2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2-Packs Released!

Even though Hasbro started shipping the 2017 Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange two-packs two months ago, I’ve yet to see one of those 3 3/4″ packs in a single brick-and-mortar store. So with that in mind, I was a bit dubious as to whether or not this year’s new Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming two-packs would ever actually appear before me at a retail store, or if I’d have to go shopping online for them. But that question was answered for me today, when both the Vulture and Shocker packs appeared before me!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Vulture Spider-Man 2-Pack Packaged

The glory days of the beloved Hasbro Marvel Universe figures series are long past us, with the line being folded into “Marvel Legends” last year and the number of new 3.75″ figures being released each year approaching an all-time low since the inception of Marvel Universe.

But while Hasbro has certainly slowed down with Marvel Universe scale figures, the line isn’t dead yet–and we’re getting both a Spider-Man Homecoming movie-based set and a comics-based set this spring!

Packaging Back Vulture vs. Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends Two PackFirst, the Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends two-pack. To the surprise of absolutely nobody, this set contains the main hero and villain from the movie: Spidey in his normal costume and the movie Vulture.

Marvel Universe Movie Vulture Figure Close-UpI really appreciate that we can get this 3 3/4″ Vulture figure here–complete with wings–for about 10 bucks, since the 6″ Marvel Legends version requires buying $140 in toys to complete.

The 6″ Vulture figure with two foot long wings is amazing, mind you, but a smaller version with non-poseable wings for 1/14th the price is certainly quite appealing as well.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming 3.75" Movie Figure Close-UpThe 4″ Homecoming Spider-Man figure looks decent as well and has a lot of articulation built-in, although a paint wash to fill in some of the lines of the costume would have greatly improved the aesthetic, in my opinion.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man vs. Shocker Two-Pack PackagedIn addition to the Homecoming two-pack, there’s also a comic book-based 4″ Marvel Legends Shocker and Spider-Man two-pack. It’s actually been a while since a regular Marvel Universe Spidey figure has been released in his plain old costume, so I actually don’t mind seeing this super-articulated figure here at all.

Marvel Legends Shocker 4" Figure Close-Up

The true star of the pack, though, is (of course) the first 3.75″ Shocker figure ever. Unlike the 6″ version that initially shipped without it, all of the two-pack Shocker figures have the Thunderbolts belt buckle firmly in place.

He doesn’t come with any effects pieces, which is a real shame, but I actually might prefer the 4″ Shocker to the 6″ iteration. The head sculpt looks more deadly and less doofy on this figure, and I think his costume design looks better at the smaller scale.

Back of Package Shocker Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2-PackI think this Shocker set may also prove popular as a complement to the Amazon Exclusive Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six set coming this spring, which includes six of Spidey’s greatest villains–but no Shocker.

The Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2-Packs are now turning up in stores across the United States, and I saw a full case of both sets at Target today. If you’ve spotted the two-packs at a different chain and want to share, feel free to leave a note in the comments to help your fellow collectors track these down.

Now that the last known MU 3.75″ two-packs have hit stores, what do you think of these sets, Marvel collectors? Are you interested in scooping up either (or both) of these sets for your collection?


2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2-Packs Released! — 16 Comments

  1. I have seen the Guardians and Dr Strange 2-packs at TRU in Washington State. Hopefully these show up soon as well.

  2. Is the 6inch Shocker shipping with the Thunderbolts logo on his, er, belt?

    • He is. I haven’t found one personally, but many of them have been found.

  3. Minor detail- this isn’t the first 3.75″ Shocker. One was released in the old 3 inch Spider-Man line, but he had these awful, comically oversized gauntlets.

    I found the Guardians 2-pack the other day at my local TRU and picked up the last one, haven’t seen the Doctor Strange one though. Really hoping to get my hands on these, though, but I fear I’ll have to end up ordering them online.

  4. I was really happy to find these during a Sunday morning Target run yesterday! I’m not really interested in the Homecoming set, but I really like the Shocker/Spidey set. I was…away from collecting at the height of Marvel Universe, so I am really pleased to have a “standard” super articulated Spider-Man. Shocker does look great too! I’ve passed up the 6 inch version basically just because of that squint.

  5. I’m not sure where you’re looking but Toys R Us near me has had the Dr. Strange/ Guardians packs for months.

  6. 3.75 figures are now “Marvel Legends”. Thanks for gumming up my ebay results with a scale I have zero interest in, Hasbro. *sarcastic thumbs up*

  7. Dabid, what was the Target DPCI on your receipt? That’ll help us 3.75″ collectors find them. Can’t wait for Shocker to fill out the Spider-man rogues.

  8. I have also been seeing the Guardians/Dr. Strange 2 packs at Target.

    I was at Wal-Mart today and saw a case above the pegs (not yet unpacked) that sure sounded like it must have been the Homecoming two-pack. Nothing about the Shocker one though.

  9. Am I the only one who noticed that actually Vulture’s helmet is wrong? It’s very different from the movie: Spiderman Homcoming.

    • It takes 12-18 months to bring an action figure to market, so sometimes the figures are based off concept art and don’t match the movie designs perfectly, unfortunately.