Toy Fair 2017: Marvel Legends 12″ Hulk Thor & Deadpool Photos!

Here I thought that I had discussed all of the new Marvel Legends shown in my New York Toy Fair 2017 coverage last weekend, when I flipped through my photos today and realized I never talked about a trio that didn’t debut at the show. Not only did Hasbro bring the soon-to-be-shipping Marvel Legends 12″ Deadpool to show off at Toy Fair, but they also had the recently-revealed 12″ Thor and 14.5″ Hulk there. And I have to say, both these figures look a lot better than I expected in person…

Toy Fair 2017 Hasbro 12 Inch Hulk Thor Figures

I’ve been a huge proponent of the 12″ Marvel Legends figure series ever since Hasbro premiered Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man at the 2016 Toy Fair last year. Even if the line hasn’t exactly been tearing it up sales-wise, I absolutely wanted to see more releases in 2017.

Hasbro is making that dream come true with Deadpool shipping this spring and now Hulk and Thor in the fall, and while the official photos of 12 Hulk and Thor didn’t sell me on them, seeing them with my own eyes at the 2017 New York Toy Fair did…

2017 Toy Fair Marvel Legends 12" Thor Head Close-Up HelmetLet’s start with Thor: I didn’t like the heads for this character (bearded or not) at all in the Hasbro hi-res photos, as I thought neither face looked quite right to my memories of Thor from the comics.

12 Inch Thor Electrified Hammer Marvel Legends 2017 FigureBut seeing them in person, I felt like I was seeing totally different and more authentic heads for Thor–they just looked “right” to me, which I definitely was not expecting.

Marvel Legends Thor 12" Figure Bearded HeadEven in my own photos the heads for Thor don’t look quite right, so I wonder if maybe he just doesn’t photograph well. Regardless, I’ve turned around on this Thor 12″ figure.

Toy Fair 2017 Hasbro Thor Electric Hammer Mjolnir Translucent BlueAnother thing that sold me on Thor was Hasbro revealing during their presentation that Thor will include two hammers (both an electric-charged translucent hammer shown at Toy Fair and the regular hammer), and also Thor’s faces and helmet/hair are interchangeable so that you can create any of four different looks for The God of Thunder (though not the female one, obviously).

Marvel Legends 15" Hulk New York Toy Fair 2017Meanwhile, we got confirmation that Hulk is 14.5″ tall and will ship separately from Thor, as he’s going to have a different price ($74.99) and he also comes with a bigger package than Thor’s (no, not that package).

Marvel Legends Hulk 12" Figure Close-Up Toy Fair 201714.5″ may not sound all that much bigger than 12″, but Hulk is absolutely massive in person compared to the normal sixth scale figures in the line.

Marvel Legends 12" Hulk Accessories Alternate Head FistsHulk comes with grabbing hands and fists, as well as classic and more modern heads. It’s not a huge assortment of extras, but I like everything present.

Hasbro Toy Fair 2017 Deadpool 12 Inch Figure PosingFinally, we’ve got the Marvel Legends 12″ Deadpool figure that’s set to hit stores any time now. We’ve been seeing this figure since SDCC 2016, so I didn’t spend a lot of time with him, but I couldn’t resist snapping some photos since Hasbro had him set up so elegantly.

12" Marvel Legends Deadpool Figure with Chimichanga BurritoIf any character is going to “save” the sales of this line, it’s Deadpool. Wade comes with a much deeper assortment of weapons than any other figure in the series, is by far the hottest character Marvel has going right now, and simply the most “fun” entry in the 12″ Legends series.

Marvel Legends Headpool 12 Inch Deadpool Figure Accessory

Look at the paint deco in that burrito (or is it a chimichanga–I’m terrible at identifying toy food), and how much personality the half-masked Wade Wilson and Headpool heads have! Clearly a lot of love went into this action figure. And for those wondering: yes, I did see the Headpool head being used on Deadpool’s body at the show, so it can be done.

In addition to Headpool and the unmasked Wade Wilson head and the southwestern style food of some sort, Marvel Legends 12″ Deadpool also comes with a pair of twin katanas, a couple different guns (with Deadpool logos, of course), alternate hands and a regular masked head.

2017 New York Toy Fair Marvel Legends Deadpool 12" Figure and AccessoriesI expect to see the Deadpool 12″ Marvel Legends figure going up for sale any time in the next few weeks, and will post links to the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Page once Wade’s up for sale. I fully expect Deadpool to be the first (and maybe only) fast-selling figure in this range. I’ll post more information on Hulk and Thor as their release date in the fall approaches.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see photos of the actual 12″ scale  Marvel Legends Hulk and Thor figures–plus the final production version of Deadpool–what do you think of Hasbro’s biggest Marvel Legends versions of these characters ever? Are you planning to bring home any of these figures this year, or are you still not sold on some aspect of this line?


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  1. I like this line A LOT! I am a huge marvel sideshow collector and after getting the first 3 in the 12″ legends line, they are excellent for the price point. Especially the spiderman, I love the figures and the option of displaying them in box or out. I am excited that this line is continuing, I stopped collecting the 6″ legends due to space issues but will continue collecting these.

  2. I’ll get excited for this scale if we get Captain Marvel, Black Panther and Doctor Strange!

  3. How many heads will the 14.5 inch hulk come with? I want an angry modern hulk head sculpt to not just a classic angry one!! Please let me know. THANKS

  4. I meant angry yelling/screaming modern hulk head sculpt, sorry. I want one neutral and one screaming head for both classic and modern hulk.