ONE:12 Collective Yellow Daredevil & Deluxe Punisher!

After a lengthy wait and excruciating build-up, the very first Mezco Marvel ONE:12 Collective figure was finally available at SDCC 2016 last month: Deluxe Classic Captain America! And now the floodgates can truly open, with a mass of both new characters and variants on the way from Mezco Toyz–including the Previews exclusive ONE:12 Collective Deluxe Punisher and First Appearance Daredevil versions that are now up for pre-order!

Mezco Deluxe Punisher One 12 Collective Figure Set

Ever since Mezco Toyz teased the various versions of The Punisher that would be available, I’ve been waiting patiently for the Thunderbolts Punisher ONE:12 Collective figure to go up for sale.

And while we got a great look at the figure during the SDCC 2016 Mezco reveals last month, one detail we didn’t lead was exactly how the figure was going to be released–as a Preview Exclusive Deluxe Punisher figure with a price-point of $130!

SDCC Preview Night Mezco ONE 12 Fully Loaded Punisher Figure ThunderboltsWhile I am totally infatuated with the red skull symbol on Punisher’s costume and love the trench coat and huge arsenal, $130 is still a really rich price that’s far more than I was expecting to drop on a 6″ Punisher. That’s more than half the price of a Hot Toys figure for a six-inch action figure–I’m going to have to think long and hard about whether or not I want to pre-order this one.

In addition to the weapons that the regular version of Punisher comes with, Deluxe Punisher includes a cloth Duffel Bag, a huge Rocket Launcher, a Sniper Rifle with really nice paint deco, an alternate shirt, a removable trench coat, a mask, and more. It’s really quite the package–I just wish that this Fully Loaded Punisher 6″ figure wasn’t so dang expensive! I’m simply not convinced that a bunch of extra accessories are worth fifty more dollars.

Mezco ONE 12 Collective First Appearance Daredevil Exclusive Figure

Meanwhile, the other Mezco Previews exclusive is First Appearance Daredevil! Though Matt Murdock only wore this yellow costume for a handful of issues decades ago, this unique look has stood the test of time and merch of it has sold consistently well over the years.

There aren’t any accessories included here that don’t come with the standard red version of Daredevil as well, although it looks like the interchangeable hands have been correctly repainted to match the Yellow Daredevil costume (obviously). Even if it’s shared with the regular release, I still love that “radar sense” effects piece to death!

Mezco First Appearance Daredevil 1 12 Collective FigureThe Mezco Previews Exclusive ONE:12 Collective First Appearance Daredevil and Deluxe Punisher figures are now up for order, and are scheduled to be released in November 2016. That’s also the exact same month Mezco announced way back at Toy Fair in February for First Appearance Daredevil, so it’s nice to see things are coming along according to plan! The figures should be available from online and specialty stores that utilize Diamond Previews distribution.

What do you think of the latest Mezco 1:12 Collective Marvel variants? Do you feel the need for an $80 Yellow Daredevil six inch figure? And what are your feelings on the Deluxe Punisher figure–does the fully-loaded cache of accessories make this figure worth 130 bucks to you, or is this Punisher just too expensive in your eyes?


ONE:12 Collective Yellow Daredevil & Deluxe Punisher! — 11 Comments

  1. Considering this jaw dropping Punisher (it does come with an insane amount of accessories/guns) is the only Mezco 1:12 fig I will buy until Trendpool lands, it’s an easy $130 purchase for me. I’m still waiting on my Sideshow Ex Punisher to ship and that thing comes with like half the accessories by comparison lol.

  2. Dabid, when you say “alternate shirt”, does that mean two shirts (long and short sleeve) or just a different shirt which is a short sleeve. It may sound stupid but it’s a deal breaker for me. Those elbow joints are terrible.

    • I’m not sure I understand the question, Doug. The red Thunderbolts shirt is short-sleeved, as I believe that’s the accurate look for that costume, if that’s what you’re asking?

  3. Does it come with two shirts or one? If it comes with two shirts, is one of them long sleeve?

    • I’m not sure yet. We’ll have to wait for Mezco to post the full specs to know for sure. I suspect two shirts, but it’s impossible to tell with the limited description and one photo they’ve shown so far.

      • From the images I’ve see, it’s one shirt (with the white skull) and the red skull comes from a separate piece on the body armor. So you can display him with the white skull exposed by not putting the body armor on and then you can put the body armor on which has the red skull painted onto it.

  4. Thanks for replying. Seems weird it’s ready for sale on BBTS with no specs and one photo.

    • BBTS just put it up using the brief info from the newest issue of Diamond Previews. Mezco will eventually get around to formally announcing the figures and give the full specs for them.

  5. “Hum” I’m normally a hot toys type of person but theses really look great I’m going to have to buy them all ” I’m buying out of the box and thinking also out of the box great job Mezco …????

  6. I really want to like Mezco’s First Appearance Daredevil, because I really like that costume (partly because I like weird variant appearances, and many first appearances like this kinda fall under that), but something about their interpretation of it just doesn’t do it for me. I think part of it is that they made the legs of the brown part of the costume way too long (they’re supposed to be very short or non-existent, like booty shorts or briefs respectively), and it makes it look more awkward. He also feels a bit too skinny, but that’s weird, because he’s probably using the same body as the normal version of Daredevil, and that doesn’t look to skinny to me, so I’m assuming that something about how they’ve done this costume makes it look skinnier than it should (my bet is on the aforementioned too-long-brown-tunic-legs).