2018 Marvel Legends Shuri & Klaw Figures Two-Pack Released!

2018 has arrived, and with it has come a plethora of new Marvel toys and collectibles to buy! Well… theoretically, at least. Many collectors’ stores (including mine) simply haven’t started resetting the toy aisles and restocking the shelves just yet. But some fans are luckier than others, and have begun finding all of the Black Panther movie toys on shelves… including the Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Shuri & Klaw two-pack!

Marvel legends Klaw and Shuri Toys R Us Two Pack Released

While we’re getting what are believed to be the four most significant characters from the Black Panther movie in the Marvel Legends Black Panther series (Erik Killmonger, Okoye, Nakia and T’Challa himself), there’s at least two major named characters from the movie that aren’t getting the 6” Legends movie figure treatment (as far as we know).

Luckily, Hasbro is granting a boon to fans of those characters with comic-based figures of both those characters in the latest Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends two pack!

Black Panther Legends Shuri Klaw Two Pack Box BackFollowing up last year’s highly successful Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix & Cyclops and Spider-Man & Mary Jane two-packs, the first TRU 2-Pack of 2018 features a new version of Klaw and the Black Panther’s sister, Shuri.

Marvel Legends Shuri Box ArtWe’re getting an “okay” movie-based non-ML 6” Shuri in the Black Panther movie “kids” line, but this comics-based version is the first full-fledged Marvel Legends Shuri 6” figure. I’m not a huge fan of this character (yet), but I do think this Shuri figure looks quite nice. (And her fluffy-shouldered cape looks super fun!)

Marvel Legends Black Panther Klaw Box ArtMeanwhile, one of the more unlikely characters to get another Hasbro figure ever is also updated in this set: a new Marvel Legends Klaw!  The previous Klaw six inch figure Hasbro produced wasn’t exactly a hot seller, but hopefully the “carrot” of Shuri is good enough bait to keep this set from being a total sales bust at Toys R Us this year.

Marvel Legends 2018 Klaw and Shuri Six Inch Figures

I actually thought the 6” Klaw figure that was in the inaugural (Return of) Marvel Legends 2012 series was pretty neat, but there’s not much question that this new version has improved proportions to go along with more articulation. For those who don’t have the ML Terrax series Klaw, this is clearly the superior iteration of the character (and almost certainly the best there ever will be).

Big thanks to Khoi Nguyen on Facebook for giving us permission to run his in-hand photos of the new Marvel Legends Black Panther two-pack with this article! You can also check out his YouTube channel at SoCal_Collector on YouTube. Great photos, Khoi!

Marvel Legends Black Panther Shuri and Klaw Two Pack PackagedThere’s already multiple listings for the Marvel Legends Klaw & Shuri two-pack on eBay at inflated prices, although I’d urge collectors to have patient and not pay above MSRP for this set. I can’t see this particular pairing being a huge seller, so I think collectors will have few problems getting this pack for MSRP or below in the coming months.

What are your thoughts on the Shuri and Klaw Marvel Legends two-pack, Marvel collectors? Do you think this set is going to be a sales hit or a flop, and will you be picking one up?


2018 Marvel Legends Shuri & Klaw Figures Two-Pack Released! — 11 Comments

  1. Its a cool 2-pack but I’m definitely gonna wait and hope the price drops… I don’t need it to sink as low as Ego/Star-Lord but I’m hoping it will go significantly lower than $40. I don’t see the demand for this as being equivalent to Phoenix/Cyclops or Spidey/MJ, probably more like Spidey/Ultimate Vulture. I think Shuri looks great and Klaw looks good in terms of his classic comicbook look.. its just not a look I’ve ever found that compelling or I probably would’ve bought the older version long ago

  2. Will be picking this one up once I find it … I am a big fan of Shuri as Black Panther so that is a must for me. Hopefully her articulation is on par with Klaw’s

  3. The only 2-packs whose price hasn’t halved are the Cyclops & Phoenix (which was cool) and Hydra (which was rare). This will be an Amazon daily buy for $19 before Easter.

    • that’s what I’m hoping (sorry Hasbro ). learned my lesson after paying full retail for Ego/Starlord last year (although I do like the Ego figure just fine)

    • The two-pack is TRU Exclusive, so it won’t ever be at GameStop. It seems as though the two-pack is making its way across the US now, so first shipments should have arrived (but possibly sold out) everywhere by next week.

  4. Could anyone who finds these please elaborate on where it was found,same for pink black Panther like city and state. Was in NJ at a couple of Walmart’s and no siting of that pink black Panther that someone said they found there,I know NJ’s not a big state but it would be helpful for just a little bit more information,just saying

  5. I bought the last 2-pack today at TRU, I was so excited to find the last one…I planned on selling the Shuri, because I just wanted Klaw. I just got home and looked at the package up close……and Klaw has a right fist on his left hand. The character doesn’t even HAVE a right hand, and somehow Hasbro screwed it up. I checked, and it’s factory sealed. How does this even happen? I just don’t have the words right now.

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