Funko Juggernaut POP Vinyls Figure Revealed! Walgreens Exclusive!

When the Funko Iceman POP Vinyl figure was revealed last week as a Specialty Series exclusive, that left just one Funko Dorbz X-Men figure without a POP Vinyls counterpart… until now! After debuting in vinyl figure form at New York Comic Con 2016 as a Dorbz, Juggernaut is finally going to get his due as an unstoppable exclusive–it’s the Walgreens Exclusive Funko Juggernaut POP Vinyls figure!

Funko Juggernaut POP Vinyls Figure Walgreens Exclusive

The writing seemed to be on the wall that all of the X-Men Dorbz would be making reappearances as POPs after Iceman and Emma Frost were announced as Specialty Store exclusives. That just left most of us wondering when–not if–a POP Juggernaut would be joining our collections.

But it looks like the question we should have been asking was “where”–although now we have an answer to that question as well thanks to the telltale sticker on the package: Walgreens stores!

Yup–following up difficult-to-find Marvel Walgreens POP Vinyl exclusives like Scarlet Spider, Venom, Unmasked Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man 2099, the unstoppable Juggernaut Funko POP Vinyl will be a Walgreens exclusive this spring!

Funko Juggernaut POP Vinyls Figure Walgreens ExclusiveWith his fists coiled and his teeth gritted, the POP Juggernaut figure is ready for battle and looking mighty mean! As a villain who’s not quite at the iconic level, Juggernaut is a fine choice to arrive in limited exclusive form. This way he won’t rot on store shelves and lose value, but the collectors who want him will still be able to get him (theoretically–Walgreens exclusives are always a bit of a crapshoot in the availability department).

Funko hasn’t officially announced the POP Vinyls Juggernaut just yet, but I’m sure they’ll be doing so soon now that the unstoppable cat’s out of the bag. I’ll post an update with the anticipated release details for this figure once Funko makes that information public (likely in the very near future).

What are your thoughts on this Juggernaut POP Vinyl, Marvel collectors? Will you be picking up this exclusive POP, and now that all of the characters Funko has done as Dorbz have POP Vinyls counterparts, what X-Men characters would you like to see take this form in the future?


Funko Juggernaut POP Vinyls Figure Revealed! Walgreens Exclusive! — 7 Comments

  1. X I’d like to see a nightcrawler, rogue, jubilee, bishop and gambit in a future wave. Maybe even a sunfire. His classic costume would look great in pop form.

    • Funko makes some very weird choices in their characters most of the time (the recent Resident Evil series is a perfect example of this, where we got a Licker and Hunter, but only Jill and Leon from the main characters and no Chris, Claire, Barry, Wesker etc…). I honestly I don’t understand we’ve not received some fan favorites such as Rogue & Gambit. It seems like easy math to me. I would immediately buy a Rogue & Gambit and Jean and Scott 2-pack. 🙂

  2. Cue me never seeing this in my stores because my local pair sell these before they even hit shelves on Ebay.

  3. I agree with Joel!! Definitely want Nightcrawler!! Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, Sunfire plus Havok, Scarlet witch, Thunderbird and Banshee!!

  4. POP vinyl look a little creepy to me with the blacked-out eyes. To each his own, I guess. I prefer the Dorbz figures