SDCC 2015 Exclusive Kotobukiya Red She-Hulk Bishoujo!

With only a handful of Marvel Bishoujo statues released between San Diego Comic-Con 2013 and San Diego Comic-Con 2014, it’s always been glaringly obvious to me that we’d be getting an exclusive She-Hulk Bishoujo statue variant at this year’s show. But I was thinking small potatoes, and Koto was thinking big ones! No, this year’s exclusive isn’t a Fantastic Four She-Hulk–it’s the SDCC 2015 Kotobukiya Red She-Hulk Bishoujo statue!

Kotobukiya SDCC 2015 Exclusive Red She-Hulk Bishoujo Statue

I’m a huge fan of Jennifer Walters, the classic She-Hulk. As far as I’m concerned, other than my wife, Jennifer Walters is pretty much the perfect woman. And for that reason, I sometimes have trouble seeing past the possibilities for various different costumes and iterations of Jen whenever a She-Hulk collectible is due to be repainted.

Thus, I was expecting Kotobukiya to give us a classic She-Hulk or Fantastic Four costume She-Hulk as this year’s SDCC exclusive Bishoujo. Instead, Koto is giving us a totally different character altogether: Betty Banner, the Red She-Hulk Bishoujo statue!

While the Red She-Hulk comic book quickly tanked when Marvel launched it a few years ago, merchandisers have definitely found a liking for the character. In fact, she’s already got her very own Hasbro Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe scale figures!

San Diego Comic Con 2015 Red She-Hulk Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue BackAnd now, we can add the 9″ Bishoujo Red She-Hulk Kotobukiya statue to Big Red’s list of released collectibles. But this is going to be the most limited Red She-Hulk yet!

Created exclusively for the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, only 1500 Red She-Hulk statues will be produced. That’s going to be one of the smallest runs ever for a unique character in the Bishoujo lineup!

Given the niche nature of Red She-Hulk as a character, however, I think a limited edition run size of 1500 is definitely for the best. That number should be big enough to appease all of the hardcore Red She Hulk fans out there, and also small enough to help the piece retain its value (and probably increase quite a bit on the aftermarket).

Bishoujo Red She-Hulk Kotobukiya Statue Exclusive 2015 SDCC

It’s really amazing what a difference a straight-up paint job can make in totally changing the attitude of a piece. While the green She-Hulk Bishoujo statue (which is easily my second-favorite Bishoujo statue after the excellent Jubilee Bishoujo I reviewed this spring) has a bit of a showy, almost friendly feel to it, this Red She-Hulk Kotobukiya statue is all business!

With her piercing yellow eyes glancing sideways, Betty Ross definitely looks like she’s ready to rip the heads off of any guys dumb enough to gawk at her! I’m not usually a Red She-Hulk guy, but the intimidating presence of this Bishoujo statue has definitely caught my attention.

Red She-Hulk Bishoujo Statue SDCC 2015 ExclusiveA limited number of the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Red She-Hulk statues will be available on the Kotobukiya website this Friday, 7/26/2015, with the remainder available at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (which is presently just two weeks away!).

What do you think of this year’s Comic-Con exclusive Bishoujo statue, Marvel collectors? Is Red She-Hulk a character that you’re excited about, or were you hoping/expecting someone different as the 2015 SDCC Kotobukiya exclusive?


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  2. This statue makes me wish that I was going to SDCC, or at least had they money to shell out for it, even though I don’t usually like this line (bit too cheesecakey for me). Red She-Hulk’s one of my favourite characters and I’m so happy to see her get more merchandise.

  3. She’s missing the red streak in her hair but I can overlook it because of how amazing this will look next to my regular Shulkie bishoujo.