Marvel Legends Civil War Falcon Figure Released & Photos!

Way back in February 2016, the very first mass-released Captain America Civil War movie toy hit store shelves: the surprisingly-decent Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America Motorcycle and figure set. The back of the box for that item showed off a second figure in the box set assortment–a movie Falcon figure, but Falcon was nowhere to be found at retail. Fast-forward four months, and the time has come for Sam Wilson to spread his wings: auction listings for the Marvel Legends Civil War Falcon figure has now begun appearing online, and the figure is expected to fly into mass retail any day now…

Marvel Legends Falcon Civil War Movie 4 Inch Figure in Box

When I first found the 4″ Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America Motorcyle set in stores right after Toy Fair, my smile immediately faded when I saw that the movie Falcon figure that Hasbro had announced alongside this Cap figure wasn’t shipping in the cases alongside the motorcycle set at all.

Hasbro made a big deal of this Marvel Legends 4″ Falcon figure by including it as one of the few items they spotlighted in their first Civil War toys press release, so I was confident that the first major Hasbro Falcon movie figure would at least see production–I just wasn’t sure when or in what numbers.

Well, we still don’t have any idea how large (or not large) the production run for this Falcon Marvel Legends figure is, but at least we can now confirm with absolute certainty that he has been produced–as several Falcons have now turned up for sale online in ebay auctions!

Marvel Legends Civil War Falcon Figure Completed Ebay AuctionsTo my complete and utter astonishment, a couple of the listings for this Falcon action figure have sold for over $150-$200 this past week.To me, that’s utterly insane. First of all, even if this figure has a lower run size than the Captain America Motorcycle set did (and it almost certain does), this is a mass-produced 4″ scale figure that’s unlikely to ultimately have an aftermarket value higher than $40 to $50.

Secondly, I have a hunch that the buyers for those listings are going to be pretty disappointed, as I suspect they thought they were buying the Walmart Exclusive 6″ Marvel Legends Falcon figure (which is expected to hit retail stores this summer).

Box Back Marvel Legends Civil War Falcon Figure

As for the figure itself, well–it’s pretty nice-looking, as far as the Marvel Legends 3.75 inch movie figures go. Falcon has an enormous wingspan which looks to be fairly accurate, and includes a Redwing Drone (with some sort of flight stand attachment), an alternate Sam Wilson head without goggles, and removable tech gear vest.

We can see from the back of the box that this figure is meant to arrive in stores alongside the Gamora and Vision wave, so hopefully we see Falcon pretty commonly at retail within the next month.

Falcon Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Hasbro FigureYou can check out the online listings for the ML Falcon figure now, but I highly advise that no one go overboard and pay crazy money for this figure. I still have a pretty good feeling that there will be plenty of this figure to go around, so no one should freak out and pay double (or ten times retail) for this toy just yet. Be patient and hang in there, guys.

Now that we’ve seen the packaged photos, what are your thoughts on the 4 inch Marvel Legends Falcon figure, Marvel collectors? Are you going to be scooping this guy up, or are you waiting for the Walmart exclusive Falcon 6″ figure to hit instead?


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  1. This is a Marvel Universe figure. Not a 6 inch Legends figure. They may call it “Legends” but it’s those cursed 3 3/4 figures.

  2. is it possible to see him in europe already im waiting for the falcon since they announced him at toy fair i already have the cap with the motocycle set and its amazing