Marvel Universe Black Cat Figure Review & Photos 2015

While the Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Series 3 3/4″ figures are back in 2015 for another year, the style and articulation level of new molds have undergone a drastic change going forward. This switch hasn’t exactly been met with open arms by collectors, but I decided to pick up the new Black Cat figure for review anyway. Is she good? Sort of. Is the Marvel Infinite Series Black Cat worth buying for $13-$15…? Well…

2015 Marvel Infinite Series Black Cat Action Figure

The Right:

When I saw the first reveal photos of the Marvel Universe Black Cat figure during San Diego Comic Con 2015 last year, I thought that the figure looked more like a cheap Happy Meal Toy than an action figure I’d be willing to shell out ten dollars or more for.

As it turns out, however, the Marvel Infinite Series Black Cat 3 3/4″ figure looks far better than I was expecting her to based off of earlier images.

Close Up of Hasbro Marvel Infinite Series Black Cat FigureHasbro has produced some ugly women in the 4″ scale over the years,  but I think that they gave Felicia Hardy a surprisingly pretty face.

While Black Cat certainly has a dull, neutral expression plastered on her face, her hair and facial features look dead on, and the paint has been applied to her face masterfully. I am pleasantly surprised!

Back of Hasbro 4" Black Cat Action FigureI’m also thrilled that Felicia’s hair is pure white instead of the awful blue shade of last year’s Marvel Legends Black Cat’s hair.

Marvel's Black Cat Hasbro Marvel Infinite Series Wave 6 FigureMeanwhile, Black Cat’s body features several all new molds, including fur-lined legs and forearms and a new torso with fur around the neck and even a little zipper.

Hasbro said that they were cutting down on articulation in favor of greater sculpting detail and new tooling, and I can definitely see the new tooling dollars at work on this Marvel Infinite Series Black Cat.

Black Cat Marvel Universe Figure vs. DaredevilI was doubly surprised to see that the articulation isn’t as bad as I feared. Black Cat still has ball-jointed shoulders and hips, double-hinge knees and even ball-jointed ankles with ankle rockers.

The ankle rockers are a big deal, because they make up for some of posing limitations caused by the points of articulation that aren’t present. And speaking of which…

Hasbro 2015 Black Cat Marvel Infinite Series Figure Punches DaredevilThe Wrong:

Sadly, this Hasbro Black Cat action figure’s upper body articulation pales in comparison to her lower body articulation. The 3 3/4″ Black Cat figure features a ball-jointed head (with the range of motion restricted greatly by her hair sculpt), ball-jointed shoulders and elbows, and…. well, that’s it.

No, really: no ball-jointed upper torso or ab crunch, no swivel waist, no swivel biceps… not even any wrist articulation of any kind. Five total points of articulation above the hips feels really, really cheap, and the missing wrist articulation bothers me a lot more than I’d expected.

Marvel Infinite Series Wave 6 Black Cat PackagedBack when Hasbro priced the Marvel Universe line at $5, I probably could have dealt with the poseability shortcomings. But this Marvel Infinite Series 2015 Black Cat figure wasn’t five bucks–she was thirteen plus tax at Target.

4" Marvel Black Cat Figure 2015 HasbroWhile she’s a nicely done toy for what she is, the Black Cat Marvel Universe figure just is not worth 14 dollars to me for such a small piece of plastic without any accessories and with cut-back articulation.

Marvel Infinite Series Black Cat & Miles Morales FiguresOverall: I was expecting this Marvel Universe Black Cat figure to be positively dreadful, but I was pleasantly surprised by her pretty face, excellent lower-body articulation and nice-looking new tooling.

That said, the upper-body articulation on the 4″ Black Cat action figure is atrocious, and her $13 MSRP is a killer for a figure this size with no accessories. Felicia is a decent figure, but at $14 after tax for a 3 3/4″ figure with no accessories and limited articulation, my days of collecting this line may be coming to an end.



Marvel Universe Black Cat Figure Review & Photos 2015 — 13 Comments

  1. I’m already there Dabid, I was severely disappointed with two of my most wanted characters,(bishop & blue beast) and now I think I am at the end of my rope. It they had just kept the torso articulation I would still be in, maybe even at 13$ but this crap, no way.

    • My profound sympathies,B! Sorry to see you go.
      Ironic that Dabid rated Black Cat the grade that is your designation.
      “B”-? I’m still stunned. I won’t stop collecting these until it’s cancelled. The cuts are too my advantage. Better sculpts less poa? That’s for me. Again, I’m a carded collector, and I think you mentioned Marvel select is better in card? Not always they have a ball and socket hip joint on certain figures that hurts my eyes. However, there isn’t one Marvel Universe 4″figure that looks bad to me.
      And if Marvel Legends hikes their prices to $23.99 like I saw in Target recently,it will be a reversal of fortune, and I will have to quit legends,and just buy these.

  2. This line seems really fragile. Daredevil came out of the package with the leg already popped off the ball joint. At $13 a pop I wish they were a little more durable.

    • Ive had the same issue with the very same DD when he was in the 2 pack,and Iron Fist @the lower price point. Let us just be thankful that they’re made easily whole again by popping the parts back into place. 🙂
      I’ve had to glue $10-$25 broken toys back together.
      Imagine having fix broken expensive import toys like figuarts, and play arts kai.

  3. Whoa! This got the grade of “B”!? Really,Dabid? I expected more. Like this reduced poa piece of plastic sans accessories to earn an atrocious grade of F+!
    B,huh? WOW. Her looks are debatable as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’ve not seen one in Target yet that is pretty enough to acquire. Felica’s ML counterpart is gorgeous on a level all to herself. That you would insult the blueish paint wash in her “white”silver-platinum-blonde hair is hilarious. Hasbro is often ridiculed for light to nonexistent paintwashes in comparison to Toybiz’s extreme paintwashes 😀 Dude, I’ve not seen any ugly women in HMU. Toybiz legends,but NEVER HMU Aurora,Dagger,Storm,SpiderWoman I,II ,Mockingbird,Queen Medusa, Rogue,Psylocke,Jubilee..WHERE ARE THESE UGLY WOMEN,DUDE?
    Anywhoo..,if you quit,and can’t review these any more that will be mildly sad.
    I still like this line and I’ve got figures with less poa than the current 11 points of articulation that these now sport. Star Wars saga legends,and JLU 4″is of what I speak. I collect these carded as well as figurines and have paid in excess $15-$20 for MU figures,so what is $13? I’m not an articulation devotee, clearly. Thus I’m good with no waist, ab rockers etc in favor of better sculpting. Every kind, good or positive word in your review is noted and appreciated,Dabid.

    ” Hasbro said that they were cutting down on articulation in favor of greater sculpting detail and new tooling, and I can definitely see the new tooling dollars at work on this Marvel Infinite Series Black Cat.”

    • So… are you saying that the ‘B’ for Black Cat was too high or too low, GL? I’m not entirely sure. =D

      I genuinely expected her to be a solid ‘D’, but once I got her out of package and posed her some, I was reasonably impressed. She’s no She-Hulk, but she’s still pretty good!

      As for ugly women in Hasbro Marvel Universe: Jim Lee Jean Grey and Mary Jane. Ick.

      • Good. Great. Glad to hear it. Just the tone did not look good for post Vonner figures, and I was sure she was not going to get a high grade from you, sir.
        Jean? It’s the short neck or high shoulders? You might be onto something, but, MJ?! WHA??!! She’s a doll, tiger! 😉 I like her so much she’s one of my mint on card figures.

  4. With characters like Black Cat, Doc Ock, Wonderman, and Thunderstrike being released and the better tooling /sculpting, ill keep buying even if the price
    is $12-14 …
    i like my action figures carded and deprived of articulation so it doesnt Really bother me .

  5. The lack of articulation on the torso definitely improves the look of the figure – this Black Cat’s breasts don’t look like two spheres that were glued on as an afterthought, unlike most female figures (especially the Firestar/Mockingbird figures – those looked terrible.)

  6. This happens with many of the Marvel Universe range, Johhny Storm (Non Flame), Iron Fist (Ultimate), Armoured Daredevil (Brand new this week) and there are probably a few others I cant recall right now, and it is always the left leg of the figure, it is clearly a fault with that leg mould and hole on the leg is not big enough compared to the right and therefore with just a little movement it tends to pop straight off, although it is also true to say it pops staright back on again also, so it is not ‘broken’. The only weird thing I found is that ‘Flame on’ Johnny had an issue with the left Leg also, but ‘Flame off’ johhny’s leg fit it perfectly, so just switched them.

    Not a collector myself but my son is, so therefore I am if you know what I mean, personally not happy and neither is he with the limited articulation, he does like the new Armoured Daredevil though.

    The Kiddie 2.5″ toys for GOTG abnd Avengers AOU are rubbish though and they are not selling in stores in Scotland, but then local stores never stocked Marvel Universe or Marvel Legends I have to order everything online for him. sometimes second hand or loose as well, He does have a great collection though and has been at it for 4 years now.

  7. Problem is, there’s people collecting this line who care about articulation, then there’s those who care more about the sculpt. If either doesn’t like what they see enough to steer clear of the product in significant numbers, the entire line is done for… And I saw a lot of people pass on the last wave.