Marvel Legends Homemade Suit Spider-Man Figure Review

I am not a gamblin’ man, so I was not altogether thrilled when I had to roll the dice and hope for the best when Amazon created a listing for a new movie Homecoming Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure with an incorrect old stock photo on Friday. Thankfully, not only did my hunch that this was a new figure pay off–it turned out that instead of the old Amazing Spider-Man 2 figure incorrectly pictured, it was actually my most-wanted figure in the wave: the 6″ Marvel Legends Homemade Suit Spider-Man figure!

Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends Homemade Suit Figure ReviewThe Right:

If Marvel Studios was looking for a new Spidey costume that would both charm casual fans and nod to longtime comic book readers, they succeeded brilliantly on both fronts with the Spider-Man: Homecoming Homemade Suit Spider-Man costume.

As soon as the costume was first revealed (via toys and not a movie trailer, oddly enough), comic fans like me immediately fell in love with what’s obviously a very Scarlet Spider-inspired design. And now, just a few months later, I own my first toy of that costume! Huzzah!

Spider-Man Homecoming Homemade Suit Legends Figure PackagedI was really pleased when Hasbro announced we’d be getting a ML Homemade Suit Spider-Man figure, as we only got one figure of Spidey for Amazing Spider-Man 2 (strangely enough, the figure Amazon is mistakenly picturing in their listing instead of this one).

Back of Package Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Home Made Costume Spider-Man BoxThe Homemade Costume looks to be very prominently featured in the movie, so getting it in super-articulated 6″ figure toy form is a big thumbs up to Hasbro. Thanks, guys!

Back of Homemade Costume Spider-Man Marvel Legends Action FigureAs is basically necessary, Home-Made Costume Spider-Man appears to be a 100% new mold as far as I can tell. (Feel free to get all up in my face if the fists are used elsewhere or something, readers.) This looks very authentic to the movie trailers, and I’ve really got no complaints about the sculpt.

2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man Movie Figure Wearing HoodieI love the goofy, oddball look of the goggles on this Spider-Man mask! I feel like it really gives this figure a unique appearance amongst all the many other Spidey variants that are out there.

Homemade Suit Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends Figure ArticulationThe costume design’s sweatshirt doesn’t lend itself to including a butterfly joint for the shoulders, but otherwise all of the articulation we’ve come to expect is present and accounted for.

Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends 6" Homemade Suit Spider-Man FigureThe Homemade Suit Spider-Man Legends figure includes: ball-hinge neck/shoulders/wrists; swivel biceps/thighs/mid-boot/waist; upper torso ab crunch, double-hinged knees and elbows; ball hips and hinged ankles with rockers. The hip joints don’t allow the legs the steep range of motion I’d like (so the ninja kicks will look a little lame), but I’m otherwise content with the flexibility of this action figure.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homemade Suit Figure and AccessoriesThe Marvel Legends Homemade Suit Spider-Man figure comes with four total accessories: a pair of alternate hands (so that Spidey can web-shoot or have closed fists), an alternate raised hood for his sweatshirt, and a piece of the Vulture Build-A-Figure Flight Pack Wing.

I’ll forgo talking about the Vulture parts at all until I reviewed the completed Vulture BAF, but I will say that the buildable wings are way cooler than I think most folks are giving Hasbro credit for.

Close-Up of Spider-Man Legends Figure with Hoodie UpThe raised hoodie hood is an excellent and important accessory choice, and I’m honestly not sure whether I prefer Homemade Costume Spider-Man with the hood up or down. I really like the look of the retracted hood, but there’s no notch or peg to hold it into place, so it wobbles around a bit when the hood is down (which regular readers know makes my OCD sense tingle like crazy).

Marvel Legends 2017 Homemade Costume Spider-Man 6" FigureThe Wrong:

I like this Spider-Man Homecoming movie action figure a lot, but I just wouldn’t be satisfied if I didn’t lost its drawbacks, so here goes…

The Prototype Suit Spider-Man Marvel Legends figures does come with some good accessories, but I’d really have liked a couple more of them. I know that the Tom Holland Peter Parker head is the “carrot” to sell the Honecoming two-pack, but if we couldn’t have a Peter Parker head with this figure, a different expression masked head would have been really nice for changing things up.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Homecoming Home Made Costume FigureI’m also really baffled that Spidey only gets fists and web-shooting hands here and no crawling hands, since wall-crawling is sort of Spider-Man’s thing.

Homecoming Spider-Man Home Made Suit Marvel Legends Hasbro Figure ReviewIn addition, I’m not a fan of the weird mid-boot swivel articulation on this figure. It looks strange when twisted, and both those joints are very loose on my copy of the figure. It’s not a big deal, but I’m glad we don’t see this type of articulation often.

Homecoming Spider-Man Homemade Suit Marvel Legends Six Inch FigureOverall: The Homemade Suit Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure is a very solid release that falls a bit short of “wow”-ing me, but is a good figure nonetheless. An alternate head and some wall-crawling hands would have put this figure over the top, and I’m not a big fan of the mid-boot swivel, but this is otherwise a unique Spidey action figure that I think most MCU fans are going to really enjoy.



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  1. You’re right about the wall-crawling hands and that being his thing. If not J. Jonah Jameson wouldn’t be shaking his fists all the time shouting” Blasted wall-crawler!” Instead he’d say something like “Blasted fister!” or “Blasted thwipper!” based on the accessories. Though I guess neither one sounds right. Especially fister.

  2. This has made me certain Spidey Noir is in the next wave. Look at that headsculpt