Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends Packaged Photos!

I so badly want to get back to posting reviews (I have a floor full of new figures waiting for review like you would not believe) and discussing some of the smaller companies’ new toys that I saw at New York Toy Fair 2017–but it looks like those things are going to have to wait a bit more, because the Hasbro Marvel Legends train isn’t slowing down at all! We only saw them revealed last weekend, but now Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends packaged photos have already turned up!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Wave 2 6 Inch Figures

With the new Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends having hit stores a few weeks ago and the Spider-Man Homecoming movie just two months behind Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at the box office, I figured we’d be seeing official photos of Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Wave 2 sooner than later–but even I wasn’t expecting it to be quite this soon (care of the overseas Toy Sapiens website)!

Hasbro revealed all seven action figures and the “Build-A-Figure” last week, so there’s no shockers here (he was in the last series–ha). Let’s have a look…

Packaged Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends FigureThe standard Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming figure is the headliner of this wave–as he should be–and will be the two-per-case figure in the series beyond almost any shadow of a doubt.

Notice that this Web Wings Spider-Man figure has an alternate masked head and two pairs of hands, but no Tom Holland Peter Parker head: you’ll have to buy the two-pack with Homecoming Iron Man for that.

Marvel Legends Homemade Suit Spider-Man in PackagingFigure #2 Spider-Man Homemade Suit Version with alternate hands and interchangeable hoods (for up or down action).

Marvel Legends Homemade Suit Spider-Man Promo ImageI really, really dig the way the packaging for this movie pops off the shelf because of the blue background and yellow Spider-Man logo really changing things up. I wonder if it’s time for a shake-up to the standard packaging colors…?

Packaged Marvel Legends Moon Knight 6" FigureThird is the figure that I expect to be the hot seller from this series as far as comic-based characters go: 6″ Marvel Legends Moon Knight in his modern costume. He looks terrific!

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Moon Knight 6" Figure Promo ImageAfter getting the 3.75″ version yesterday that comes with bupkis, it’s gratifying to see the 6″ Moon Knight will still come with alternate hands, a staff, three mini Moonerangs and a big Moonerang boomerang.

Packaged Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man 6" FigureFourth is the first-ever Hasbro Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man Captain Universe figure! I love love Captain Universe, and have been wanting a new figure of this version for many years.

Marvel Legends Captain Universe Spider-Man Promo ImageThe three interchangeable heads included are absolutely awesome, and the only thing I would have wanted in addition would be some energy effects pieces.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Tombstone Figure in PackageTombstone punches his way into the series at #5. I know Hasbro is working hard to give us modern versions of as many characters as possible, but this is an instance where I would have greatly preferred a classic Marvel Legends Tombstone. This figure has pegwarmer written all over it, sadly.

Packaged Marvel Legends Beetle Figure 2017Figure #6 is the classic Abe Jenkins Beetle Marvel Legends figure we’ve all been waiting for. He looks spectacular and will hopefully not suffer the same peg-warming fate as his predecessors.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Vulture Figure in PackageLastly, we’ve got the Marvel Legends Vulture movie figure. I’m sure he cost a bundle in unique sculpting, but he really looks lonely and sad in his packaging without his wings. I don’t know how well Vulture will sell to those not planning to buy the whole set and build his wings…

The Vulture Flight Pack Build-A-Figure is a first for Hasbro, and I hope the gamble pays off. The wings have an insane wingspan and loads of sculpting detail and articulation, so Hasbro really went all out with these. I think in person collectors will be really impressed.

Marvel Legends Web Wings Spider-Man Homecoming FigureThe Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Series figures should be up for order within the next 1-3 months and are scheduled for release in Spring 2017. I’ll send out alerts via the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages as soon as figures go up for order as sets and individuals.

Now that we’ve gotten a look at the finished figures inside their packaging, what do you think of this year’s second batch of Spider-Man Legends, Marvel collectors? Will you buy the whole series to build that 20″+ Vulture Flight Pack, or is that not enough incentive to earn a whole wave purchase from you?


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  1. i actually love every figure in this wave except Captain universe (which i like). here is my ranking:
    Moon Knight
    homemade suit spidey
    Captain Universe

    hasbro is seriously impressing me this year. i think the worst wave they’ve show is the x-men wave, and that says A LOT.

  2. Makes sense…..ish
    If they’re still going by the 1 wave per month release model that they did for the majority of 2016, then in the order that we’ve seen the waves get revealed:
    – “January’s” wave is nominally the 2016 Spider-Man Wave #3
    – February’s wave is the 2017 Guardians Of The Galaxy wave #1
    – March’s wave is the 2017 X-Men wave #1
    – April’s wave is the 2017 Spider-Man wave #1 – this Spider-Man:Homecoming wave

    – May’s wave is probably what, the 2017 Guardians Of The Galaxy wave #2, since that’s the next one where we’ve seen the whole lineup?
    – June’s wave is probably the 2017 Netflix/Marvel Knights wave #1?
    – July is probably a 2nd Spider-Man wave? (SOMETHING Spider-Man has to be scheduled to come out around the time of the movie…)
    – August’s wave is probably the Thor Ragnarok wave (which actually happens to be exactly what the rumors say….)

    And then we have to wait for anything beyond that to be announced.

    • If they don’t do an MCU Shocker to release in a 2nd Spider-Man wave, I’ll be amazed.
      Also, what’s the other supposed Homecoming villain’s name? Tinkerer? Maybe him too, depending on if he’s toyetic.

      It’s not like there’s any shortage of Spider-Man characters to fill out waves…

      Scorpion, Mysterio, Doc Ock, Lizard, Hydro Man, Ben Reilly Jackal, Iron Spider, Spider-Man Noir, Prowler, several varieties of Julia Carpenter (Spider-Woman, Arachne, Madame Web).

      And that’s just some of the fairly major stuff.

      There’s a whole Spiderverse of Spider-Folk, a whole mess of lesser villains, and a whole crapload of non-Spider-Man characters (like Gwenpool) who need to just be crammed into a wave somewhere, because they don’t belong to any of the major groups.

      • I agree, bring on the classic scorpion,classic doc octopus,mr.hyde,iron spider,tarantula,even a spiderman noir.

    • Not to mention all the various retail exclusives and two-packs, PLUS whatever comes out for SDCC. Those six-packs are technically waves unto themselves.

  3. I am VERY disappointed that we getting a pair of WINGS for the BAF; I’d much rather have a stand alone figure (Doc Ock anyone?)

    With that said, I will be buying a case of these, in a heartbeat.

    • It’s the only way we were ever going to get a proper MCU Vulture, and he’s one of the biggest craziest villain designs in the MCU, so it’d suck to never get a figure of him. *shrug*

      I want a Doc Ock, but not at the expense of never getting a 2 foot wide Vulture with like 46 points of articulation.
      We’ll get a Doc Ock eventually.

    • Not really.
      The Vulture wings are HUGE – like 2 FEET WIDE, and they alone have got like 12 points of articulation, which would make the complete MCU Vulture one of the most, if not THE MOST articulated Marvel Legends figure by a huge margin.

      (Pretty sure the next more articulated is the ToyBiz Marvel Legends Sentinel, due to his individual fingers and tentacles.)

      He’s going to be one of the most impressive figures in the history of Marvel Legends, unless something goes very wrong.

  4. I’m concerned that the wings won’t hold together right i really don’t want to get it ant the wings fall apart

  5. anybody has any advice on how to get this whole wave once its out? also so april is the prediction?

    • I’d just pre-orders in the first half of April. I’ll post pre-order links to the set, cases and individuals here and on our Facebook Page as they become available.