Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends Figures Revealed!

For the last several weeks, Hasbro has been teasing us with reveals of all their upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming toys except for the 6″ Marvel Legends that collectors are dying to hear about. But the wait is over, as Habro has finally revealed their Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming figures! And if you were expecting just two figures like we got for Amazing Spider-Man 2, you may be pleasantly surprised…!

I’m on the road right now driving seven hours through slush and fog, so I won’t be able to post my usual full thoughts and impressions until late tonight. But there’s no way I could live with myself if I didn’t stop long enough to talk briefly about the Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends movie figures that we’ve all been waiting to see and hear about!

I was genuinely only expecting a movie Spider-Man figure and the Vulture in this sub-series, but it turns out that we’re actually getting five figures this time out!

I wasn’t at all sure we’d be getting a new movie Iron Man in Marvel Legends form, but this Ultimate Iron Man-inspired armor will be arriving exclusively in a two-pack with movie Spider-Man. Though it’s not pictured above, the two-pack Spidey figure will come with an alternate Tom Holland portrait Peter Parker head.

I suspect that this is a licensing issue (similar to Civil War Spider-Man) where this movie Iron Man will be limited to appearing in multipacks (hooray). Obviously the Homecoming Iron Man two-pack figure is a repaint of the Civil War Iron Man in Ultimate Universe colors, but I wonder if the colors are just there to give us something different or if Tony Stark will actually be donning them in the movie…?

We’ll also be getting two single-packaged versions of Spidey from the movie: Marvel Legends Web Wings Spider-Man and Homemade Suit Spider-Man.

These are easily my two favorite figures Hasbro has shown off for the movie (even if the Homemade costume’s colors being inverted from Scarlet Spider’s colors is a huge missed opportunity). The web wings in Spidey’s pits are just too much fun.

Finally, it looks like we now have confirmation that, as rumored, the movie Vulture Marvel Legends figure will be sold single-packaged, with his humongous wings being the wave’s “Build-A-Figure” (of a sort).

This seems like a weird choice, as Vulture looks rather naked without his wings and the wings don’t seem to be as appealing of a BAF as a character, but that’s certainly what the available information indicates. Interesting choice if true, that’s for sure! The eyes on Vulture look amazing in the official photo–I’m looking forward to seeing him in person next week!

The Hasbro Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends movie figures are expected to be released in Spring 2017. I expect Hasbro will be showing these off at New York Toy Fair 2017 next week, so I’ll be sure to post tons of additional photos and information here and on the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages next week. Stay tuned.

Now that we’ve finally seen the long-awaited Spider-Man Homecoming 6″ figures in all their glory, what do you think, Marvel collectors? Will you be picking up any or all of these movie figures this summer, or are you unimpressed by these latest reveals?


Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends Figures Revealed! — 29 Comments

  1. I love these so much.

    All of those Spider-Man figures look like a HUGE improvement over the terrible Civil War 3-Pack one.

    Protosuit looks super cool.

    I hate that the Ultimate-style Iron Man armor is ANOTHER repaint, but maybe that’s the movie’s fault, and it still looks cool as hell.

    Vulture looks awesome, but obviously not as awesome as with his wings.

    And the squinty spider web wing figure….love it.

    Think we’re just missing MCU Shocker and a couple comicbook figures, right?
    Do we know who else is coming?
    616 Mary Jane Watson?
    ANAD Spider-Man?

  2. They really don’t look like it, but it’d be awesome if Vulture’s talons were articulated.

  3. I’m SUPER intrigued to see how well Vulture’s eyes work.
    I hope they come out looking that good and bright behind that visor on the final product.

  4. Not the biggest IronMan fan here,but this I.M. and Spider-man with underarm webs are the two I want to snag!

  5. seems lazy… straight re-use of the Civil War Spidey which was wrong in so many ways… they fix the spider emblem and be done with it…. hmmmm.

    • i mean really… the line color is still wrong. these better come with multiple heads showing open and slanted eyes and SOOOO many hands to make up for it!

    • These are actually almost completely new sculpts.
      Pretty much everything except the legs and non-squinting head is new.

    • I looked over it and there are a lot of differences between the two. The lower arms are different and the two chests are entirely different. You can tel by counting the webs in both. But I see where you are coming from. I guess it’s good I skipped out on the 3-pack.

  6. Trying to figure out what’s different about these Spider-Man figures compared to the MCU Civil War 3-Pack Spidey.
    It looks like they only changed the symbol, but they fundamentally just look better proportioned, and cleaner…..
    Thinner torso?
    Longer neck?

    I don’t know. Hopefully it’s not just a trick of the lighting, because that first figure was weirdly out of whack, and these look great.

    I’m going to have to bust out my Civil War Spider-Man figure and compare them directly…

  7. What’s interesting is the armor Tony is wearing in the trailer is the same one from Civil War. So the question is does he get a new suit of Ultimate-inspired armor, or did Hasbro just slap some new paint on the Civil War toy to try and make it look like they weren’t just re-releasing a year old toy?

    • That’s what I’m wondering too.
      I REALLY hope it’s in the movie, but I’m afraid that Hasbro may wanted to avoid just rereleasing ANOTHER slight variant of the Civil War Iron Man, so they did a more dramatic non-canon variant instead.


      At least it looks cool.

    • I know the Mark 46 is based on the Bleeding Edge armor, but given that there’s not a whoooole lot different functionally between Bleeding Edge and ANAD, maybe the Mark 46 has ANAD’s ability to change color, as well as both armor’s ability to form weapons and other structures/devices.

      • I would REALLY REALLY hope that an MCU version of the ANAD Iron Man suit would look a hell of a lot different from the Civil War “Bleeding Edge” armor.
        It’s a waaaaaaaaaaaay different style of suit visually AND functionally.

        • What I meant was that, at a basic level, the two armors share some common functionality (aside from the basic Iron Man armor stuff), like:
          -can form just from the wearer’s person, not needing any external aid to don it or external storage to hold it
          -can shapeshift, for both form and function
          -can self-heal

          Stuff like that. There are a lot more subtle differences, such that it can be argued that they’re fundamentally different because the way they perform the aforementioned shared basic functions is completely different, but at a glance, they’re functionally fairly similar.

          If the Mark 46 has those shared functionalities, even if it’s only based on the Bleeding Edge, and is more similar fundamentally to the Bleeding Edge, it would still be able to something as simple as a color shift. It’s still the Mark 46, it’s just shifted to a different color scheme. The main reason I even brought up the ANAD armor is because I’d forgotten how extensive Bleeding Edge’s shapeshifting functionality was, and wasn’t sure it could change colors like ANAD could.

  8. Oh, you guys, if these photos are accurate, then these are almost COMPLETELY new sculpts.

    The entire upper torso has been completely redone.
    All of the web sculpting is different.
    New Spider symbol.
    Looking at them side by side, the new figures seem to have a better, more concave silhouette around the ab-crunch.
    Something about the neck and the way the head sits on it seems different.
    The trapezius musculature seems the be better done in terms of how they meet the butterfly joints.

    The shoulder butterfly joints are completely new.

    They DEFINITELY have COMPLETELY new arms. The red and webbing come to a completely different point on the upper arms, and the web shooters are completely different on the forearms

    The crotch is (for some reason) new. The red “belt” and the webbing on it flattens out instead of coming to a point.

    The red and blue is DRAMATICALLY better, brighter, and more vivid/saturated. But that was true of the product shots for Civil War Spidey too, so it might not turn out that way on the final figures.

    Squinting Spidey head is new.

    Web wings are obviously new.

    The legs seem to be a reuse of the Civil War Spider-Man, unless that linework is sculpted instead of painted. But it LOOKS painted.

    The non-squinting eyed head SEEMS to be a reuse of the Civil War Spidey head.

    And…I dunno, probably the hands are the same as Civil War Spidey. But it’s pretty impossible to be sure.

    The lower torso MAY be a reuse from Civil War Spidey, but since it’s wedged between a totally new upper torso and a new crotch, maybe it’s not.

    • You really gave me hope for the figure, but it seems that line work is still the same all around, I hope that the colors are brighter as you said but the filter used doesn’t do much to highlight it.

  9. I really do appreciate the artists’ work, but there’s somethings which I believe are very wrong with this spider-man:

    First, the muscle definition. Just look at the MAFEX spider-man for homecoming (I know that they are at very different price points), for me it instantly says Tom Holland Spider-man, it seems younger and sleeker but not because of added detail, instead you get a plainer body. This legends seems busy for me with all that muscle (add the filter and the thicker webs result of Hasbro making the sculpt based on the first prototype costume for Civil War), remember this isn’t a comic book figure, this is from the MCU so I ask: Is there any realistic MCU figure with that much muscle definition other than Black Panther? (Black Panther whose ripped look matches more with his character).

    Second problem, the eyes, I love the Alex Ross look as well as the bigger more modern and friendly look. But even in Alex Ross’ artwork the eyes reach a little bit more far back, or maybe my gripes are due to the thinner lines in the movie’s suit which makes the eyes stand out more, different to these.

    Third, the shape from the shoulders up, these can be separated in two parts: the head which should be or should look rounder (Maybe it is the right shape but again maybe the webs and neck might make it look different) and the neck, (an observation made by ShartimusPrime) which seems to be too thick.

    I’m new collecting and I really want a spider-man so I want to love this figure, but it has problems.

    • I have an I that is SUPER sensitive to proportions, ratios, angles, and colors (not so much anatomy, since there’s so much stylization going on that it’s partially moot).
      If something is even slightly off, I’ll notice, and even if I can’t consciously identify it, it’ll bug me.

      To that end, let me just say that if you’re looking for a Marvel Legends Spider-Man, I FULLY recommend the 2016 Cenom SpaceKnight Wave Ultimate Spider-Man as the absolute best Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure ever made.

  10. I really don’t like the costume they came up with for Spidey in the MCU, nevermind that most of his appearances in Civil War (and the Homecoming trailers) all look CGI.

    So many things that can be said about the Amazing Spider-man films that Sony was able to cobble together but that’s Spidey costume in part 2 was perfection. And I hated that movie so that’s saying a lot.

    • Well the CGI look maybe is due to the choice of black webs instead of silver (Something I think is worth the price) but it’s also good to remember that spider-man came pretty late in production of Civil War, even the costume that Tom Holland used for the recording of the airport battle had to be completely changed in post production (You can look for it, it really influenced the design of the first MCU spider-man figure).

    • Yea, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit was basically flawless.
      They’re going to struggle hardcore to ever manage to outdo that suit.

  11. I really like the protosuit (looks like it could be really good for civilian peter Parker customs). Also i wonder how the web wings are going to work? But two of the same Spider-Man costume in one wave really! (I like the Mcu ultimate iron man though even if it is a reapaint)

  12. They fixed the spider on Spidey’s chest! Awesome! The inaccurate spider on Civil War 3-pack Spidey was driving me up the wall.

  13. WAIT WAIT WAIT.So that Marvel Legends Web Wings Spider-Man is different from the MCU that’s pictured above? I would hope it is the same figure featured with and without the accessory?