Civil War Titan Hero Falcon & War Machine Released!

As much faith as I have in most of Hasbro’s Marvel toy lines, if there’s one Hasbro Marvel action figure line I wouldn’t buy based solely off the official photos, it’s the Titan Hero Series. So even though the Civil War Titan Hero Falcon and War Machine figures went up for order online a few days ago, there was no way I was picking them up without seeing them in person. But to my delight, I saw both 12″ figures locally today–and they may be the best Titan Heroes ever!

Captain America Civil War Titan Hero War Machine & Falcon Figures

Whereas the electronic Titan Hero Tech Avengers Age of Ultron figure series gave us only the biggest of headliner characters (including Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man), Hasbro is expanding the line this year to include two of the most popular secondary Avengers: (Marvel’s) Falcon and War Machine Mark III!

I make my Titan Hero 12″ figure purchases as sparingly as possible, but as I’m a total mark for Rhodey and Sam Wilson, Hasbro instantly had my attention with this duo.

Titan Hero Civil War War Machine Mark III FigureFirst up, we’ve got the War Machine Mark III. When I first saw this armor permutation, I thought that it was just the Mark II with a crazy baton cannon accessory.

Well, the removable cannon/baton is present as advertised (and electronic in this instance), and Rhodey’s armor is also darker and has some subtle differences from its predecessor.

Box Back Civil War War Machine Titan Hero ToyI’m not overjoyed by the “grumpy scowl” on the Civil War War Machine’s helmet, but there’s not a shred of doubt that this figure is worlds better than the prior Titan Hero War Machine figures released. Sadly, there does not appear to be a “War Machine Rocks” soundbite as part of the electronic speed sound effects. Alas.

Marvel's Falcon Titan Hero Captain America Civil WarMeanwhile, the first-ever movie Falcon Titan Hero toy actually bears a surprisingly well-executed Anthony Mackie head sculpt. Most unnamed Titan Heroes head sculpts look like train wrecks, but the Sam Wilson head here is vastly better than what Hasbro usually gives us in this line!

Box Back Titan Heroes Civil War Falcon Action Figure 12"On the downside, since Falcon’s costume is much lighter than War Machine’s, the button you press to activate the electronics (and the speakers) are a lot more visible than on War Machine. Falcon’s soundbites includes such legendary quotes as “Falcon coming in fast!” and “It’s time to fly!”

Even so, I think this may be my favorite Marvel Titan Hero figure Hasbro has ever produced. Those who want a good 12″ Falcon for less than 1/10th the cost of a Hot Toys Falcon will definitely want to check this version out.

Civil War Falcon Titan Hero 12" Figure Close-Up Anthony MackieThe Titan Hero Captain America Civil War War Machine and Falcon are now available for order both online and in stores. They’re retailing for $19.99 each, which I think is a very solid price for 12″ figures that are vastly better than your typical Titans.

I’m looking forward to owning the Hot Toys versions of both of these characters in the next six months to a year from now, but these are going to tide me over in the meantime. Really nice Titan Heroes–who ever thought we’d see the day?!

Anyone else out there intrigued by the latest additions to the Marvel Titan Hero figures line? Are you planning to pick up Falcon, War Machine, or any other character in this line?


Civil War Titan Hero Falcon & War Machine Released! — 4 Comments

  1. I picked mine up this past weekend at the local Toys R Us, and thanks to you, I ordered the Black Panther and other War Machine from Amazon, and upon receipt of them today, they were both packaged damaged, so back to Amazon they go tomorrow morning, while I await the arrival of their replacements.

  2. I think it’s also worth mentioning that the Falcon figure has a surprisingly good Mackie sound-alike voicing the toy. Usually, it seems like Hasbro doesn’t even try and just hires whoever is cheap that can sound generically heroic for their Titan Hero line.

    • The voice actor may sound like Mackie, but the inflection is all wrong…it’s too exagerated…too Black. Like the voice director told the actor “make it sound like a Black guy” and that’s how it came out. Almost as if Tracy Morgan or Ice Cube was told to voice the character…the inflection is inherently Black, but that’s not how Mackie ultimately sounds…