Wolverine Legends Puck Series Figures Released w/ Emma Frost!

Slowly but surely, the last 2013 Hasbro Marvel figures are finding their way to retail! Though the Wolverine Legends Puck Series of Marvel Legends 6″ figures missed the theatrical release of “The Wolverine” movie by two months, this series of Wolverine Marvel Legends figures never really had anything to do with the movie to begin with (other than the fact that Wolverine stars in both). Instead, this 6″ Wolverine Legends action figure series features some of the most-wanted Hasbro 6″ figures, including Emma Frost. Unfortunately, if you want these figures–particularly Emma–it’s going to cost you…

Wolverine Legends Case Emma Frost Cyclops Sabertooth

When Hasbro announced that the Wolverine Legends 6″ figures assortment was going to be a Diamond Previews exclusive item a few months ago, I had some trepidations that the set’s exclusivity was going to make it a huge pain for Marvel collectors. With the Wolverine Marvel Legends cases being shipped out to comic book stores and online retailers this week, it appears that that concern has become reality.

The case assortment of Hasbro 6″ Wolverine Legends figures that has now been released consists of the following case ratios:

(3) Wolverine
(2) Sabertooth
(2) Cyclops
(1) Emma Frost

Wolverine Legends Emma Frost 6 Marvel Legends Action Figure Hasbro 2013Yes, that’s right–for this exclusive direct-market case pack, Hasbro chose to heavily pack the figure that was likely to be the least popular (Wolverine) and which contains no Puck BAF parts, but shortpacked the figure that was going to be the most in-demand of anything from the series (Emma Frost). Oy.

Wolverine Legends Marvel Legends Puck Build-A-Figure Hasbro 2013Even worse, the Wolverine Legends Emma Frost figure is packed with the Marvel Legends Puck Build-A-Figure Body and Legs, so even if you don’t want Emma herself, you’ll need to buy her if you want to get Puck. As a result, the Emma Frost Wolverine Legends figure is selling (not trying to be sold, mind you, but actually selling) for $45+ right now on the aftermarket.

Wolverine Marvel Legends Phoenix Five Cyclops FigureFor those wondering about the fates of the Cyclops Phoenix Five and Rogue figures, their futures look bleak. The Wolverine Legends Rogue and Phoenix Five Cyclops Marvel Legends figures are not scheduled to be released in this particular line anymore, and the Phoenix Five Cyclops action figure has been outright cancelled according to Hasbro.

The 6″ Rogue figure will supposedly be moved to a future series of X-Men Legends (or something similarly named), but at this point I don’t have a lot of faith left in Hasbro actually getting that figure out (after the great Marvel Legends running change disaster of 2012/2013).

Wolverine Legends Marvel Legends Rogue and Emma Frost Action FiguresPersonally, I want Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men Cyclops and the Puck Build-A-Figure, so I suspect I’m going to end up buying a Wolverine Legends case of 8 figures for $159.99. It’s a lot more than I want to spend on this series, but I think I’m probably better off selling the extra figures online than trying to just buy the figures I want outright at inflated prices on the aftermarket.

Some sets of the four Wolverine Legends figures have sold for as little as $100 on ebay, but I haven’t been able to snag a set for a “low” price like that myself (but believe me, I am trying).

What do you think, Marvel collectors? Are you buying a case of Wolverine Legends, hunting for them at your local comic book stores, or passing on this series altogether?


Wolverine Legends Puck Series Figures Released w/ Emma Frost! — 1 Comment

  1. I am so bummed that Phoenix Cyclops is not coming out. It looked amazing and,aside from Rogue, was the only one I cared about.

    Also, what is up with the build a figure parts? 50% with Emma? Scalpers are gonna have a field day.