Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming 2-Pack Discounted!

UPDATE 12/6/2017: Those who were patient “win” (the right to have more money in their bank account) again–the other Deal of the Day today only is the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming 2-Pack with Iron Man and Unmasked Tom Holland Spider-Man for $19 shipped! If you wanted that Tom Holland Peter Parker had been didn’t want to pay 40 bucks for it, now is your time…!

ORIGINAL (7/7/2017): Opening day has finally arrived for a film that many fans never thought would actually exist: the first Spider-Man movie set in the official Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)! A day this momentous deserves to be commemorated, and that’s why it’s only fitting that a long-anticipated multi-pack is finally popping up in stores: the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming with Iron Man has now popped up on ebay and in some local Toys R Us stores!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Two-Pack Released

Hasbro cut it a little bit close to the wire, but just in time for Spider-Man Homecoming to arrive in theaters, the final 6″ Marvel Legends Homecoming figures have finally started to appear in stores: the Iron Man Mark XLVII (Mark 47) armor figure and the unmasked Spider-Man Tom Holland figure!

This duo was first revealed in the build-up to New York Toy Fair 2017 back in February, and we’ve been wondering when the box set would show up in stores ever since the Homecoming Marvel Legends wave hit Amazon back in April. With the movie hitting theaters this week, it didn’t seem like these last two figures were going to make it for release weekend–but, well–here they are!

Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends Iron Man Set at Toys R UsCory Flippen discovered the new Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming set at his local Toys R Us store after seeing an opening night showing of the movie (he said it was awesome, if anyone is wondering), and was kind enough to send over some photos and give us permission to run them here on Marvel Toy News. Thanks, Cory!

Marvel Legends Homecoming Two-Pack UPC Code

As we knew from the official photos, this set contains a repaint of the new Web Wings Spider-Man with a new Tom Holland Peter Parker head, as well as a repaint of last year’s Civil War Iron Man figure with a new “empty” Iron Man helmet. This set isn’t a store-exclusive and should eventually be widely available, although so far it’s only popped up at Toys R Us stores.

For those wanting to call their local stores and have them check inventory on this set, thanks to Cory, we now know the UPC code for the Spider-Man Homecoming Legends two-pack: 630509595808. The set will also eventually have its own DPCI code for lookup at Target, although the pack hasn’t actually been spotted at any Target stores yet nationwide.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Two-Pack ReleasedAs is always the case whenever hot new figures hit retail, the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming two-pack has already hit ebay, where it’s selling for a little over $70 shipped now. Now, that’s not a terrible price, as the set retails for $39.99, so it’d likely cost someone about $56 to ship it to you (after tax, Paypal and shipping fees), but personally, I’d wait a week or so–I really don’t think that finding this particular two-pack is going to be all the problematic once it hits full distribution.

Have you spotted the Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends 2-Pack at any of your stores yet, Marvel collectors? If so, what stores and what do you think of the pack? A worthwhile $40 purchase, or too much money for what’s essentially just a new Tom Holland head and some new paint on old figures?


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  1. Ahh jeez I still gotta ketchup with the Guardians wave 2. Gettin left behind here lol

  2. I’m going to start off by saying that this is a little off topic, but while I didn’t see this two pack today, I was really surprised by what I came across at Walmart…a humungous self-shipper with all kinds of Homecoming merch, including the new Legends wave. Can’t believe that I walked out with a Moon Knight figure. They were all priced at $18.84, to boot! Marvel Collectors should check their Walmarts…I found the jackpot near the electronics section!

  3. Tried to purchase this set today at the Toys-R-Us in Concord NC and they told me I could not purchase it because the release date for it was 8-1-17. Has anyone else encountered that problem or was this the only Toys-R-Us with a register problem?

    • I bought this 2 pack about 2 weeks ago at Toys R Us and they didn’t say anything. I just bought the Thor Ragnarok Thor vs Hulk lego set yesterday and the TRU cashier said she couldn’t sell it to me because it had a 8/1 street date. When the other employee called the manager up front, she told him they had to sell it to me because it was out on the sales floor. So street date should not matter. I have bought a lot of stuff from TRU before it was supposed to be released.

  4. They told me it was post dated till the 1st of August but since they put it out early they where gonna hold it for me till then.

  5. Manager can override if they choose to,happened to me in Philadelphia PA ,they sold to me anyway

  6. Just left my local ToysRus. They had 8 Spider-Man/Iron man 2 packs but decided to pass. Couldn’t convince myself to spend $40. The unmasked Spidey head is huge and I thought Iron man’s repaint was a little sloppy. Maybe I’ll grab one once they’re on clearance. Can’t see these flying off the shelves.

  7. Interesting to note, this Spider-Man is different colors of red and blue from his single-packed counterpart.

    The red in the 2-pack is SLIGHTLY more magenta, while the single-pack is straight up RED.

    The blue in the 2-pack is a brighter more vibrant and a more movie-accurate blue, while the single-pack blue is more muted and a little darker.

    Also, BOTH of his heads in the 2-pack are different from the single-packed one’s heads.
    Obviously the Tom Holland head is different, but the masked head is a surprised looking head, with one wide eye and one normal eye.
    The single-packed version has a head with two normal eyes, and a head with two squinting eyes.

    The differences are interesting.

    • It’s never been listed as a Toys R Us exclusive. They may have gotten “first dibs” on the set, but it’ll be available to all retailers.

  8. Can’t find the spidey iron man 2 pack on Amazon. Not sure if it’s sold out or what. Been waiting for a drop on this set. I baited myself into buying the GotG ego 2 pack at full price and decided after that to wait for price drops ha.