Marvel Legends 12″ Hulk & Thor Figures Revealed! Hasbro

While we’ve seen a multitude of figures and toys already for this year’s Spider-Man Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movies, there’s another pair of characters starring in a movie that have been rather conspicuous by their absence in toy form this year… until now! Looks like we can put the speculation about the Hasbro Marvel Legends 12″ figures series ending to rest, because 12″ Marvel Legends Hulk and Thor have now been revealed!

Marvel Legends Hulk 12 Inch Figure

We’re ten days away from the New York Toy Fair 2017, but Hasbro is not pulling any punches leading up to the event, that’s for sure!

After revealing their 6″ Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends figures earlier today, Hasbro has now sent out photos revealing another pair of figures being added to a line many thought was already dead: Marvel Legends 12″ Hulk and Thor figures!

With Thor: Ragnarok coming out in the fall, I had hoped we’d see a sneak peek of some toys for the film at the 2017 Toy Fair next weekend (and no, I will not post the oft-wrong UPC listing for the Thor Marvel Legends 6″ series here until we get confirmation of the actual figures in the series).

2017 Marvel Legends Thor 12 Inch FigureBut while it’s still unknown if any of the 6″ Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok figures will be shown at the Toy Fair (I’d bet on seeing around half the series there, personally), we now do know for sure about two comics-based 12″ Legends based off the movie’s stars: Thor and Hulk.

Hulk Marvel Legends 12 Inch Figure Classic Head

Both figures will include an alternate, interchangeable head sculpt (as we’ve come to expect from this line), with clean-shaven and bearded heads for Thor as well as classic and “modern” heads for Hulk. I’m not a fan of this particular bearded portrait for Thor at all–that’s just not the way that “my” bearded Thor looks in my head–but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a special place in my heart for the classic mop-hair Hulk look.

Hulk will presumably be larger than 12″–what with him being the Hulk and all–but specific sizes haven’t been revealed for either of these characters to-date. That information won’t be obscured for very long, though, as it’s almost certain that both of these iconic characters will be displayed at NY Toy Fair 2017. UPDATE: Hasbro has confirmed that the Hulk figure will actually be 14.5″ tall, but the added size will come with a price increase–Hulk will retail for $74.95. Ouch!

Marvel Legends 12 Inch Thor Figure with BeardThese 12″ Thor and 14.5″ Hulk Marvel Legends figures are scheduled to be released in Fall 2017. I’ll update the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages with tons of hi-res in-person photos–next week after Toy Fair. I was a big fan of all three of last year’s inaugural entries into this sixth scale line, so I’m definitely looking forward to the opportunity to see these mega-sized Thor and Hulk figures in person at the New York Toy Fair!

Are you happy to see the Hasbro Marvel Legends 12″ figure series continuing, Marvel collectors? What other characters are you hoping to see released in 2017 in this scale (if any)?


Marvel Legends 12″ Hulk & Thor Figures Revealed! Hasbro — 17 Comments

  1. These 12″ figures seem to follow big movies in the year, Civil War (Cap, Spidey and Iron Man) and Ragnarök (Hulk and Thor), do you think we could see more characters next year for those movies? Maybe like Black Panther, Vision and Ant-Man or something. Deadpool is of course the exception, as it’s pretty much guaranteed he’ll sell regardless of a blockbuster movie.

    • Tough to say! I had really been expecting Star-Lord this year, honestly, so I’m a bit disappointed to not see him. I couldn’t even guess next year’s figures–anything from Doctor Strange to Black Widow to Black Panther seems like fair game. Or maybe even the first 12″ Marvel Legends villain…?

      • Galactus would be cool at 12″, or a Sentinel, since they’re doing X-Men figs now. Or a MCU Ant-Man.

        • Galactus, in his medium-size depictions, is 60 to 80 feet tall.

          In his largest depictions he’s big enough to hold a planet in his hand, but that tends to be a dramatization for comicbook covers and stuff like that.

          His largest ACTUAL size depictions have him towering over skyscrapers, with heroes facing off against him only being about the size of his eye.

          But Galactus at his smallest size seems to be 28.9 feet tall.
          So we’ll use that.


          The Marvel Universe Galactus (3.75″ AKA 1:32 scale) is 19″ tall.
          A Marvel Universe Galactus SHOULD be at least 19.8″ tall.
          So the Marvel Universe Galactus is actually pretty decent for a smaller end Galactus.

          The Marvel Legends Galactus (6″ AKA 1:12 scale) is 16″ tall.
          A Marvel Legends Galactus SHOULD be at least 28.9″ tall.
          The Marvel Legends Galactus BAF is 12.9″ too small.
          Even the Marvel Universe Galactus is 9.9″ too small.

          A Marvel Legends Icons Galactus (12″ AKA 1:6 scale) SHOULD be absolutely MASSIVE.

          A Marvel Legends Icons Galactus that was ACTUALLY properly in scale would be, at a bare minimum, 57.8″ tall, or 4.8 feet.

          At the size ratio of even the worst scaled Galactus figure that we have (which is the Marvel Legends Galactus BAF), a Marvel Legends Icons (1:6 scale) Galactus would be almost 3 feet tall. 32″.

          And of course a 4.8 foot tall Galactus figure would just be for Galactus in his absolute smallest form.

          I’m pretty sure we can safely assume that they’re just NOT going to do a Marvel Legends Icons scale Galactus……

          • Correction:
            A Marvel Universe Galactus SHOULD be at least 10.8″ tall.*

            Stupid tiny phone touchscreen keys….

          • You’re right. I would assume that if they were going to do Galactus he would be scaled to the 1/12 scale, meaning that he would have to be roughly 30″ tall at the minimum. The only way they could do that would be as a $100+ SDCC exclusive or something. Probably won’t ever happen, but I can dream.

          • I’m all about getting a proper sized Marvel Legends scale Galactus.

            30″ IS huge, but he could probably still be done as a BAF…..if he was the BAF for two whole waves…. 😛

  2. It’s cool to see them continue this new “Icons” line.
    Thor looks cool, and Hulk looks like…Hulk.

    Hulk and Thor will go a long way to really turning this into an ongoing line of figures.
    Once you have the Avengers Big 4 and Spider-Man, you suddenly have a solid core.

    The next logical figure would be Wolverine, to finish up Marvel’s Top 6 characters.
    Plus, there’s the Logan movie this year, and we already got Deadpool alongside the Deadpool movie last year…
    Wolverine would also serve as the starting point to kick off the X-Men part of the collection…

    I wonder how tall Hulk is….
    He has to be AT LEAST 15″ tall, right?

    This is an interesting line of figures.
    In some ways they’re actually really impressive, and in other ways they’re just….not what I’d prefer. They’re all slightly off-model, or have some glaring flaw in their articulation…
    But even at full price they’re like 1/4 of the price of a Hot Toys figure.
    And I snagged Cap and Iron Man TOGETHER for under $20 on Amazon, which is like….1/20th the price of their Hot Toys counterparts.
    Can’t argue with that.

    I just hope the line lasts long enough for them to make another Marvel Legends Icons Doctor Doom.
    The original Marvel Legends Icons Doctor Doom is one of the absolute best depictions of Doom in any format or medium, whether statue, figure, costume, video game, comic book, painting, or whatever.
    I’d love to see them attempt to top themselves.

  3. I’m still waiting for the Cap and Iron Man figures to drop down to $20. I know a line like this is always going to be about the stars, but I would love to see some female characters. Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Spider-Gwen. Or some villains. Dr. Doom, Magneto, Loki etc.

    • A classic 616 style Loki would be EPIC.
      So would Black Cat, if they did it right
      And a modern 616 Ultron (Annihilation Conquest style would be good)
      modern 616 Vision, Marvel NOW or ANAD style.
      Nova (Annihilation Conquest style)
      Adam Warlock (Annihilation Conquest style)
      Star-Lord (Abnett/Lanning style)
      Thanos (modern 616 style, a lot like the recent BAF)

      (Can we just all stop and appreciate how insanely awesome all the character designs for Annihilation Coquest were?)

  4. I just recently got cap and Ironman because the price had dropped significantly and I have to say they are great! they seem to have been designed with the fact that they are going to be 12″ in mind the joint and the balance and playability ( is that a word?) feel just right. I wasn’t real excited at first but now that I own a couple I am now.


  6. You guys got it all wrong!!! They should make HULK BUSTER IRON MAN in 12 inch(or more) scale next!!!!!!!!! <3