent Venom, Jubilee and more!

UPDATE: Jubilee has now been confirmed as the Build-A-Figure of Marvel Legends Wave 6!

Marvel Legends Jubilee Build-A-Figure from SDCC 2013

The lineup for Marvel Legends 2013 Series 3 is a strange one, as the assortment seems to be a little bit obscure. Several of these figures are probably variants of each other, but we likely won’t know exactly which one way or the other until the Hasbro Marvel panel this weekend. It’s also possible that there’s another Marvel Legends Thunderbolts or even a Marvel Legends Masters of Evil multipack coming up that some of these belong to, but I highly doubt it. The lineup for Marvel Legends Wave 6 appears to be as follows:

Jubilee Modern X-Men Black Outfit Vampire Version

Jubilee — After over a decade of fans demanding her, Jubilee will finally arrive in Marvel Legends form later in 2013… as the series Build-A-Figure! That’s right, we’ve moved up from  itty-bitty Build-A-Figures like Rocket Raccoon and Puck to young ladies like Jubilation Lee! Sadly, this isn’t exactly the Jim Lee/90’s X-Men cartoon version of Jubilee that a lot of fans had been hoping for. Instead, we’re getting the modern Jubilee (vampire Jubilee) in black jumpsuit and yellow trench coat (the same outfit that the Marvel Universe Jubilee figure out now is wearing). This is a bit of a bummer, but I’m psyched that we’ll finally have the opportunity to own a super-articulated Marvel Legends Jubilee!

Marvel Legends Venom Eddie Brock Figure from SDCC 2013Agent Venom (Flash Thompson) — An Agent Venom Marvel Legends figure is long overdue, and I’m glad to see Flash Thompson Venom finally making his way into the Marvel Legends lineup. I already have the fantastic Marvel Select Agent Venom figure that I reviewed a few months back, though, which is far better than this one (so I’m pretty covered as far as Agent Venom goes). That said, the Marvel Select Eddie Brock Venom is rare and expensive, so I have no problem with Hasbro releasing their own Agent Venom (albeit not nearly as good of one).Marvel NOW Thor Marvel Legends Figure from San Diego Comic Con 2013

Thor (Marvel NOW!) — At first I thought this was just a repack of the Heroic Age Thor from the 2012 Marvel Legends Wave 1, but it’s actually a retool of that figure with an all-new head to represent Thor from Marvel NOW! This is a totally acceptable inclusion in the series, if not a little boring. 2013 Marvel Legends Series 3 desperately needed some star power, and it might as well be Thor. From here on out, things get a bit… obscure…

2013-Marvel-Legends-Series-3-Blizzard-Action-Figure-at-SDCC-2013 Blizzard — I love the 1990’s Iron Man animated cartoon and thus, I love Blizzard. Blizzard hasn’t ever really gotten a ton of notoriety or attention besides his short tenure in one of the many, many lineups of Marvel’s Thunderbolts, but I have a lot of affection for the character and I’m happy to see him take his place in Marvel Legends at last.

Marvel-Legends-SDCC-2013-Batroc-Figure-on-DisplayBatroc the Leaper — I have a hunch that the Marvel Legends Batroc the Leaper is going to be a “variant” of Blizzard, or vice versa. Used primarily as a joke character over the years, I’ve never really cared for Batroc the Leaper one way or the other, but I know a lot of fans have been asking for a Batroc Marvel Legends action figure for years. They’ll get their wish in just a few months.

Radioactive Man SDCC 2013 Marvel Legends Display PhotoRadioactive Man — Though Chen Lu has been brushed aside a bit in recent years, the Radioactive Man was a long-time member of the Thunderbolts and one of my favorite members of that team from any iteration. I really didn’t think Hasbro would ever put out a 6″ Marvel Legends Radioactive Man figure (the 3.75″ Marvel Universe Radioactive Man was a SDCC exclusive last year), I’m thrilled to have him in the lineup. The translucent green plastic parts they used for the Radioactive Man Marvel Legends figure’s limbs looks great–can’t wait to see hi-resolution photos of this one.

Marvel legends 2013 Series 3 Tigershark San Diego Comic Con 2013Tigershark — A mainstay of the Masters of Evil, Tigershark is a good team-builder figure to release. He and Batroc are also the only pure villains to be included in this wave, as every other character has functioned as a hero (or quasi-rehabilitated Thunderbolts member) at some point. Most likely a “variant” of Radioactive Man.

SDCC 2013 Marvel Legends Songbird Figure in Display CaseSongbird — What a year 2013 is for Songbird! The team-completing Thunderbolts Marvel Minimates Songbird figure should hit stores in just a few weeks, and now she’ll get her first Hasbro Marvel Legends figure a couple months afterward! I wish Hasbro had picked her more classic long-haired look for the figure, but I understand with the freaky spiky short hair she’ll fit in with the rest of the modern Thunderbolts Marvel Legends lineup. And speaking of which…
Marvel Legends Moonstone Figure from SDCC 2013
Moonstone — Moonstone/Meteorite has been in so many different lineups of the Thunderbolts and Masters of Evil it’s ridiculous. Though we got our first Karla Sofen figure as the Dark Ms. Marvel variant in the Marvel Universe line a few years back, now Karla will have a mass-release Marvel Legends Moonstone figure all her own! She’s also in the 2013 SDCC Thunderbolts multipack. This is likely a “variant” of Songbird (if Moonstone will get a mass release at all–she may just be being shown off in the display case, though none of her box set comrades are).

Presuming that this is the actual Marvel Legends 2013 Series 3 (Wave 6 overall) lineup, what do you think, Marvel fans? Are you satisfied? Disappointed? Leave a reply and let us know your thoughts!


Marvel Legends 2013 Series 3 (Wave 6) Revealed at SDCC! — 18 Comments

  1. I guess it’s not a bad set up, I mean…I don’t think we need another Thor figure and he is one of my favorite character, but with his movie coming out I’m sure we will have lots of Thor action figures. Also I see they still try to push Moonstone figures out too. Still I hope they at least try to put Blade figures out as well. But I know Hasbro only listen to certain folks out there and they going to do what they want to do. So for now, we just wait and see what happen!

  2. I agree that Blizzard/Bartoc are probably variants of each other (both using the Bucky mold) as well as Tigershark/Radioactive Man (Hyperion Mold, with Tigershark probably just a repaint of Wolverine Legends Sabertooth with a new head), but I I dont think Moonstone and Songbird are variants of each other, Moonstone appears to be using the “new” female mold that Hasbro announced they were working on last year, but songbird looks like she is using the older mold “Elektra/SHIELD agent”; looks a lot like they used the old mold and just molded new arms for her (from the elbow down) kind of like what they did with hope that had the old mold but just had newly molded shins, If I had it my way maybe they’d make a Moonstone Variant in her Ms. Marvel Outfit, seeing as all they need to do is repaint her and they could use the scarf that is shown on the Rogue Figure from Wolverine Legends Hasbro Showed at Toy Fair.

    Another site talked to Dwight Stall (Senior Marvel Product Design Manager @ Hasbro) and apparently something is going on with the older variants where they are having distribution issues and now are looking for ways to get them out (possibly making them a TRU exclusive wave or something like that) so looks like its not looking too good for Danny and Blade, I don’t know if the Hit monkey variants fit into this cause he talks about the first three waves, but i don’t recall having problems with the variants on the first 2 waves.

    • I stand corrected, apparently Songbird WILL be the variant figure of Moonstone. my bad.

  3. Agent Venom isn’t Eddie Brock though. The Venom Symbiote is now worn by Flash Thompson.

    • That said, the figure looks pretty great. I have the Marvel Select version, but I’ll probably be looking out for this one too when it comes out. Flash Thompson as Venom is actually quite awesome. You should try to read the comic ;D

      • You know what’s sad? I own the complete run of the current Venom comic and love it. My brain just shut down when I was writing that. Thanks for the heads-up!

  4. I love the fact that we are having Agent Venom but can we get him to have an ab crunch? I need my action figures to have poseability and he is one that needs it. double knees, double elbows, abcrunch are joints that i dont want getting cut from any character. I hope they can still fix that before it gets its final release.

    • I doubt they’ll fix it, It takes a while to sculpt and produce new figures and since this wave is sheduled to be released 4th quarter 2013 and the pictures shown look very much in their final stages of production; I have little hope they will.

      It looks more like Venom and Thor are wearing a softer plastic armor on top of their chests kind of like Ghost Rider from Wave 1 where his jacket was a removable piece of plastic that just fit over the figure’s chest (hindering the ab crunch underneath), as for the double jointed knees and elbows I can’t really tell in the pictures I’ve seen, the knees usualy are double jointed so Im guessing you just can see them cause they have the knee pads on top of them, the elbow ones look like thor’s single joint, but also can’t really see them too well so since most male hasbro figures have double jointed elbows those are still a posibilty.

      But since these wont be sold til the end of the year there is still a posibility for changes (fingers crossed on a molded chest armor with ab crunch)

  5. Jubilee!!!! My favorite character is getting a figure. 😀 Her and Venom look pretty awesome

  6. Truly I am only excited for an Agent Venom I have been waiting for a ML scale version forever. It really is much better then the MS Agent Venom due to many improvements. The shoulder pads and the head are much more comic accurate, pretty much overall its comic accurate. And also he has long tendrils, finally a Venom figure comes with tendrils, and they can hold objects (most importantly guns).

  7. Last wave before they start mixing in movie stuff? If they go with movie n’ classic mix, more unmade characters should get priority. Yes, my plea will go unheard just like everyone’s whims when dealing with the likes of multi-conglomerate corporate sleazebag companies owned by even larger media entities.

    • I agree, why can’t we get a good rogue or an updated x-23 figure? We all have about fifty billion thors!

  8. Does anyone know when this wave will be released, it’s mid sept. and still no word on preorders, alsoany info on if the variants (running change figures) will be packed in the case from the beginning (like hasbro said they’ll pack 2014 waves) or will they be released later (if at all) like previous waves (still waiting on variants since the epic heroes wave)

    • We won’t know any of that information until Hasbro gives online retailers the go-ahead to allow pre-orders for Marvel Legends Wave 6, or until the series is solicited in Diamond Previews magazine. If I had to warrant a guess, I would say that we’ll see pre-orders open this month via online stores, with a release date in November 2013. But that’s just guesswork.

      • Thanks for the reply, I was just wondering if anyone had any news since its about time this line should start hitting preorders if they are still thinking of releasing it before 2014, guess we’ll have to wait for hasbro to give us details.

  9. Comics and movie mixes could be bad news. If Enchantress makes it into a movie some 70 pound woman with highlights, leather skin and man muscles will get cast and that will end up being the figure we get instead of platinum haired, pale skinned, woman=shaped Amora. Just look at White Queen . She has abs now. ABS. The White Queen with abs = Frank Castle in a school girl uniform.

  10. Starting to consider the “where is Jubilee?” note taped to a brick and google mapping hasbro’s address. Perhaps the security staff could tell me which window to aim for.