Marvel Legends X-Men Kitty Pryde 6″ Figure Review & Photos

Marvel Legends 2016 Kitty Pryde and Lockheed Figures

Though it’s been lauded as perhaps the single best Hasbro Marvel Legends wave in history, even the strongest series is going to have its own weakest figures. And in the case of the 2016 Marvel Legends X-Men series, Kitty Pryde is definitely that weak link, in my opinion. Marvel Legends Kitty Pryde is available online now for 11 bucks, and like her or not, you’re going to need her to complete two different Build-A-Figures…

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X-Men Marvel Legends Wolverine 6″ Figure Review & Photos

X-Men Marvel Legends Wolverine 6 Inch Figure Review

2016 has been relentless as far as Marvel Legends collecting goes, with more series being released by Hasbro in one year than ever before. But at last, we have a respite for collectors to pick up figures they missed during the year and for me to fill in reviews for figures I skipped. And though today’s subject was rare and expensive on the aftermarket for a few months, the X-Men Legends Wolverine figure is now available for way below retail price online! If you haven’t nabbed this Brown Costume Wolverine Marvel Legends figure yet, you really should, because it’s a great one…

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Funko Chrome Colossus POP Vinyl Exclusive Released & Review!

Funko Colossus Chrome POP Vinyls Figure Comikaze

It’s been a longer wait than usual to get these convention exclusive Funko POP Vinyls, but the time has finally arrived today: the Glow-in-the-Dark She-Hulk and Chrome Colossus Funko POP Vinyls figures were released today! They’re available both at Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2016 con as well as at local Hot Topic stores, and they’ll set you back a mighty 15 smackers each. But does the POP Chrome Colossus meet my expectations? Read on…

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Marvel Legends Juggernaut Build-A-Figure Review (X-Men)

Review Juggernaut Marvel Legends Figure Hasbro 2016

Previously I’ve reviewed every single 2016 Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure released this year–save one–so I might as well complete the set! Somehow I managed to skip over the BAF of what many consider to be the best Hasbro Marvel Legends wave of all-time earlier, but there’s no stopping him now! Those who buy the whole set of X-Men Legends figures are able to build this Marvel Legends Juggernaut Build-A-Figure: Did I save my review of the best BAF of 2016 for last?

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Marvel Legends Civil War Scarlet Witch Review & Photos

Civil War Scarlet Witch Marvel Legends Review

UPDATE 10/31/2016: The Marvel Legends Civil War Scarlet Witch 6″ figure is currently available online for $18 shipped.

This is the first time that I’ve seen this movie figure dip below MSRP and very well may be the last if Black Panther is any indication, so if you want movie Scarlet Witch and don’t have her yet, this may very well be your best opportunity to nab her…

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Marvel Legends Deadpool Figure Review & Photos

Deadpool Marvel Legends Figure Holding Taco

Now that I’ve reviewed the vast majority of this year’s Hasbro Marvel Legends figures, I can take my time backtracking and filling in the gaps. And there’s no figure review more requested than the one I’m discussing today! Those who found one already know how great he is, and those who still need the X-Men Legends Deadpool figure should lock in a pre-order from the restock while they last, because this 6″ Deadpool figure definitely meets and exceeds most collectors’ lofty expectations…

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Funko Collector Corps Doctor Strange Box Review Spoilers & Unboxing!

Marvel Collector Corps Doctor Strange Box Review Unboxing Spoilers

It took a little bit longer for this month’s Funko Marvel Collector Corps box to arrive than I’m used to, but finally–the Doctor (Strange) is in! While I’m far, far more hyped for the upcoming X-Men box that’s currently up for order than I am for the Doctor Strange movie coming out next week, that doesn’t mean this Funko Doctor Strange box was a bust. In fact, far from it–this was one of my favorite subscription boxes all-around to-date, exceeding my expectations…

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Comicave Studios Shades Iron Man Mark 23 6″ Figure Review 

Light-Up Feature on Iron Man Mark 23 Shades Die-Cast Figure

When Play Imaginative revealed their Die-Cast Iron Man 3 6″ figures, I got total googly eyes and wanted them all. The trouble is, when Comicave Studios took over and actually started releasing those figures last year, I was already deeply committed to buying all the Hot Toys Iron Man 3 armors. But Comicave finally put one over on Hot Toys by being the first company to bring a certain armor to market! The Comicave Shades Iron Man is available for under 100 bucks shipped online, and it is so, so worth it…

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Marvel Legends Wonder Man 6″ Figure Review & Photos (2016)

Marvel Legends Abomination Series Wonder Man Energy Effects Accessories

While I was spelunking into my huge box of Marvel action figures that still need to be reviewed today, I discovered that lo and behold, I had unwittingly reviewed all of the final wave of Captain America Marvel Legends 2016 6″ figures but one. And as the remaining character continued a near-iconic member of the Avengers by many, I figure I might as well finish the job. If you haven’t seen him locally (and I sure haven’t), he’s available for MSRP online with free shipping–it’s the 2016 Marvel Legends Wonder Man figure!

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Marvel Legends Secret War Captain America Review & Photos 2016

Marvel Legends Secret War Captain America Review

I feel sort of bad about how hard I was ragging on the Iron Skull figure yesterday, so today’s review is going to cover a new iteration of a classic character that I think worked out much, much better for Hasbro.

He’s not even available in most stores yet, but he’s still selling for below MSRP and free shipping online. Even so, the Marvel Legends Secret War Captain America is a surprisingly fantastic new 6″ Captain America figure…

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Marvel Legends Iron Skull Red Skull Review & Photos

Red Skull Head on Iron Skull Marvel Legends Action Figure

If you’ve ever seen a new costume or character design and instantly knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it had been created solely for the purpose of cashing in with merch, you know exactly how I feel about the Iron Skull.

But while the intent of the Iron Red Skull concept itself is dubious, that doesn’t mean it can’t spawn some cool toys. And today I’ll be looking at the latest Iron Skull action figure to go up for sale–the 6″ Captain America Marvel Legends Iron Skull!

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Marvel Legends Hobgoblin Review & Photos! Hasbro 2016

Close-Up of Marvel Legends Spider-Man Hobgoblin Head

Hasbro has been cranking out whole waves of Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures for years now, so you would think that we’d have plenty of Hobgoblin figures by now, right…? Well… no. In fact, Hasbro has never released a classic 6″ Marvel Legends Hobgoblin figure until this summer’s Space Venom series! I’ve yet to see even a single figure from this entire wave in a store, but Hobby is sporadically available for MSRP online. Is this the definitive 6″ Hobgoblin Marvel Legends figure we’ve been waiting for?

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Marvel Legends Space Venom Build-A-Figure Review (Spider-Man)

Marvel Legends 2016 Space Venom Build-A-Figure Review

Until Hasbro started cranking out symbiote figures over the last three years, I had forgotten just how many symbiote Spider-Man characters were out there. We’ve had both classic Venom and Agent Venom Marvel Legends figures released in the past two years, but the Build-A-Figure you get by buying all of Spider-Man Legends 2016 Wave 2 is even more recent (and a lot weirder) than the Agent iteration–it’s the Marvel Legends Venom Space Knight figure!

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Marvel Legends Captain Britain Review & Photos 2016

Close-Up of Captain Britain Legends Six Inch Figure

As the past few days have been exceptionally short on Marvel toy news (the world is in Star Wars mode–and so am I, over on Star Wars Toy News), but I’m back today with a fresh Marvel Legends 6″ figure review! Having covered all the most-requested Doctor Strange Legends figures, it’s time to shine the spotlight on the last wave of Captain America Legends! I’ve yet to see this figure in stores, but you can already snag him online for below MSRP–it’s the 2016 Marvel Legends Captain Britain figure!

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Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Comic 6″ Figure Review 2016

Review Marvel Legends 2016 Doctor Strange 6" Figure

I was going to call it a day for my series of Doctor Strange Marvel Legends figure reviews, but I’ve had quite a few people ask for a review of a figure I hadn’t expected to get requests for, so here goes one more! One of Hasbro’s surprise hits for me last year was the Marvel Now Doctor Strange figure, who was pretty great except for his lack of a cape. This year, that figure is more or less back with a new cape–and shipping this week for online orders! Is it worth buying another Marvel Legends Doctor Strange to get it?

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