Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America & Motorcycle Released!

As we’re now barely over two months away from the release of this summer’s sure-to-be-epic Captain America: Civil War movie, the floodgates have finally started to open and the flood of Civil War toys is beginning to pour in. Among these items is the first officially-branded Captain America Marvel Legends item, which is now drizzling into stores–the Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America with Motorcycle!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America & Motorcycle Packaged

Considering that Captain America has been driving around on motorcycles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) ever since his first appearance, it’s a bit surprising that Hasbro’s taken this long to release a Captain America motorcycle in one of their main “collector” lines.

But the wait is over, and the first-ever Hasbro Marvel Legends Motorcycle is now cruising into stores, packed with an exclusive movie Captain America action figure!

Marvel Legends Captain America Motorcycle Box BackNow, while this set is sporting the “Marvel Legends” moniker, it’s important to note that it is not in the 6″ scale that is most synonymous with the name. Both the motorcycle and the Civil War Cap action figure packed with it are in the Marvel Universe 4″ scale that was rebranded to “Marvel Legends” this year after being called the Infinite Series for the past two years..

That said, this set is actually quite nice, unlike the awful Ant-Man & Flying Ant set in this scale that was released last summer and plagued with quality-control issues. Whereas I liked Ant-Man & Ant-ony way less after finding the duo at retail, my appreciation for Captain America and his Civil War motorcycle has gone up since having the opportunity to check out the pair up-close in person.

Hasbro Civil War Captain America 3.75" FigureThe 3.75″ Captain America figure is well-detailed and has far more than the increasingly-common 5POA (5 Points of Articulation) Hasbro is starting to favor with their various lines in this scale.

Marvel Legends Motorcycle for Captain America 4" ScaleMeanwhile, although it isn’t hyper-detailed like a Hot Toys or anything, I think there’s a decent amount of paint deco and sculpting detail implemented on Cap’s motorcycle.

Price for Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Motorcycle Set

And thankfully, the set is a solid value with a retail price of ~$19.99 (or 12 cents below that at Wally World!). Considering single-packed Marvel Universe-scale figures are retailing for $13 this year, getting a new Cap figure and a decent motorcycle for $19.99 isn’t bad at all.

A Civil War Falcon set (with Redwing drone!) has also been revealed, but is not shipping yet. Hopefully there won’t be any distribution or availability issues with the Falcon figure when he does arrive in the spring.

Hasbro Civil War Marvel Legends Captain America with MotorcycleThe Civil War Captain Anerica Motorcycle set is just now starting to pop up at some retail stores (I saw a fresh case of them at Walmart), and is also selling for right about MSRP online right now. I’d be very surprised if this set isn’t falling off the shelves within the next few weeks, however, so if you haven’t spotted this box set in your neck of the woods just yet, I wouldn’t panic.

Is the 4″ scale Captain America & Motorcycle set on your shopping list, Marvel collectors? If not, would you have been more open to this collectible set if it had been in the more popular 6″ scale instead (albeit higher-priced)?


Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America & Motorcycle Released! — 17 Comments

  1. I can tell from the pictures that the wheels roll. Any inkling about whether that steering wheel pivots? Granted, at Cap’s driving speed, you don’t turn–you lean into a counter-steer.

    But, on the serious side, I’ve quit Marvel Leg… er, Marvel Shorties… the $14 retail is too high for the problems the figures regularly have (though a great Marvel… Marvel Shorty is an awesome figure (Beta Ray Bill, X-23, Silver Samurai…).

  2. But, on the serious side, it looks like a good Cap sculpt and the motorcycle looks fun. Tight finances force me to window shop, but the window looks good!

  3. I absolutely hate the MCU Cap costumes. The one on the 1st Avengers movie has been the most tolerable. But nothing since then looks anything like Captain America.

  4. I did see this figure at the local KMART today. It did look nice but I don’t collect this size figure so I passed.

  5. The One Brand to rule them all thing is getting really confusing. I guess we’re not getting a movie 6″ Falcon now that these sets have all turned up as 3.75″?

    • ??? What are you talking about? A Walmart-exclusive two-pack of movie Falcon and Winter Soldier was announced at Toy Fair.

  6. I saw this on the shelves the other day and gave it a look. Not bad at all but I never got into the 4″ line so it wasn’t for me. The only 4″ piece I bought was the Ant-Man and Ant-ony pack mentioned above, and I only got that because I thought it was so cool and as a smaller Ant-Man he can still technically fit in with my larger figures. Thankfully no QC issues with mine.

  7. You would think that Hasbro should have done this for Ghost Rider (both 4″ & 6″). Unless you use an old ToyBiz or Showdown GR bike, the Hasbro GR’s are still without a motorcycle to ride.

    • As near as I can tell, you’ve only tried to leave one comment ever, which was last night. The reality of moderated comments is that I’m busy or asleep, first-time commenters may have to wait a bit to have their comments approved.

  8. Thanks for clarifying that this is not 6 inch scale, as the figure looked like 6 inch in the photo. Leave it to hasbro to mess things up and make it more confusing.

    • You’re right about Hasbro and they certainly are making it confusing… 4 inch, 6 inch and soon to be a 12 inch line all named Marvel Legends. There’s got to be a better way to identify each line while maintaining the brand name. Like maybe the 12 inch line being Marvel Legends: Giants or something like that.

  9. I own the figure, pretty nice, but the lack of wrists and those awkward ham-hands kinda bother me.