Marvel Select Doctor Strange Movie Figure Released & Photos!

Marvel Select Doctor Strange Movie Figure Packaged

It’s been the better part of a year since the Marvel Select Doctor Strange movie figure first apparated at shows and events for collectors to drool over–but after a lengthy wait, the Diamond Select Toys MCU version of the Sorcerer Supreme has finally arrived in retail stores and our collections today! I prefer to secure my Marvel Select figures from online retailers, but I couldn’t resist heading over to my closest comic book store to check out the DST Doctor Strange in person…

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Marvel Select Destroyer Odin Figure Released & Photos!

Marvel Select The Destroyer Odin Figure Released

The postal service is infuriatingly slow delivering my latest Diamond Select Toys figure (grumble grumble), so that meant I had to take a field trip down to the mall this week to at least take packaged photos of the first Marvel Select figure to arrive this year! He may not be in the upper-echelon of most beloved Marvel villains, but I’ve seen firsthand now just how drop-dead gorgeous and amazing this Marvel Select Destroyer Odin figure is…

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Marvel Select Star-Lord Drax Rocket Raccoon & Baby Groot Announced!


Thus far it’s been a pretty quiet Marvel toy news week while we wait to ring in the new year, but we’re not quite out of topics to talk about yet! And so, today I’ll be discussing the silhouettes (no, really, they’re just shaded-in silhouettes) that both Guardians of the Galaxy collectors and Marvel Select action figure fans have been waiting for: the 2017 Marvel Select Star-Lord & Rocket Raccoon and Drax & Baby Groot figures are now up for order!

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Marvel Select Lady Deadpool Figure & Headpool Revealed!


Diamond Select Toys has been teasing Marvel collectors for many months now regarding an all-new, never-before-done comics-based Marvel female figure, and I’ve heard tons of guesses ranging from Rogue to Carol Danvers Captain Marvel to Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel to Psylocke and more. But the truth was uncovered today on PreviewsWorld, and the actuality is a figure I don’t remember seeing anyone guess: the Marvel Select Lady Deadpool figure has now been revealed!

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Exclusive Marvel Select Civil War Unmasked Captain America!


With the Captain America Civil War Blu Ray hitting stores this week, many collectors might have thought the days of new Civil War figures turning up in stores was behind us. But Diamond Select Toys has a fourth and final Marvel Select Civil War figure coming to stores this fall, and they’ve just announced him this week: the Marvel Select Unmasked Captain America Civil War figure! This poor figure has caught some flak from collectors, but I’m not sure he deserves it…

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Marvel Select Civil War Movie Figures Packaged Photos!

Marvel Select Iron Man Civil War Figure Packaged

It looks like old saying that goes “good things come to those that wait” is about the be proven once again. The Diamond Select Toys Captain America Civil War Marvel Select figures were announced and put up for pre-order in the winter and revealed at New York Toy Fair 2016 in February. It’s been a long five months since that’s included the movie coming (and going) in theaters, but the time is now upon us: the Marvel Select Civil War figures are expected to ship later this month and DST has now shared packaged photos!

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Marvel Select Odin the Destroyer Figure Up for Order!

Marvel Select Odin the Destroyer Figure

When Diamond Select Toys teased a new “big” Marvel Select figure coming up this year, I heard a huge range of characters guessed, with some of the most popular choices being Apocalypse and Abomination.

But the latest “big daddy” Marvel Select figure actually turns out to actually be a real “big daddy”–the Marvel Select Odin the Destroyer figure is now up for order! And this figure is a monster

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Marvel Select Doctor Strange Movie Figure Up for Order!

Marvel Select Movie Doctor Strange Figure

Though we’re still in the first half of 2016, we already know the identities of all but 2-3 of the mass release Marvel Select 2016 figures. One of those mystery figures is a female who’s not X-related and not Scarlet Witch, while another figure was just revealed (sort of) this week: the Marvel Select Doctor Strange Movie figure is now up for order! But to know exactly what he looks like (I mean, besides looking like Benedict Cumberbatch), we’re gonna have to wait a while longer…

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Marvel Select Doctor Strange Figure Review & Photos

Doctor Strange Marvel Select Figure Review

With a blockbuster MCU movie due out this fall and his first ongoing Marvel comic book series in eons heating up, 2016 is the year of Doctor Strange! The 7″ Diamond Select Toys figure I ordered at my comic shop ended up getting cancelled for some reason, but it turns out fate was interceding on my behalf–I ended up getting the Marvel Select Doctor Strange discounted to $20 shipped online! At the same price as a Marvel Legends figure, I was anticipating being blown away. And with a few provisos, I am…

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Toy Fair 2016: Diamond Select Toys Marvel Gallery Statues!

Toy Fair 2016 Diamond Select Toys Marvel Gallery Statues

Look out, Kotobukiya–you’re about to have some stiff competition stateside from Diamond Select Toys! One of the displays I was most surprised to see at New York Toy Fair 2016 last week was a quartet of additions to the recently-announced line of DST Marvel Gallery Statues including Deadpool, Hulk and Spider-Man!

Beautifully sculpted and economically priced at under $45, this line has “winner” written all over it…

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Toy Fair 2016: Diamond Select Gamora & Rogue Statues!

Close-Up of Marvel Premiere Collection Gamora Statue

A couple weeks back, I placed my pre-order for the Sideshow Gamora Exclusive Premium Format Statue, confident it would be the only high-end state ever made of the character in her comic costume.

Well, at New York Toy Fair 2016, Diamond Select Toys made a fool out of me, where they debuted not only a new Marvel Premiere Collection Jim Lee Rogue Statue–but a modern Gamora statue as well!

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Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Select Civil War Figures Photos! Bucky!

Marvel Select Civil War Captain America Figure Toy Fair 2016

We’ve known the lineup for the Diamond Select Toys Captain America: Civil War figures series for a couple months now, but DST was holding on to the Civil War figures (and their awesome 9″ Giant-Man/Ant-Man figure) for a grand debut at the 2016 Toy Fair International. And while all three characters have had Marvel Select versions before, I was totally impressed with the updated Civil War Iron Man, Captain America, and Winter Soldier–as well as the huge New Avengers Headquarters diorama backdrop that the three come with!

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Toy Fair 2016: Diamond Select Giant-Man Figure Photos!

I probably could have happily slept for about ten more hours this morning, but instead I got up bright and early to brave the cold and check out one of my favorite longtime Marvel toy manufacturers: Diamond Select Toys! DST had a large variety of new items on display at the 2016 Toy Fair, but the one that I want to talk about first is one of the biggest: the Diamond Marvel Gallery Giant-Man (Ant-Man) figure statue!

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Marvel Select Black Panther & Avenging Cap Up for Order!

Marvel Select Black Panther Figure Packaged

Ordinarily I’m not a Monday person, but when Diamond Select Toys announced that two new comics-based Marvel Select figures would be revealed on Monday, February 1st 2016, I knew that this Monday was gonna be a good one–and so it is! After DST announced there was no Black Panther in the Civil War movie line, I knew it was a matter of time until a comics Black Panther was announced. And now he has been–the exclusive Marvel Select Black Panther figure is now up for order… and he’s brought a new Avenging Captain America with him!

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Marvel Select Spectacular Spider-Man Figure Revealed!

Marvel Select Spectacular Spider-Man Figure Packaged

I probably own more action figures of Spider-Man than any other Marvel character. In fact, I probably own more Spider-Man action figures than any other character, period. So it isn’t very often that a new Spidey figure goes up for order that I’m really, really excited about. But today, Diamond Select Toys surprised me with just such a figure, as it’s the most comic book-y Spidey around: the Marvel Shop Exclusive Marvel Select Spectacular Spider-Man is now up for order! With the light blue costume and Peter Parker head, this is gonna be my favorite Marvel Select Spidey ever…

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