SH Figuarts Doctor Strange Iron Man Mark 1 & More Revealed!


2016 was a great year for SH Figuarts Marvel figure collectors, giving us our very first Bandai action figures of Tony Stark, Ultron, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ant-Man and more–not to mention Marvel Figuarts figures going up for order in North America for the first time ever. And while Bandai Japan has yet to announce any prospective figures for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 or Thor Ragnarok, it looks like they’ll be keeping momentum going with some big firsts in 2017 as well: SH Figuarts Doctor Strange, Iron Man Mark I and more have now been revealed!

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Kaiyodo Revoltech Venom Figure Revealed & Photos!


Kaiyodo has definitely gotten off to a hot start with their Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Marvel lineup, with both their super-fun Revoltech Deadpool and Spider-Man figures being quick sell outs overseas (though Amazon still has a few Deadpools left). And now the import-only 6″ figure line is about to get its first true villain–and he’s pretty monstrous, that’s for sure! At this week’s Miyazawa Model Exhibition Fall 2016 event, the long-teased Revoltech Venom figure finally made his debut!

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Mezco ONE:12 Collective Spider-Man Figure Up for Order!


I hadn’t planned on moving Marvel Toy News to a new (expensive) high-powered server this year, but my hosting company had other ideas, and so… anyway, welcome back! I’ve got a number of things to catch up in this week (including my first Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2017 figure reviews!), but first, let’s look at a 6″ Spidey of a different sort–the long-awaited Mezco ONE:12 Collective Spider-Man figure is now up for order!

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LEGO Marvel 2017 Sets: Iron Man Detroit Steel Strikes! Lola! Coulson!


Though we’re still well over a month from when they’re due to be released, packaged and loose official images of all three of the Winter 2017 LEGO Marvel sets have now been revealed! And while each of the LEGO Marvel 2017 sets brings something new and exciting to the table, perhaps none does more so than the LEGO Iron Man Detroit Steel Strikes Set… with Agent Coulson minifigure and LOLA!!!

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S.H. Figuarts Iron Man Mark VI Figure Comparison Photos! 


Bandai Tamashii Nations shocked the Figuarts collecting world last month when they put the SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark VI & Hall of Armor set up for order in the United States–the first Marvel Figuarts figure ever released domestically! Many longtime Iron Man Figuarts collectors were wondering if this 2017 Mark 6 figure was improved enough to warrant a new purchase, but now we can judge for ourselves with new comparison photos…

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Banpresto Creator X Creator Spider-Man Figure Revealed!


Banpresto has long been one of my favorite international toy manufacturers because of the huge variety of characters and sizes of low-priced anime figures that they produce. One of their most recent successful series is the Creator×Creator line, which has been composed entirely of anime characters… until now! Coming in Spring 2017, Banpresto goes Marvel with the Creator X Creator Spider-Man figure!

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Loot Crate Exclusive Doctor Strange Q-Fig Figure Up for Order!


I quickly fell in love with Loot Crate over two years ago when they had their first major Marvel exclusive: the Glow-in-the-Dark Groot Funko POP Vinyls figure. Just as quickly, I fell out of love and cancelled my subscription when I realized how much junk I was accumulating from mystery boxes I didn’t even enjoy anymore. It’s been a long time, but LootCrate has pulled me back in this month with an awesome exclusive in this month’s box–the Exclusive Doctor Strange Q-Fig Figure is now up for order!

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Play Arts Kai Deadpool Figure Official Photos & Order Info!


Square-Enix has been teasing Deadpool lovers worldwide with the unpainted prototype of their upcoming Marvel Play Arts Kai Deadpool figure at events all over the world since this summer, but finally, they’re ready to show all their cards and tell us all of the glorious details of this ‘Pool. Coming our way this spring, it’s what’s destined to be the best-selling Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant figure ever: the Deadpool Play Arts Kai figure is now up for order! Although the price may give those not familiar with this line a little bit of sticker shock…

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Comicave Studios Starboost Iron Man 6″ Figure Cancelled!


In the words of the great Mace Windu: “This party’s over.” At least, the hope of Comicave Studios releasing the full Iron Man 3 House Party Protocol series of 6″ figures is over, anyway. Shocking collectors, Comicave announced overnight that they are discontinuing development on their 1/12 scale die-cast Starboost Iron Man Mark 39 figure. For those out there collecting all lines of Iron Man armors, this is a pretty dark sign…

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Bandai Manga Realization Samurai Captain America Figure!


Earlier today, I took notice of the fact that despite it having just hit the United States a couple weeks ago, the Bandai Tamashii Nations Samurai Spider-Man figure has already been heavily discounted online. But while early sales may be an indication that the line is destined to flop in North America, it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon overseas! The third entry in the Marvel Manga Realization figure series, Samurai Captain America, has now been revealed–and this is Cap like we’ve never seen him before!

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SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 6 Figure & Hall of Armor in the US!


UPDATE 10/28/2016: 2016 has already been a pretty epic year for Marvel collectors, with more Hasbro Marvel Legends figures hitting stores than ever before. But it just got a bit more historic!

For the first time ever, an S.H. Figuarts Marvel figure will be available directly in the U.S., and it’s even a figure set that’s only available as a limited web exclusive overseas: the Bandai SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark VI & Hall of Armor Set is now up for order!

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Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Black Cat Premium Format Figure Pre-Order!


Thus far I’ve been a little underwhelmed with the deals and rewards codes for this year’s Sideshow Collectibles Spooktacular event–but one area where Spooktacular is definitely delivering the goods is with new statues going up for order! And today, a sort-of Halloween-themed statue was announced that also happens to be the first Marvel product to go up for pre-order during Spooktacular: the EXCLUSIVE Black Cat Premium Format Figure is now up for order, and for a limited time she’s coming with free shipping and 50 bucks in Rewards Points bundled in!

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Comicave Studios Shades Iron Man Mark 23 6″ Figure Review 

Light-Up Feature on Iron Man Mark 23 Shades Die-Cast Figure

When Play Imaginative revealed their Die-Cast Iron Man 3 6″ figures, I got total googly eyes and wanted them all. The trouble is, when Comicave Studios took over and actually started releasing those figures last year, I was already deeply committed to buying all the Hot Toys Iron Man 3 armors. But Comicave finally put one over on Hot Toys by being the first company to bring a certain armor to market! The Comicave Shades Iron Man is available for under 100 bucks shipped online, and it is so, so worth it…

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Disney Exclusive Doctor Strange Statue Up for Order! LE 500!


The Disney Store has spoiled Star Wars fans with some very cool lower-priced resin Star Wars statues several times now, but starting this year they’ve been giving Marvel figure collectors some love as well! They released a Civil War Captain America and Iron Man statue in the spring, and now they’re moving on the the next big MCU movie: the Disney Store exclusive light-up 10″ Doctor Strange statue is now up for order, and it’s limited to just 500 pieces worldwide!

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NYCC 2016: eFX Marvel Movie Prop Replicas Photos!

NYCC 2016 eFX Ant-Man Helmets Prop Replicas

I was about to officially close the book on my New York Comic Con 2016 coverage when I realized there was one booth I had taken a bunch of photos at and not talked about yet.

These items are quite a bit pricier than the usual “Marvel toys” I talk about here because they’re the highest of high-end MCU collectibles–the eFX Collectibles Marvel movie prop replicas!

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