Marvel Legends Sharon Carter Agent 13 Figure Review

When the team lineups were announced for each side in this year’s “Captain America: Civil War” movie, there was one character who really stuck out as being a bit out of their depth: Agent 13. I had my worries that Hasbro might pass on making any merch of Agent 13 for the movie–but while we haven’t heard about a movie-styled version of her, a new comics-based Marvel Legends Sharon Carter figure is now available for order! Does this figure satiate my need for a new Sharon Carter toy? Read on…

2016 Marvel Legends Sharon Carter ReviewThe Right: 

If there was one “main” character from Civil War that I thought Hasbro might give the shaft in the Captain America Legends line, I thought it would be Agent 13 Sharon Carter. It’s not–there are other main characters we’re seemingly not getting from the movie–but we got a new comics-based “Agenrs of Shield” Sharon Carter right off the bat. Thanks, Hasbro.

After seeing samples of this figure posted online by scrappers, a lot of folks were concerned about the head sculpt. Well, as it turns out, while the face on this figure isn’t as nice as it looked on the prototype, I still think it’s perfectly acceptable.

Close-Up of Captain America Legends Agent 13 Sharon Carter Figure HeadSharon looks a bit haggard in the super close-up hi-res photos, but once she’s standing a few inches away from you, the sculpt actually look very good to me overall. I think her skin-tone is probably a shade too dark (my wife asked if it was supposed to be a Latino woman), but I think this is still a perfectly passable head.

Back of Sharon Carter Marvel Legends 2016 FigureI love the untucked shirt visible from the back side of the figure, and the belt with holsters on ML Sharon Carter looks fantastic. So far as sculpting goes, I’m content with this representation of Cap’s best girl.

Marvel Legends Captain America Sharon Carter Toy 2016I especially like the look of Sharon’s sculpted ponytail–the whole figure looks better when you’re looking at it from an angle where the ponytail is visible.

Articulation of Marvel Legends Agent 13 Action FigureWe’ve seen the mold that this figure uses before, and while it has some articulation snafus (which I’ll get to shortly), I think that it’s an overall solid mold.

Marvel Legends 2016 Agent 13 ReviewThere’s not a lot of paint applications on the Sharon Carter Marvel Legends figure, as her costume is primarily just molded white plastic.

SHIELD Logo and Holsters on Agent 13 Marvel Legends 6" FigureEven so, the painted details that are present have all been applied expertly, including the brown and silver straps on her thighs, the painted guns in her holsters and the painted SHIELD emblems on the sides of her shoulders. From a paint perspective, I’ve got zero complaints about this Agent 13 toy.

Sharon Carter 6 Inch Figure Karate Kicks TIE Fighter PilotAnd articulation-wise, Captain America Legends Sharon Carter is well-done enough to earn a thumbs up with most of the super-articulation that we’ve come to expect (including double-jointed knees and ankle rockers on high-heeled boots!), although her flexibility is not without flaws…

Captain America Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Sharon CarterThe Wrong: 

Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Such is the case with double-jointed elbows, which I’ve come so accustomed to that I sort of take for granted–but when they’re not there, it’s a huge loss.

This mold has never utilized double-jointed elbows, and while I had a faint hope we’d get updated tooling for the new Marvel Legends Agent 13, that’s not the case. It’s not exactly a crippling piece of missing articulation, but the lack of double-jointed elbows–along with no bicep swivels–definitely limits the fist- or gun-raising poses I want to achieve.

Marvel Legends Sharon Carter Figure and AccessoriesIn addition to the lacking arm articulation, the Marvel Legends Agent 13 figure comes with a dismal selection of accessories. She’s got a Red Onslaught leg, an unpainted gun, and… well, that’s it. The grey gun is under-detailed and kind of weird-looking, and it was a huge bummer when I remembered that the guns in her holsters were molded in and non-removable.

Marvel Legends Agent 13 Sharon Carter SHIELD Emblem HolstersEven some alternate hands for dual-wielding or doing karate chops would have been welcome additions for poor Sharon, who just doesn’t have many options with only one accessory, one fist and one gun-grasping hand.

Hasbro Marvel Legends 6" Sharon Carter Agent 13 ReviewOverall: The Captain America Marvel Legends Sharon Carter figure isn’t a bad figure, but it is a “just kind of there” figure that can’t compare to some of the other figures in this wave. I’m satisfied with Sharon Carter’s sculpt (even the head), but the arm articulation, unpainted gun, lack of alternate hands, and guns molded into the holsters are all a bit disappointing.  This is a decent Agent 13 action figure overall, but there’s definitely plenty of room for improvement in a future toy of the character.



Marvel Legends Sharon Carter Agent 13 Figure Review — 13 Comments

  1. Even though she lacks a bicep swivel, doesn’t her elbow swivel? My Black Widow’s elbows swivel.

    I don’t terrible like leg articulation of that body mold–it looks a bit funny when you make use of the double-jointed knee, plus those molded-in-place pistols scream “we should have been working holsters!”–though the legs still offer more range of motion than the “thunder-thigh” mold.

    Mockingbird was my must-get figure–given that Mockingbird is an entirely new sculpt, I need to be more forgiving that Carter is complete re-use except for the head.

    • The elbows are ball-jointed, so they do swivel, but I’m used to having double-jointed elbows AND swivel biceps. I’m spoiled. =D

      • Got it. And you are referring to ToyBiz’s double-jointed elbows (do any of Hasbro’s women have double jointed elbows?)

          • I do find it very disappointing when female fig’s elbow won’t reach 90 degrees ScarJo Black Widow). The Odin BAF and the Marvel Select Thor Disney Exclusive with the spinning hammer accessory should be declared criminal for lacking double-joints. “Whoa! A 45 degree elbow range of motion does not cut the bacon!”

            On the other hand, the Amazon Exclusive movie Thor four-pack with the double-joint and sagging bicep is a little funky. Worse, regardless of the sagging bicep, the right arm still don’t make 90 degrees! 😉

  2. The most exciting thing for me about this figure is her it’s use of the unreleased Legacy Rogue head from the Puck BAF wave.

  3. I’m okay with this figure, but I knew it wasn’t going to be what I want from the moment we first saw it.
    I hate this stupid female SHIELD agent mold, and the fact that it’s a reuse of an old Rogue head (which I’m sure is why it doesn’t look particularly great) doesn’t really make me happy.

    The old Iron Man 2-pack Sharon Carter/Maria Hill is a better figure just because she has a better head sculpt, two open hands, and no stupid high-heeled feet. Aside from this one having ankle pivot, the articulation on the old one is probably marginally better too.

    I really hope this is the last we see of this stupid female SHIELD mold.
    The new Mockingbird is FANTASTIC in comparison, and she STILL doesn’t have double-jointed elbows.
    Why can’t we have double jointed elbows? It’s not rocket surgery. If this were S.H. Figuarts they’d have 10 elbow joints if that’s what it took to make these figures pose correctly. I’m just asking for the standard 2 that almost every single male figure has.

    Frustrating stuff.

    I agree with the B-, or it’s a C+. Tough call.

    • Hasbro can bewilder me, too… as if it can’t decide whether it wants to make premium action figures or children’s toys, and flips a coin between the choices at every decision tree.

    • I don’t hate this figure, but yea, the 2-Pack Sharon Carter is MUCH better.
      Especially if you have the better version of the 2-Pack Carter.