Marvel Select Black Widow Movie Figure Review & Photos

Marvel Select Black Widow Age of Ultron Action Figure

For years, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been crying out for Diamond Select Toys to complete the core Avengers from the MCU in Marvel Select figure form. It took a full three years-plus from the release of the first Avengers movie, but that mission is now complete! Fans were dismayed when DST revealed that only one new character would be in the AOU lineup, but they made the right call and completed the team with that slot! The Marvel Select Black Widow movie figure is now available online for $24 shipped–should you complete your Avengers movie team with her?

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Marvel Select Unmasked Ant-Man Revealed & Up for Order!

Disney Store Exclusive Unmasked Ant-Man Marvel Select Action Figure

Let’s face facts: there are not a ton of marketable characters (as far as merch goes) in next month’s Ant-Man movie. When the third-biggest name in the movie is “Ant-thony the Ant”, you know you’ve got a problem. And so, I’ve been waiting patiently for the first of the inevitable Unmasked Ant-Man figures to be revealed. I thought it would be Funko, but I was wrong: the exclusive Marvel Select Unmasked Ant-Man is now up for order!

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Marvel Select Cable Figure Review & Photos!

DST Marvel Select Cable Figure 2015

Diamond Select Toys rarely lets us down with their top-quality releases, so every time I bust open a new Marvel Select action figure, I’m ready for it to be another grand slam. But sometimes it’s not a grand slam–sometimes, it’s more like a triple. Still something outstanding to get excited about, but not quite as jaw-dropping. That’s about how I feel about the Marvel Select Cable figure released this spring. You can still grab the Marvel Select Cable for below retail price and with free shipping online–but is this the right Cable action figure for you? Read on…

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Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron Hulk Figure Review

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select 2015 Hulk Figure 9"

When Diamond Select Toys announced the three figures making up the totality of their Avengers Age of Ultron Marvel Select lineup, the choices weren’t met with universal praise. In fact, many collectors turned their noses up entirely at the AOU Hulk and Thor figures. But now that the Avengers 2 Marvel Select Hulk figure I ordered online has arrived, it’s very clear to me that (redo or not) this is an outstanding (and humongous) movie Hulk action figure that utterly smashes every other AOU Hulk figure released thus far…

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C2E2 2015 Photos: Diamond Select Toys Marvel Figures!

C2E2 2015 Marvel Select Doctor Strange Figure

I’m a homebody and try my absolute hardest not to go any further away from New England than New York (although London is looking good next summer).

Luckily, I’ve got friends without those compunctions, and one of them was kind enough to take photos of the new Marvel figures at the Diamond Select Toys booth at C2E2 2015 today–including the Marvel Select Doctor Strange and the big reveal of the two top-secret Avengers Age of Ultron Minimates figures!

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Marvel Select Doctor Strange Figure Up for Order!

Marvel Select Doctor Strange Figure Up for Order

While I only spent a combined total of about 12 hours at the New York Toy Fair 2015 in February (and 36 hours fighting through a snowstorm to get home), I got to see just about everything exciting that was on display at the event. And by “just about”, I mean there was one item I really wanted to see but circumstances caused me to miss. I’ll be able to see it up-close and personal very soon, though–the Marvel Select Doctor Strange figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Select Carnage Review & Photos (Diamond Select Toys)

Marvel Select Carnage Review & Photos

When the incredible Marvel Select Venom figure (which may well have been the very best Marvel figure released that year) came out in early 2013, collectors immediately began demanding a Carnage figure of similar quality. Well, we had to wait until San Diego Comic-Con 2014 to see it, but the Diamond Select Toys Carnage figure finally debuted. And after waiting since last July for him, Marvel Select Carnage finally arrives online and in stores this week! I received my Carnage a few days early, so I decided to put together an early review. While the Carnage Marvel Select figure is near-perfect, it does suffer from one big (literally) problem…

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Exclusive Marvel Select Hawkeye & Pizza Dog Released!

Avenging Hawkeye Marvel Select Figure Packaged with Pizza Dog

Up until last month, we’d been in the midst of a bit of a Marvel Select drought, with no new figures hitting since last fall. And then, suddenly–thunder strikes!–and Diamond Select Toys has inundated with them. Following up on the recently-shipping Marvel Select Cable, Carnage and Modern Thor figures, a new figure has popped up–the Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Select Avenging Hawkeye… with Pizza Dog!

UPDATED 3/19/2015: Added some additional photos and details on Hawkeye & Pizza Dog!

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New York Toy Fair 2015: Marvel Select Black Widow Photos!

Toy Fair 2015 Marvel Select Black Widow Figure

While they may not have made every character from each movie that they’ve appeared in, Diamond Select Toys has released all of the core movie Avengers members as Marvel Select figures at least once. All of them–except one. But no longer! The Avengers Age of Ultron Marvel Select Black Widow is coming to stores this summer, and I got to see and photograph her up-close at the Diamond Select Toys booth to kick off New York Toy Fair 2015 Day Two!

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Marvel Select Zombie Sabertooth Figure Announced!

Marvel Select Zombie Sabertooth Figure Announced

Last winter, Marvel collectors were stunned by Diamond Select Toys’ announcement of a Marvel Select Zombie Magneto figure. I remember hearing quite a bit of griping about that figure in the Marvel collecting community, but Zombie Magneto must have done pretty well for himself at retail–because DST will be giving undead Magneto a new deceased friend to play with this summer! Coming in Summer 2015, the Marvel Select Zombie Sabertooth figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Select Age of Ultron Hulk Figure Revealed!

Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron Hulk Figure

This week has been perhaps the busiest and the most loaded-down with hotly-anticipated new Marvel you announcements of any week I can recall. But while the past days have been absolutely bursting with hugely-popular new collectibles, one item in particular seems to be getting a bad rap and loads of criticism all-around. The Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron Hulk has been up for order for a while, but was only revealed this week. Is this upcoming figure really worth all the negativity being directed at it?

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Marvel Select Black Widow Movie Figure Announced!

Marvel Select Black Widow Movie Figure Announced

We’ve known for a while now that Diamond Select Toys would only be releasing a trio of Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron figures, with two of the figures being a repainted movie Marvel Select Thor and a retooled movie Marvel Select Hulk–but what we didn’t know was the identity of the third and final figure… until now. And while it isn’t a character that’s all-new for Avengers Age of Ultron, it’s a figure that’s a must for completing the core movie Avengers team: the Marvel Select Black Widow movie figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Select Ant-Man Figure Revealed & Photos!

Marvel Select Ant-Man Figure Ant-Man Movie 2015 Diamond Select Toys

Last week, rumors began to circulate that at least one Marvel Legends Ant-Man figure is in the pipeline and will be released at Target stores later this year. But as nice as the Hasbro Marvel Legends figures are, there’s one domestic action figure manufacturer that makes even more detailed and movie-accurate Marvel figures: Diamond Select Toys. And while it’s very unlikely that it’ll be more articulated than the eventual Ant-Man Marvel Legends figure, the Marvel Select Ant-Man figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Select Electro Figure Released Single Carded!

Marvel Select Electro Figure Packaged Single-Carded

Back in August, a lot of Marvel Select collectors were outraged when an all-new, Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Select Electro figure was released… in a $50 two-pack with a generic Marvel Select Spider-Man figure. Diamond Select Toys couldn’t confirm at the time whether or not we’d ever seen a single-carded Electro Marvel Select figure hit store shelves, but seeing as every Disney Store Marvel Select exclusive ever has been released individually at one time or another, I had faith that we would. And for those who waited, your patience has paid off–the 7″ Marvel Select Electro figure is now available for order all by his lonesome!

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Marvel Select Watcher Figure Reissue Cancelled!

Marvel Select Watcher Reissue Cancelled

Diamond Select Toys manages to keep prices down on most of the non-movie Marvel Select action figures released over the past decade-plus by frequently reissuing older figures. And one of the most hotly-anticipated reissues announced last year was of the hard-to-find Marvel Select The Watcher figure. But unfortunately, there’s some bad news for Watcher hopefuls: the Marvel Select Watcher reissue has been cancelled…

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