Kaiyodo Revoltech Venom Figure Revealed & Photos!

Kaiyodo has definitely gotten off to a hot start with their Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Marvel lineup, with both their super-fun Revoltech Deadpool and Spider-Man figures being quick sell outs overseas (though Amazon still has a few Deadpools left). And now the import-only 6″ figure line is about to get its first true villain–and he’s pretty monstrous, that’s for sure! At this week’s Miyazawa Model Exhibition Fall 2016 event, the long-teased Revoltech Venom figure ¬†finally made his debut!


Even before the first figure in Amecomic figure line–Deadpool–was up for sale, Kaiyodo had already begun teasing the next two figures in the series: Spider-Man and Venom. Pre-order for Spider-Man went up (and sold out) a couple months back, and now it’s the Lethal Protector’s turn!

But while Kaiyodo opted for Spidey and Deadpool to look like mostly normal versions of the characters that happen to be super-articulated, they’ve taken a different approach with the Venom figure sculpted by Yamaguchi Katsuhisa…

kaiyodo-revoltech-venom-action-figure-2017You know that cool classic Marvel Legends Venom six inch figure that Hasbro released at the start of this year? Yeah–this is like that figure, but on crack. It’s actually reminiscent of the excellent Marvel Select Venom figure that I reviewed a few years back–but a slightly smaller and super-articulated version (with a few less heads to put on his shoulders)!

venom-revoltech-figure-placard-miyazawa-model-exhibition-fall-2016While it’s still the same Eddie Brock version of the character, the Venom Revoltech figure is totally gnarly, with bulging veins and alien tentacles oozing off all over the figure’s ¬†body. And while some of the joints will likely still look a bit wonky, that’s a lot more forgivable in an amorphous alien than it is in Deadpool.

Notice the quartet of tendrils emanating from Venom’s back in one of the photos–looks like a removable tendril effects piece will be part of the package this time!


Rather than going with a straight-up flat black paint like Hasbro chose, the Revoltech Venom figure is covered in shiny dark blue paint, which brings out the details of the sculpt marvelously.

We can tell from the photos that Venom is going to be larger than the Spider-Man Revoltech by a bit, although exactly how much larger remains to be seen. I’d estimate he’ll be between 6.5″ and 7″ based on the images from the Fall 2016 Miyazawa Model Exhibition.

As Venom is going to be a bit bigger and more complicated than the previous two Amecomic figures Kaiyodo has released, I’d anticipate he’ll carry a slightly bigger price-tag as well (likely $60-$70 in Japanese yen instead of the ~$50 pre-import prices of Deadpool and Spidey).

kaiyodo-revoltech-venom-action-figure-2017Marvel Revoltech figures are available for import from BBTS, which currently has Deadpool in-stock and Spidey up for pre-order. As Venom’s release date is still just an unspecified month in 2017, it will likely be at least a few weeks until we see him go up for order.

Honest thoughts on the Kaiyodo Venom Revoltech figure, Marvel collectors? Are you interested in adding this import symbiote to your collection next year, or is the price/style of this figure putting you off?


Kaiyodo Revoltech Venom Figure Revealed & Photos! — 7 Comments

  1. This is an absolute version of this figure. Looks FANTASTIC and hopefully wont be the last symbiote we see!

  2. This is effin awesome, it’s kinda reminiscent of the DST ultimate venom, body wise at least. Definitely a must have.

  3. Honestly, this goes in the “finally, a good Marvel Legends scale classic Venom” category.
    I’ll be DELIGHTED if they do an Anti-Venom that good that I can replace the Marvel Legends Anti-Venom with.

  4. Now that’s….the VENOM figure we’ve been waiting for all this year’s!!!….(hope they make CARNAGE in the future…)