Hot Toys Quicksilver & Nick Fury Revealed & Photos!

“BOOM!!!” That’s the sound of thousands of Marvel Hot Toys collectors’ collective heads exploding, as in 24 hours, Hot Toys has knocked off three of the most-requested figures from fans’ wish lists. Pepper Potts debuted yesterday and will go up for sale today, and now the long-demanded Hot Toys Quicksilver and The Winter Soldier Nick Fury figures have been revealed!

Hot Toys Quicksilver and Nick Fury Sixth Scale Figures

I am not gonna lie: I was shocked–stunned even–to see that Hot Toys turned up with two all-new, never-before-seen Marvel Movie Masterpiece Series 12″ figures today. Surely after debuting several new figures at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 and then another handful yesterday, they must have been all tapped out… right?

But seeing is believing, and the doubters (like me!) have been proven wrong: the Hot Toys Quicksilver figure is a reality… and he’s even brought a new Nick Fury with him!

Hot Toys Quicksilver Figure

I’ve read a surprising number of fan theories about the manner in which Quicksilver may return in future Marvel movies, but I don’t share that optimism (at all), so I expect that this will be the only time that a Quicksilver sixth scale figure is released.

Close-Up of Avengers Age of Ultron Quicksilver Hot Toys Figure

Fortunately, this Quicksilver Hot Toys MMS figure looks absolutely awesome! Pietro may be looking a mite too thin, but the head sculpt and clothing on this prototype are absolutely dead-on. Those who have been waiting for this 1/6 Quicksilver figure (and I know there are many of you) are definitely going to be pleased,

Quicksilver Hot Toys Nick Fury Movie Masterpiece Series Figures

As we’re already in the second half of 2015, the Hot Toys Quicksilver figure will almost without question be a winter/spring 2016 release. We won’t know for sure until he’s put up for order, but at least now we know that he’s actually coming (at least, we all hope so).

Hot Toys Captain America The Winter Soldier Nick Fury Figure

And as a super-surprise bonus, an addition to the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie Masterpiece Series line: Nick Fury! I thought it was extremely odd when there was no Samuel Jackson Hot Toys figure released in conjunction with the release of the Winter Soldier last year, and I am absolutely thrilled to see that an updated Nick Fury (with improved head sculpt–thank god) is on Hot Toys’ radar.

I have the Hot Toys Avengers Nick Fury figure that kicked off the Avengers MMS line three years ago, but that figure had some definite room for improvement and I can’t wait to own the updated version.

Nick Fury Hot Toys Captain America The Winter Soldier FigureAs with the 1/6 Quicksilver, I don’t expect to see this Nick Fury figure actually released until the first half of 2016. I’ll post updates here and to the Marvel Toy News Facebook Page as more details about this duo come to light over the next several months–including their official ordering window, price-point and release dates.

What do you think of the Winter Soldier Nick Fury and AOU Quicksilver Hot Toys figures, Marvel collectors? Are these the ultimate MCU movie figures of these characters you’ve been waiting for, or are you disappointed with the most high-end figure of either character ever likely to be released?


Hot Toys Quicksilver & Nick Fury Revealed & Photos! — 8 Comments

  1. Quicksilver headsculpt looks perfect! Way to go HT!!! His skinny jean Nike track pants got to go! I like movie figures, but in this instance i wish it was the comic based Pietro. Seeing this, im glad he died in the movie and i pray he never returns! He looks like a marathon runner , not an AVENGER! IMHO
    As for my man Sam Jackson… all i can say is about time! Glad i waited for this Fury, im definately ordering one.

    • Maybe i can kitbash thefuck out of this Quicksilver and make him look like something other than AA-ron Johnson on a normal day.
      As much as I hate to say it, I think Evan Peters (Days of Future past) Quicksilver was better. Sort of.

  2. I think it’s great to see both figures being made ! I need a Nick Fury I missed him last time around now I will not miss it . Quicksilver looks great I’m a Marvel completist ! Keep up the good work HT !

  3. I’m excited for Fury!!! Quicksilver though, looked terrible in the movie with the blond highlights. HT did a good job, but the figure is still boring. Pass for me.

  4. Quicksilver actually has the best design out of all the Hot Toys! Love his costume, in which I’d have to say is better than Days of Future Past’s “Peter”, or any Fox movie costume lol. Definitely a must have for me and he’s definitely my favorite marvel hero.